Amazing Bahraini protesters are back


Astonishing courage. Thousands of determined pro-democracy Bahrainis have reclaimed the symbolic spot in the capital at Pearl roundabout, the same place where security forces had massacred others over the previous two days.

Pro-democracy protesters take over their spot again - Photo by hadeelalsh via Twitter

Photo by NickKristof via Twitter

They had earlier been beaten back by police, who later withdrew, allowing them to come back a second time to reoccupy the roundabout amidst wild jubilation. Some 80 protesters were injured by teargas and rubber bullets and taken to hospital.

You have to marvel at their sheer courage. Freedom, justice and democracy must mean a lot to them.

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see the picture of Bahraini women supporting their revolution on:


Why is it that Perkasa, Umno Youth or any BN component party never has any trouble getting police permits (if they even bother to at all) to organise protests – including those verging on riots like the so-called ‘cow’s head’ mob in Shah Alam – and never have any trouble with the police, while Pakatan Rakyat and independent civil society protestors are consistently harassed, arrested and even assaulted with tear gas, chemical-laced water and batons? Even people standing around in candlelight vigils are roughed up by the police. The police are blatantly biased, and they openly flaunt their bias because… Read more »

James Bond

Effective fair leadership is the key….the system or means to that end matters little at the end of the day…China is an example….

I salute Bahrainis….theyhave more guts then Malaysians ever will….


I wonder why the MSM in Malaysia are so quiet on what are happening in the Middle East. They played up Najib’s warning but said nothing else on other things. Strange.


Bahraini protesters…you are rebels with a great cause!!
Down with tyrants and dictators, the world will be a much better place without these self-glorified…
M…, Allah must have a reason to kee you alive.


This REVOLUTION is a revolution of the youth of that region. The older population had become COMPLACENT and refused to get off their butts. The youth with the power of technology (internet-twitter, facebook, etc) were not easily silenced. They started a flash mob that was planned and organized on the net, and the older generation took to the wave. The youth of the world has risen. They are no longer complacent and forgiving (read subdued) as their parents to the corruption of the ruling governments. It is surprising that the youth of the arab region stood up first. We have… Read more »


Have you seen the face of Crown Prince Salman al Khalifa?… Just another cold-blooded plutocrat – same species as Jibby … or pharaoh wannabes like Mubarak and Mahathir. Their day is done, folks.

They have fed on your … sweat and tears for countless generations – and it will take a bit more … to stop these … once and for all from feeding vampire-like on Mother Earth and her precious lifeforms. Those who serve these entities have more to fear for the dire condition of their own souls than letting people reclaim their own lands!


What is happening in Bahrain is not a protest for democracy.

It is a protest organized by the Shiites against the Sunnis, yet another attempt by Iran to overthrow the Sunnis royal family.


Islamic monarchy in middle-east is flawed with corruption. That’s why revolution is taking place….


Is there any “Islamic Monarchy” in Egypt? How about Algeria? Libya? I can not believe Anil Netto allows such a blatantly baseless sweeping statement to appear on his blog. First of all, not all the monarchies in the Middle East are flawed with corruption? Secondly, not all the middle eastern nations are controlled by monarchies. Thirdly, not all the protests are for democracy. Fourthly, even if they successfully depose all the current governmental structures in the middle east, it wouldn’t be given that what replaces the current regimes would be democratic, or even be better. Look at Iran if you… Read more »

Jefri Mamak

You failed to explain why the Sunnis and the Shiites cannot live in harmony?

Please do not unfairly question Anil. Your opinion is lop-sided with flaws.

By the way, the dictators in middle-east countries rule like kings. so there is nothing wrong to express them as monarchy.


It looks like the Arab world would forever perpetuate the Empire whenever a leader takes control. The pedestal is for the family heirloom. Of course the West has a hand in this, many of the ‘Kings’ are being ‘granted’ by the West to sit on their thrones as long as they ‘behave’. All the wealth from Black Gold has to be kept in ‘safe heaven’ where non is available ine any Muslim countries; so it will be kept by the ‘… Whitemen!’ indeed the very Jewish bankers themselves! So the Arabs can’t do anything without the mortal enemy, the Jews… Read more »


People of Bahrain. You have our support. Down with the brutal regime.

Jefri Mamak

Najib and Muhyiddin stressed repeatedly that what happened in Arab world have no bearing on Malaysia then why afraid to let Hindraf to have a peaceful demontration?

If Perkasa wishes to have their view heard they can also have a peaceful demontration too. But in Malaysia anything against injustic, discrimination and inequality will become a taboo for the government. Even without the contagion of Arab world, the government would not be so liberal to allow any peaceful demontration by the oppositions.