A tree knelt in praise


On this historic day, the Perak state assembly held an emergency sitting under a tree, 200 metres away from the state government complex, after the people’s reps were prevented from sitting in their usual venue.

Democracy was returned to the people, gathered in a solemn assembly beneath this humble but majestic tree, its outstretched branches reaching out to the heavens while embracing and providing shade for the multitude below.

Thanks to Rain Tree for sending in this poem by Hamza Yusuf:

The historic "Pokok Demokrasi" - now part of Ipoh's folklore (Photo by Jong)

A tree knelt in praise

I know that I shall never see
A poem that bows quite like our tree
A tree who like us loved to pray
In adoration every day

A tree who humbly knelt in praise
To God and never chose to raise
Itself above the other trees
Instead remained as if on knees

A tree who gave our scholars shade
And never asked that it be paid
A tree whose needles never hurt
But gently fell upon the dirt

A tree whose worth cannot be told
Or ever lent or bought with gold
A tree who showed us all its height
With God by bowing with delight

It taught us all to clearly see
A Garden lies beneath a tree
And then it showed us with a sigh
That trees, like us, must also die

In an age of folly, play and mirth
A tree has died with brow on earth

Hamza Yusuf / March 2005

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Pick someone your human size to deride and make fun of you. Not a tree! It is called Nature….this tree was destined to be chosen for what it has become famous for. Shame that a tree has helped to make room!!!!!!!!!!!!!for the sake of Democracy. No matter what,this DEMOCCRACY TREE is already famous. Tokz and Wynner help us shape up the country…….together with this historic Tree!!!!.Do not waste precious time, we are nearing the truth.It is better to go down in history having faught for the Truth rather than just do nothing. A message from DEMOCRACY TREE I am just… Read more »


I think (they) will uproot this tree soon!


wynner on March 3rd, 2009 at 8.23pm
Look at all the parasitical plants on the tree! The poor tree will not last very long. Anybody thinks that’s symbolic…

Parasitic? Look carefully. These plants are in symbiosis. I see a happy union in them. I see unity. And unite we will against the corrupt bn regime.

anna brella

Yes, a historic day and good occasion indeed!

And Sunny is right. There is no need to fear that some low-life, cretinous hooligan may damage/destroy the tree out of spite. If that were to happen, then I am sure the People of Perak will immediately plant another tree of the same variety there in its place.

People who are inherent builders will always overcome and triumph over the pointless vandalism of all those who are destroyers.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


No one ‘high on drugs’ is on this blog; just some loose nuts that escaped the grounds of Hospital Bahagia nearby are calling the raintree “stupid”! It happens to be a very handsome tree, so alive, so magnanimous and aware that those who seek justice is always free to have a place to go


Look at all the parasitical plants on the tree! The poor tree will not last very long. Anybody thinks that’s symbolic?


Hello fellow Perakians /PR supporters, Shabas, you Aduns, we are very proud of you all!
Don’t be discouraged by this … DOKZ who really sounded like an idiot, who doesnt know between right and wrong. Bet he is definitely a BN …!


TOKZ, Ben Chong & Pokok Demokrasi,
Jeles ke?


hey TOKZ, firstly,these “idiots” fight for OUR DEMOCRACY. They fight for US, the RAYKAT, which includes YOU, no matter how undeserving.

Secondly, they have discharged with dignity their democratic duty according to the Constitution, in the face of force and threats by despots. Their brave determination deserve our highest gratitude.

If you can’t see this, the JOKE is on you.

sword of justice

The historic raintree wept and was filled with grief to see the prestigious Perak state assembly session being held under its shade. Shame on human beings who are bestowed by Almighty with the five pancainderas but some remain as only statues similar to the ones lined up along the Pantheon! What a shame we bear as the raintree also share the same grief. Hidup Perak under a true and genuine democracy.Orang-orang Perak! Tuntutlah hak-hak asasi mu! ….

Pokok Demokrasi

Did anyone just said “POKOK DEMOKRASI????”

My goodness. Only people who are HIGH on drugs can think of such a word to brand a stupid tree. Try putting S*** infront of them….I bet they too will call it **** DEMOKRASI.

Pakatan Leaders are making a fool out of themselves & with the help of stupid bloggers who can think of such a name for a tree….it’s making Pakatan leaders look like a CLOWN in a ……

Betul betul SAD!!!


That person who called the tree ‘stupid’ must be one that born in a …. . Angry even at a tree.

Ben Chong

I agree with TOKZ. Pakatan leaders are shaming the country. Cheap skate fellas.


Hi all,

Wanna know why Pakatan Rakyat leaders had their meeting under that tree??? Well, ever since ex-MB (Nizar) had been KICKED OUT from his official residence, he’s been living on a tree. That’s why Pakatan dudes are having their meeting under a tree. Simple answer.

Nothing special of that tree. It’s just some bloggers who are HIGH on somekind of drugs thinks that tree is special. Try putting **** infront of them…they too will also think that **** is SPECIAL.

Hahahahahahahaha!!! this is ironic but funny.


Dont worry …Altantuya spirit will protect the tree..

Even if the tree is gone…the democracy spirit lives on…


BN won a brutal victory that brought shame to the nation. PR won a moral victory that keeps hope of democracy alive!




Isn’t Buddha got his enlightenment under the Tree ?


This stupid tree should have collapse (on) these … Pakatan Rakyat. What the HELL, man!!!???

Firstly, these idiots are like some …. DESPERADOS clinging on to power when it has been clear that Tuanku Sultan doesn’t want them anymore.

Secondly having a meeting under a tree??? That’s pathethic & cheap skate, bro. They might as well have their meeting in a toilet …

Hahahahahahaha!!! What a … JOKE

Anak Sarawak

Better protect the tree at all cost before its planted with C4 and blown into smithereens!


Hi Anil, Just for your info from the edgedaily http://www.theedgedaily.com/highlilghts/1155-perak-stuck-in-political-sandiwara.html 2.55pm: Perak speaker sent letter to JC Ridwan Ibrahim stating he has not authorised state legal advisor Ahmad Kamal to act on his behalf 2.15pm: Lawyers for Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir are already at the Ipoh High Court studying legal points ahead of a hearing for an application of injunction to stop further meetings of the Perak state assembly. The hearing in the chambers of JC Ridwan Ibrahim is scheduled to start at 2.30pm. 11.50am: PR ADUNs were escorted out to a waiting bus in order… Read more »

download now

It all still seems like a dream. Still can’t believe the things we have seen & heard today.
Be prepared to see TV’3 spin on it tonight.
I will not be surprised if I hear terms like “masih degil”, “tidak menghormati raja”, “tidak mematuhi undang-undang” and so on.
Expect to see worthless poliicians put in their 2 cents worth as well.

Jed Yoong



” it’s DONE ! tq LORD, amen !” GODBLESS !!


No need to fear. They can chop down that tree, but they can never chop down the fact that “On this historic day, the Perak state assembly held an emergency sitting under this tree,” It has become a legend among us.