All systems go…


The lines are being drawn. It looks as if Abdullah has thrown caution to the wind and is now determined to press on with the December Umno presidential election, now that Kelantan and Penang Umno have thrown their backing behind the transition plan.

Najib may now have to be content with the No. 2 position – for the time being. All eyes will be on the first few divisional nominations from 9 October.

In the other corner sits Razaleigh. Who will be his running mate?

The spotlight is now on Muhyiddin. Once again, he has attacked the transition plan. His options appear to be open.

Over on the Pakatan side, the mood appears upbeat.

The alliance is still claiming they have the numbers. But the main difference now, from what I hear, is that the numbers are looking a little more comfortable rather than borderline majority. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say over 40 MPs in the bag.

“Anwar’s credibility is at stake,” says a PKR politician. “He is a serious guy and when he says something like this, he has to be taken seriously.”

Yesterday, Wan Azizah indicated that work was still ongoing. Anwar, she said, was making an effort to meet more MPs.

The Star reported PKR strategist Saifuddin Nasution as saying that the “countdown” for the takeover had begun and things were moving according to plan.

He said the opposition pact had a “complete and comprehensive checklist” in place, taking in every possible scenario for the takeover….

“Our timeline is by the hour. Putrajaya is within reach,” he said.

Meetings have been held and high-level appointments requested.

One analyst said, “This is unlike the general election when ordinary people could decide what role they could play. For now, we have been reduced to spectators.”

Blog reader Sha appears concerned:

… what kind of MPs are we going to get? The same old boys who currently exist in BN who have been taking us for a ride all along. Can you imagine what PR will be like then? Hopefully I’m wrong and change for the better does happen.

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23 Sep 2008 12.22pm

Like many concerned Malaysians, I hope that the BN MPs who are going to join PR are clean. We do not want them to bring to the group their corrupt culture and racism. If there are no good men, then I would very much prefer the way we are, as an effecitve opposition and continue to manage the 5 states the best we can, setting standards for the other BN states to follow.

23 Sep 2008 11.33am

Hi, Most of the leaders of UMNO, the BN com0ponent parties live lives of quiet desperation. They lead the people with their narrow point of views and opinions. The lyrics of the songs they spin are laced with racial undertones. They employ a tactic of manipulation simply for their vested interest. They simply use the rakyat to further their agendas. When the leaders of BN use the rakyat as properties to be possessed or controlled or owned, they cannot rightly see. Now they have become blind and insensitive to the peoples needs. Grab a flower and it cannot long reveal… Read more »
23 Sep 2008 11.09am

Whatever BN does now is like the last gasps of air. PR is set to take over.

23 Sep 2008 11.06am

Yeah, in return for Abdullah and Najib to support Ahmad Ismail’s racist outburst and action… they will get the nomination from UMNO Penang. See how fast they decide. … can terus endorse.

23 Sep 2008 11.00am

ok! good! new govt, new beginning, and the groundswell will call for a general election, when we the rakyat will kick ouit the MPs who we know who won’t perform. We’ll live through to see a better tomorrow for our children in this blessed nation.

Justin Choo
23 Sep 2008 10.44am

A lull before the Mother of all tsunamis!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
23 Sep 2008 10.37am

Let us be citizens who care
How the country now fares
Let all those concerned dare
Show their support that’s not bare

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230908
Tue. 23rd Sept. 2008.

23 Sep 2008 10.20am

But let us all not forget the Prince of Selangor, Raja Petra who is now in the main ISA hotel at Kamunting. No efforts must be spared to release RPK. We all fought alongside RPK to get PR to be in a strong position it is in today. We brought democracy to Malaysia. We meaning the bloggers like RPK, Anil Netto, Suanie, Zorro and you meaning yourself. In particular the DAP warriors Uncle Lim and Uncle Karpal must not forget RPK who spent time with both of you in the ISA dungeon in kamunting. Come on Malaysia! RPK, is our… Read more »

