Media may apply to Perak Speaker to cover 7 May


Perak Speaker V Sivakumar has given the green light to all media to write to him for permission to cover the state assembly proceedings on 7 May. His decision is based on Standing Order 84 of the Perak State Legislative Assembly.

Under the Standing Order, cited on Sivakumar’s blog, the Speaker “may grant a general permission to the representative of any journal to attend the sittings of the Assembly under such rules as he may from time to time make for that purpose. If such rules are contravened, such permission may be revoked.”

The Perak State Information Department had earlier issued a written notice saying only journalists from 13 pro-BN mainstream media organisations would be allowed in.

The following is Sivakumar’s statement:

Kebenaran Masuk Dewan Untuk Semua Media Akhbar and Elektronik

Saya membuat ketetapan bahawa semua pihak media dibenarkan masuk untuk membuat liputan persidangan Dewan Negeri Perak pada 7 Mei 2009. Semua media termasuk mana-mana media yang telah dihalang untuk masuk dewan diminta untuk membuat permohonan bertulis di Pejabat Speaker, Aras 2, Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan. Permohonan boleh dibuat mulai 9.00 pagi pada 4 Mei 2009.

Saya akan mengeluarkan surat kebenaran kepada media-media mengikut pertimbangan saya. Di sisni, saya menggunakan Perintah-perintah 84 yang memberi kuasa kepada Yang Dipertua Dewan Negeri untuk mengeluarkan kebenaran am kepada wakil mana-mana jurnal menghadiri persidangan dewan. Perintah-perintah tetap ini juga membolehkan Yang Dipertua Dewan untuk membatalkan kebenaran yang diberi.

Arahan ini dikeluarkan untuk menjamin prinsip-prinsip demokrasi dan kebebasan media. Rakyat harus mengetahui apakah yang berlaku dalam persidangan secara telus. Tidak ada sebab untuk menghalang mana-mana media untuk membuat liputan. Rakyat berhak mengetahui segala gerak-geri wakil rakyat mereka di dalam Dewan Negeri.

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4 May 2009 9.19am

How long have we been having Perak problems already…???

Why PM 1Malaysia keeping quite about it…???

Why is he letting Zambry doing all the “Clowning” by himself…???

Sooo…. I guess this “1Malaysia” motto is a lie…..!

What’s new in Malaysia arrr..???

3 May 2009 10.58pm

8) YEEHAR! & CHEERS to the Perakite’s very sah Speaker, V Sivakumar! Altogether now all you Perakites, šŸ™‚ please say very LOUDLY: 8) YEEHAR! & CHEERS TO SMART SPEAKER SAH, V SIVAKUMAR! x3 And a multitude of yukky locusts to that very, very illegitimate and not sah at all šŸ™ usurper BN-MB Z and his also not sah at all sneakily formed ExCo who, the GLB says, will all soon be šŸ˜€ (dismissed) by Perakites. WE SAY YEAH! & NO TO ISA! šŸ˜› AND HARIS FOR AG & RPK FOR IGP! GO FOR DSAI FOR PM & LKS FOR DPM… Read more »

3 May 2009 10.55pm

Let them play dirty and try to stop all the foreign press. Then the whole world can see what Najib really stands for.

3 May 2009 10.47pm

The speaker should reject all motions and adjourn the may 7 sittings until all court cases are cleared including appeals. At the sittings, the speaker can excercise his power to suspend the clown Zombie and his disrespectful stooges.

3 May 2009 9.39pm

Before May 7 sit in They pick and choose media reporting Allowing friendly parties to write Leaving the pro-Pakatan behind State secretary has no business To interfere the affairs of the State Assembly It is the prerogative of the House Speaker To allow media reporters from anywhere This is democracy The freedom to disseminate news Without fear and favor to any party Now the Speaker invokes Article 84 Allowing other reporters to apply in The goons may do the unthinkable Barring other reporters from entering the state building In doing so the House Speaker should charge these people For contempt… Read more »

3 May 2009 9.28pm

How can the Perak Information Dept usurp the power of the Speaker.
This is absolutely ridiculous. The Perak State civil service has gone wild. How can the state be governed? Zambry has shown he is incompetent and not fit to be the (usurper MB).

3 May 2009 9.22pm

YB Siva, Since you are the rightful Speaker, even though the meeting is called without proper procedures, continue to take the lead as you are doing now making the decision on the Media coverage.The rakyat knows that BN is rushing to have the State Assembly seating, fearing for fresh election to be called upon for the dissolution of the Assembly if is not held by 13th May 2009.Of course they don’t recognize the date where the sitting under the tree took place.Since that is an awful reminder to them of true democracy and even the courts have no say on… Read more »

3 May 2009 9.20pm

So the Bee ND will be up to some stupid ideas. Putting extra Police and FRu to scare away the media?????

3 May 2009 8.50pm

Glad that u gave permission to all medias to cover the sittings.
When in Parliment the Bee End appointed Speaker can do anything just to please Najib., You did the right thing as a Speaker.You can overrule the State Secretary disission.
May God bless you and PR Goverment. And Bye bye to backdoor MB
3 May 2009 5.45pm

Even with Sivakumar’s permission, do you think opposition media can get pass the PDRM and FRU who will be stationed around Perak State Building? It’s gonna be a preview of how emergency rule is when UMNO fights dirty.

3 May 2009 5.39pm

viva YB SIVA!



3 May 2009 5.36pm

Mr Sivakumar,
You are really good. Only An intelligent person like you and those in PR can outwit those half past six BN fellows.
Yes, it is good that more foreign press are allowed. They can gauge the performances of tghose clowns.
Keep it up Siva. We are for you!!!
God bless you