817 elected Perak village chiefs to sue over dismissals



Setuju!“: The 817 elected village chiefs in Perak unanimously endorsing a six-point action plan – Photo by Kinta Kid

Zambry’s – and the BN’s problems – are multiplying as the Perak crisis deepens.

All 817 elected village chiefs in Perak have come together to take legal action over their dismissals without notice by the Perak BN and the dissolution of their village JKKK committees, which resulted in the termination of services of over 8,000 committee members. They also plan to lodge police reports against the Perak BN.

These village chiefs had been elected and they received appointment letters from the Pakatan state government to serve from 1 August 2008 to 31 July 2010.

They attended a meeting at a community hall in Jelapang on 30 April where they were also addressed by Nizar. Kinta Kid has the full story with more photos here.

The following is their six-point action plan:

Bersetuju membentuk jawatankuasa bertindak ketua-ketua kampung seluruh Perak bagi menggerakkan kempen menentang pemecatan ketua kampung oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional negeri Perak,

Bersetuju dan bersepakat akan menyerahkan memorandum kepada kerajaan BN menuntut mengekalkan ketua-ketua kampung dan mengekalkan JKKK sehingga tempoh perkhidmatan tamat,

Bersetuju dan bersepakat akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap pemecatan ketua-ketua kampung and pembubaran JKKK.

Bersetuju dan bersepakat seluruh ketua-ketua kampung dan JKKK meneruskan perkhidmatan kepada rakyat walaupun tidak diiktiraf oleh kerajaan BN,

Bersetuju dan bersepakat untuk membuat laporan polis terhadap kerajaan BN yang menamatkan perkhidmatan ketua-ketua kampung dan membubarkan JKKK sebelum tempoh perkhidamatan tamat,

Bersepakat menuntut supaya kemelut dan krisis politik negeri Perak diselesaikan melalui pembubaran DUN bagi membolehkan rakyat memilih semula kerajaan baru negeri Perak.

The BN, for its part, wants village administration to be carried out by the JKKKP, which is the federal government’s equivalent of the JKKK.

Perak was the first state to introduce elections for village chiefs, the ousted Perak state exco member for local government Nga Kor Ming was reported as saying.

Meanwhile, the other state governments in Malaysia should ask themselves why they have not introduced village-level elections in their respective states. Once democracy is instutionalised at all levels, it becomes much harder for an authoritarian leader to roll back democratic advances.

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Cheng Poh Heng
Cheng Poh Heng
4 May 2009 10.32am

This would be the end of BN goons. Jom Ke Ipoh pada 7 Mei 2009!

4 May 2009 8.58am

The pics made me cry because this was what I wanted to see of Perak.and Malays standing up to the ‘UMNO’ Malays.
Will cry heavily if I can see Chinese and Indians supporting the vilage heads.Then only we ‘kill’ racism…..

4 May 2009 8.55am

The pictures bring lumps in my throat. These Perakians are making alot of us Rakyat proud of their noble action. They demonstrated stand up and be counted as well instead of ‘aiyah .. .. dont invite trouble lah’ I salute these ‘democracry upholders’

3 May 2009 11.53pm

Good move. Now can PR please move to institute local government elections for all the states it currently controls? Why is there a delay in holding local government elections in Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan?

3 May 2009 10.10pm

Ya. Sokong seratus peratus. Sementara itu, kita order Zambry ‘teh tarik satu’ sebab kes ini akan makan masa yang lama turun court naik court. Zambry ‘Roti canai satu’.

3 May 2009 9.31pm

Zambry just dont care? Who would want a partisan politician like him.

3 May 2009 9.17pm

This MB wants to have some new circus clowns as Village Heads so they can (have a free hand with) the rakyats money…
…always up to some stupid ideas.

3 May 2009 9.09pm

This BACKDOOR MB and BEE end government always up to some stupid …. ideas.
Now its the PR govermnent which was a better government.
This stupid MB always up to some nonsence. Tak malu punya MB.

3 May 2009 8.20pm

Zambry and his party, UMNO, has no respect on the people… Say one thing and does another thing. Umno is showing bad example… people must stop him from doing this…. they think the rakyat can be treated stupidly like this? … Orang melayu, tambahan lagi yang beragama islam, diajar untuk berbudi bahasa dan sayang menyayangi. Go for it, saman dia…

3 May 2009 8.11pm

It is time to rise against the oppressors

Leong Yook Kong
Leong Yook Kong
3 May 2009 5.28pm

Jangan bagi chance, sue the Perak BN including the MCA Dr. This is an unjust and unfair dismissal.

3 May 2009 5.18pm

For a state that was doing so many right things with a new PR government, the power usurp by BN is unforgivable.

Doesn’t really matter if states ruled by BN are not taking steps to introduce locally elected councils/village chiefs.
The PR ones should institutionalise this in their states.
Even if the elections do not have the benefit of voters from a complete register, the result is still better than having political appointees who are responsible to no one.

3 May 2009 5.10pm

It’s crystal clear that let the Rakyat of Perak decide once and for all..
The illegal takeover exposed self weaknesses and why all the instituitions keep mute over the corruption charges against the 2 frogs? something fishy right ?

Whoever emerged as victor will be accepted sportingly and thus silence the critics.


3 May 2009 5.08pm

Eh! Koolgeek is of this world or is he in fantasy land?

“PR is equally guilty of installing their own heads of villages”?

Since when does democratic nominating and voting in of who you want to lead your village equates to PR installng “their own heads of villages”?

Either koolgeek is not reading the news item well or else he has some comprehension problem!

3 May 2009 4.56pm


You got it all wrong. When PR won Perak, the BN elected JKKK was called JKKKP by Federal Govn. This another blantant abuse of power and Federal Govn was trying to undermine PR state govn. PR State Govn has no choice to form JKKK like other states do. Normally JKKK is formed by state govn not federal. The same thing with the Kelantan State Govn till now federal has its own JKKP and the tax money from federal is normally channel to the federal govn elected representatives. Do you think this is fair?

3 May 2009 4.17pm

i don’t like this at all. PR is equally guilty of installing their own heads of villages. i’d say bring on the local elections, kampung election or whatever. these people are supposed to pledge their allegiance to the people they serve, not political masters.

3 May 2009 3.53pm

Yes, all states in Bolehland must allow elections in local council and villages, just like the Commonwealth countries.

Why take away the rights of the people?

As for the 817 village heads, sue the arrogant and foolish Bee-End goons.

Then mobilise all the voters in the villages and wipe all the Bee-End goons out in the next state poll.

This is the best way to teach these moronic goons a dear lesson.

3 May 2009 3.48pm

Another big blow to Zambry and BN. These chiefs were elected by the people and not appointed by the higher authority in politics. See how democratic Nizar’s government was, and now these chiefs are going to be dismissed. We could see more problems brewing. You throw away democracy, you see more crazy things happening. Politicians should learn what democracy is. Authoritarianship will not work in Perak, or Malaysia for that matter. The people have inherited democracy as a way of life. Politicians should be smart enough to realise this. This whole event is going to make things become worse in… Read more »