23 Sep 2008 9.46am

916 marked the start of the reformasi process…lead by Pakatan Rakyat…

I have a strong gut feeling based on the various source of info that change will happen… some time is needed…

we need to patient… pray everyday… till it come true…!

lee wee tak
23 Sep 2008 9.10am

The idealist side of me like to think that some good BN MPs feel that they can really do some good by switching camp as this is a rare opportunity for them to do so. The cynical side of me wonder if they have been enticed by offers of power and position. However, PAS and DAP top leadership have made clear that they would not welcome such reasons for cross over and perhaps that has thrown some spanner into the works. Some might argue that this cross over in undemocratic and mock the election process but the election process has… Read more »

23 Sep 2008 8.50am

I believe PR has the number. But the concern here is how many from Umno are crossing over and to be given important positions. Will they be the trojan horse in PR? It’s unlikely that they change solely for the rakyat. It’s more for themselves. Such people are dangerous and untrustworthy and could put a spanner in PR works for a democratic process.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
23 Sep 2008 8.29am

Looks like there will not be an equivalent of a Thabo Mbeki in Malaysia. No graceful exit as a true statesman. Are we going to see a “Ferdinand Marcos” instead?

If I am an UMNO member (which I am not, of course), I would
push for Tengku Razaleigh as the new President and press for
genuine reform in UMNO.

23 Sep 2008 8.04am

For the current situation like this, change in government is a must and Anwar is our only hope.

I wish to see our new team stabilise the political chaos, and concentrate in accelerate the stagnant economy.

About the “not so kind” of people we got to cross over, will have a way to handle them in 4 year time. (If they dont change or perform)

Eagle has landed
Eagle has landed
23 Sep 2008 5.43am

Just remember, “the simplest thing is the most difficult” The rakyat as spectators will keep cheering. Hopefully every thing will come out as plan and it is worth the wait for a better future. Let the best man win.

pak din
pak din
23 Sep 2008 2.42am

sorry folks, its so close and yet so far, I presume..

23 Sep 2008 1.20am

So far it’s only all talk. At first I was convinced, but now some doubt has crept in.

I’m hoping that the change does happen. But how?…(hopefully soon)

terang bulan
terang bulan
23 Sep 2008 1.04am

The time for UMNO to bite the dust is now. PR has come so far with the full support of the people. PR must not make any mistakes to allow UMNO to recover. …

Maran Matters
Maran Matters
23 Sep 2008 1.03am


Whats the point?

We still see corruption among the new MP’s / ADUN’s.
Temples are (apparently) still being demolished in Selangor. Pakatan Rakyat has fast forgotten HINDARF’s effort to push them to be where they are today.

Anwar is tight lipped and so is all the lips that chanted the “MAKKAL SAKTHI” mantra during election campaign.

Shape up or Ship out.

23 Sep 2008 12.47am

September 16 came and went but anwar and his desperadoes are still desperate. shame on you.

23 Sep 2008 12.27am

noo noo. not alaska. why they must go in the first place.

maybe hiding n saving face at the turkish embassy? lol

23 Sep 2008 12.07am

Lets Abolish ISA = IKUT SUKA AKU!!!

Lets see the news…

A Step To Abolish ISA By 18 people 废除内安法令的第一步

22 Sep 2008 11.47pm

Anil, I probably am going to be very unpopular here but I just don’t see this change in Government happening. DSAI has been posturing a lot and has scared the s**t out of BN but can you really see the MPs crossing over (as I said before it’s not in their self-interest)? Also, what kind of MPs are we going to get? The same old boys who currently exist in BN who have been taking us for a ride all along. Can you imagine what PR will be like then? Hopefully I’m wrong and change for the better does happen.

telur dua
telur dua
22 Sep 2008 11.36pm

How about BN sending their MPs to Alaska for a year this time? A desolate and very safe place.

22 Sep 2008 11.34pm

Yes… when enough rain clouds have gathered, the cleansing rain will fall in torrents… and Malaysians will wake up to a new dawn, new hopes and a better tomorrow.