96% say BN will suffer in next GE: ntv7 poll


Many Malaysians do not seem to be amused by what the BN is doing in Perak.

An SMS poll on ntv7 over its prime time 8.00pm news in English asked whether the Perak crisis would affect the BN’s performance negatively in the next general election.

A whopping 96 per cent of respondents said it would.

Malaysians are obviously aware of how the BN is subverting the aspirations of the people. The BN will find that short-term political gains – achieved through such questionable and dubious means  – will come at a heavy price in the longer term.

That’s not all. The latest update on the poll on this blog, shows that 96 per cent of 2,073 respondents (as at 11.57pm) want either a fresh state election or by-elections in the defectors’ constituencies (see below):


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i hope that bn will lose in the next generalelection and pakatan rakyat form gov ok


how about giving the ‘FROGS’ the pressure to quit since they serve no purpose after this, rather than pushing the Sultan and PKR leaders.


suffice to say, N-a-j-i-_ spoils everything.

nice one sakaito. thumbs up and cheers


Fellow Perakians and Rakyat Malaysia,
Our hearts are with you even we are overseas. Do not fear the evils, only concern for the good that you want to do for our beloved country, Malaysia.
The … will have their day – the day they will see themselves behind bars and eating rice with curry-kosong.
Return to the poll for a general re-election is the democratic way. Voice of Rakyat must be heard and respected. NOT the …money-crazy people !
Stand up for the rights of the Rakyat !!!

disgusted writer

Respect Democracy. People have voted and that should be final.
Party hoping is a wrong thing and should be punishable by law… it was never right for BN to do it to win Sabah back in the 80s, it was never right for Anwar to suggest it to win the government… and it surely isn’t right for what is happening in Perak now. Shame to the politicians involved ! …

Aylwin Chin

Whatever it is, BN will never again be able to count on my vote and those around me as we’ve had it with their unscrupulous and wayward ways! With all his political baggage, he may become PM in March but to me, he’s just a …. who, unfortunately, was born into a very powerful family.


For what it’s worth, this shameful episode has taught the Malaysians 3 things:

1. From now on, we should vote for the candidate, not the party.

2. The Rakyat must make their voice known and no longer subservient to the crooks upstairs.

3. Money can NOT buy everything.


to MrsShaggy and K, DSAI tried to takeover via rule of law. go and brush up your reading. Even Tengku Razaleigh acknowledge that http://razaleigh.com/2009/02/05/shameful-scene/ Going thru the proper channel and getting a new mandate from the voters. Not thru party hopping. that’s what PR and DSAI were trying to do. Call a fresh nation wide election. now what Najib and BN doing is completely out of rule of law. They skip all the due process and straightaway announce a new government. haih… rakyat will not forget this. oh.. one of that 96% is from my mom, who’s always has been… Read more »


PM – Weak Leader – Party suffer!
DPM – …. Leader – Rakyat suffer!
PM + DPM = Everyone Suffer!!!!
So…. Nest GE (hopefully this year, due to current political situation) Vote for New party to have .. A Strong and Righteous New PM and DPM


Hey, if you can’t win… you can always buy

– Buy some Sukhois
– Buy some Eurocopters
– Buy votes
– Buy silence
– Buy representatives

And you can try buying a place in Heaven


I’ve always been a proud perakian for having the most enlightened royal family in sultan azlan shah and nazrin shah whom i have utmost respect… the decision today is a shattering disappointment… a momentous decision that calls for courage has been squandered

But imho PR should accept the decision and live to fight another day. This will turn out to be a blessing in disguise insya allah


This is the most ridiculous thing that had happen.Don`t treat us voters as stupid. The world is getting smaller and changing everyday and this BN is still living in the stone age! We will change them forever come next election.

Chia, Chin Yau

I doubt they will be any elections in the future


another joke from K


What poll survey you are talking about? Don’t try to mislead us by posing one sided questions, we r not stupid fool as u may have thought….


Hopping has always been legal. Didn’t M get a few frogs hopping over to him in the past? The reason it’s legal is because BN has the money and the ACA (on its side). The opposition has no such advantage.


Strangely no one is condemning Anwar in using the same strategy to seize the Federal government…why ? Are there 2 sets of moral code, one for BN and another one for PR ? Had Anwar not blundered by luring Bota ADUN, this would not had happened. So blame Anwar and Ngeh for providing with the Golden Opportunity. I hate frogs but I hate all frogs, be it BN or PR. But people here seems to be highly selective. Had the same thing happened in Negeri and PR taken over, I am sure a lot of people will be offering to… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Here is Phua’s Tenth Law of Malaysian Politics:

“When a serious economic recession/depression looms, you stimulate the economy by pouring money into the hands of selected politicians and selected electoral districts”


Dear Anil

For your info:

Panasonic axes 15,000 staff on profit warning



Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil: It is a good thing that this happened. As I have been writing BN is nearing its end – no more escape. All this is due to their stupid way of handling things. See how they treated the HINDRAF chaps. What they did – they did not carry arms; they just wanted to handover a petition and you put them in jail under ISA. People are not stupid. They are watching the developments and at the right moment, they will fix the BN and UMNO, MIC, MICA forever. See the number of youths tortured in the lock ups… Read more »


Dun scold the kataks lah.
If BN dangle a 10M carrot infront of u, u will do the same.
just tat we all dun hv the opportunitty.


Now there are Defected 3 King & A Queen, makes Perak State whom to be Government. What a shame. What about the mass public voted for their future.

I hope the Tuanku Sultan has the utimate power to put things right once for all. I’m sure he will…

but then BN … are “Gila Kuasa”.

God Bless & save Malaysia from the evil once.


Perhaps Anwar has been out-maneuvered. He’s been playing with the “defection” stuff all these while and Najib apparently got fed-up pitch him to wall in Perak.

But I predicted it would be short-lived victory. BN is tainted – and what they did in Perak – will be drag in next GE.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Fellow Progressive Citizens of Malaysia Isn’t it the case that Perak can still be led by a minority government until the minority government is ousted through a vote of no confidence in the State Assembly? (Can an expert on the Perak state constitution comment on this?) Don’t get mad, mobilise! There is strength in numbers. Show your disgust with the widespread corruption of the ruling regime (no, we ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to use the euphemism “money politics”) by your full political participation — getting others out to vote, voting against undesirable politicians, running for office, signing petitions, meeting with your… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

I don’t really understand by doing so, what actually will BN gain. Najib has no gut to go to poll, if he does and loss in the election, say bye bye to his dream of becoming Prime Minister.