All calm ahead of Perak assembly sitting


2142: An Ipoh resident reports just 12 hours ahead of what could be an eventful Perak State Assembly sitting:

I have just returned from a (look-see around) Ipoh town and the Perak SUK area. And my, oh my, unbelievable(!), the whole place is as quiet and peaceful as ever! So different from 7 May “BlackMalaysia” day.

No barbed-wire barricades seen anywhere, not under the trees, behind lamp-posts nor those police cones. I didn’t even see one policeman along the route except a patrol car and a few manning the entrance;… three huge dark blue police trucks (were) parked in the compound under some trees.

Malaysian Insider, however, reports that tight security measures are in place, and a court order has been obtained barring the public from entering a 50-metre radius of the complex.

It’s a sad time we live in when the public has to be barred from nearing what is supposed to one of the pillars of democratic governance, the legislature. It tells us how far we have strayed from real democracy.

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Fatimah Zuhri
Fatimah Zuhri
28 Oct 2009 4.39am

Dear Anil, 1. Have you read Bar Council statement from TheMalaysianInsider? 2. I expect to see many “nasty words” coming out against Ragunath soon by cyber-troopers… Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan destroy any hope by PR to unseat Ganesan as Perak Speaker : Meanwhile, Ragunath also confirmed Sivakumar’s worst fear – that the Bar had indeed accepted Ganesan’s resignation as a lawyer as at Aug 6,2009. PR accuses Ganesan that he had failed to resign as a practising lawyer by Aug 7, three months after his appointment as a Speaker on May 7. He also said there was a question… Read more »

28 Oct 2009 1.14am

What an uncaring government!
The schools around the area will be affected again.
The 3 schools, SMI, Poi Lam & Pnglima Bkt Gantang will have fewer students because of the diversions and jams. Standard 5 having their assessment exams this week too!
Why are these police so concern about security?
This is not Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan…
The Pakatan assemblymen will only walk there and get hammered as usual. Why bother with court order and all?
Fools, but they can loose the life of innocent children by building “collapsing” bridges! Sick! Sick! Sick!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
28 Oct 2009 2.23pm
Reply to  Eloi

That bridge built by contractor and not the government. If anything happened, it was the contractor in question fault.

27 Oct 2009 11.44pm

Lets pray for justice to prevail. Perhaps all the PR gang should resign leaving the administration crippled forcing for elections. Also hope PR just do not do anything at all besides going in quietly and come out quietly.