Fury as Mubarak refuses to quit


2200: Massive crowds of infuriated Egyptians have surged outside presidential palaces and the state television station to protest against Mubarak. Mubarak and family have left Cairo for his home on the Red Sea.

0505: Mubarak throws cold water on public demands for him to quit and instead insists that he will be staying on until September.

0059: Mounting excitement in Tahrir Square as crowds gather. A lot of anticipation now as people wait for an official announcement. Whatever happens, congratulations to the people of Egypt for their inspiring courage in the face of extreme adversity.

But what happens to the regime and the ‘torturer-in-chief’ Omar Suleiman?

Rainbow over Tahrir Square yesterday: Hope for freedom - Photo credit: Ayman Mohyeldin
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12 Feb 2011 12.38am

He’s gone!

4.12pm: The full text of the vice-president’s very brief statement:

In these difficult circumstances that the country is passing through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to leave the position of the presidency. He has commissioned the armed forces council to direct the issues of the state. Guardian

Good riddance! Who’s next?

11 Feb 2011 11.41pm

I understand Mubarak has to go. But who is going to take his place. There should be a leader who commands the majority. Who is that someone?
Nobody has shown themself to be able to take over the reins of power. Its a sorry state (or stalemate)

Ha Ha Ha….Interviewee on Al-Jazeera says “POLITICAL TSUNAMI”. Where have we heard that before…. 🙂

11 Feb 2011 12.46pm

Malaysia may enjoy a splash of windfall, illicit capitals flowing in from the land of Pharaohs!…

11 Feb 2011 11.36am

We see no rainbow in Bolehland too after Al Katak has hijacked NEM to deny equal-opportunity-for-all.

Ibrahim Ali must not deceive himself – no investor in his right mind would give top priority to invest in a race-based economy.

In a race-based economy FDI will diminish and outflow of investment funds to more liberal countries will continue. Over time, the country’s economic cake will shrink and eventually put a cap on Bumi share of the country’s wealth. The logic is simple; if you have not received (FDI), how can you share?

Hua Hee
Hua Hee
12 Feb 2011 11.32am
Reply to  Zairi

Don’t worry. One by one those Islamic countries ruled by dictator will fall.

11 Feb 2011 9.16am

By September — enough time for him to destroy all who dare went against him! Dreadful.

Sigh… how much more blood to sacrifice? Is it humanly possible to survive this long drawn war?

11 Feb 2011 5.16am

5:15am BBC interviewing a local newspaper (Al Ouram?) reporter who has clearly abandoned journalistic neutrality: “We don’t want the military, we don’t want a police state, we want a modern, secular state!”
Interesting choice of words.

She also says the crowd is walking to the presidential palace tonight. At 15-20km distance, I guess I have time to go to sleep.