8,000 crowd in Shah Alam for PR ceramah on Perak


A huge crowd has turned up for a PR ceramah at Section 19 in Shah Alam tonight, despite the last minute info. The ceramah is being held to explain the situation in Perak.

An eye-witness at the scene decribes the turnout at the ceramah, which is still in progress (as at 11.30pm) at the Dewan Bola Tampar MBSA, as “fantastic”. Some 3,000 people are packed indoors while another 5,000 are outside in the car-park and spilling over into the tennis court.

One of the Pas speakers has speculated that Abdullah Badawi’s departure could be further delayed.

Close to RM10,000 in donations was collected to help in the by-elections in Kedah and Perak.

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anna brella

Sorry for this further digression from main topic Anil. But I thought I would state a simple analytical observation though, which is stated with respect and without the intention to belittle anyone. Out of the 36 comments made on this thread so far (and excluding this) I believe 7 were directly related, 2 partially related and 2 not related to the topic Anil posted. The rest of the 25 related to Mr Kassim’s attempt to distract readers from the main topic and divert attention to his topic on dengue and so usurp Anil’s chosen topic. Perhaps this is why UMNO/BN… Read more »


federal government is in charge of the health ministry. they decide where the money goes. PR State does not seems to have enough allocation despite being most productive State.If PR fails, its Federal Health Ministry’s fault for not thinking for the rakyat.Remember BN had 50 years to progress this country but its peanuts in comparison to its neighbours. this country is rich enough to feed everyone and make everyone rich and prosper but some people are too greedy and tried to keep everything possible for themselves. sounds like subprime to us.


Go to Penang General Hospital and check the drain. They are full of larva. I was there last week. Do you think the Health Ministry is trying to sabotage Pakatan Government by breeding mosquitoes?


dont blame kassim all the way
he’s one of the millions of innocent citizens that have been kept in the dark by BN through the MSM..

well..i guess we need to help enlightened him…
dont smashed him to smithereens..
we are all equal as rakyat..

we should help others too..


The increase in mosquitoes is a result of the frogs being well fed by some politicians to jumpship! The frogs no longer need to feed on insects. Now you know who to blame for more dangue cases.

When the frogs grow fat it is time we cook them and serve them to the people! Porridge with frog legs can be very delicious! However, the poison in some of them may render them useless even for consumption! Never trust a frog that has changed party! There are plenty in Sabah, too!


Kassim? who Kassim..? Kassim Selamat! who are you? Doctor? Lawyer? oooh Ahli Musik…who cares..!


..Encik Kassim, If you are reaaly helpful and concern the health of your fellow citizens, just give a call to liow tong lai, ask him to send some of his men to do the needful. Do not comdemn the PR state government. The duties of all MPs and Aduns, whether they are from BN or PR, are not just to look at the drains. Look at all the states rule by PR, good job was done to the people, not just to they of MP or ADUN and their parties members. They are caring governments. They are good managers of… Read more »

bota kanan

Kassim, why want to bring up an issue like dengue fever when we are talking about the illegal power grab in Perak by Najib? And even if you should do so, don’t you think the right person to direct your question to is Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai? Why want to fault Selangor PR govt on an issue which is the Health Minister’s responsibility. I suspect you are nothing but an UMNO sympathiser or agent provocateur, whatever. It is obvious you want to divert attention from your UMNO masters. It would be much better for you to tell your UMNO… Read more »


I beg to differ to Kassim comments, although the newly elected ADUN are inexperienced but they are serious in carrying out their duties as what they have promised. I had doubts initially but when YB Hannah have been at least 4 times in our Neighbourhood since elected, she was concerned with our security and dengue issues. She not only being campaigning in the papers reminding us to play our part in combating dengue but was again in our area today to campaign for awareness of danger dengue.
YB like Hannah & Fernandez showed us what services all about.


Seems that Malaysia is inundated with mosquitoes and frogs these days. What a pest.


The Malays of today are intelligent. They are educated and can think for themselves. The fuedal minds have evaporated from them. we see Malays all over the world today. They cannot be kicked around anymore by opportunistic people who give shallow views. They work and they pay tax and they don’t want their money to be used by those who are not doing anything. Gone were the days of fuedal Malays. The people are those who should advise their leaders what to do and not the other way round, as the people now can think for themselves. The people are… Read more »


Kassim is an example of the Umno trained Malays..
Why are you so silly?? Health Minister is buzz with Hee in Jelapang.
Why dont you suggest to Najib and R… to C4 all the Denggi Mostquitoes???


guess, too much of ketuanan melayu till they lose sense of responsibility, fairness and protocol. agree with ari. just sack that idoit who is just another appendage of the infamous corrupted BN. Morals, BN? Where are all the papers of the 5 States under PR. All shredded? Why? To cover all the corrupt acts. Morals, BN? Change the prosecution team (etc) at your whims and fancies? Morals, BN? Immigration records deleted at your whims and fancies? Morals, BN? Cronyism to benefit a fat lady while kids died in NS (last count 17)? Morals, BN? When state govt in Perak wants… Read more »


G Gopalakrishnan, I think you are to kind to the extremely rude …. …. State Secretary (can someone indicate his name so everyone will know who he is?) suggesting he be sent to some training school to be taught how respect a head of State. People like this should be sacked for misconduct and behaviour and all benefits terminated. No pension, no allowances, paid holidays, immediate repayment of all loans taken, and confiscating all material assets such as car, house, phone, club membership etc.. currently enjoyed by him and his family. Period. The institution of the State of Perak is… Read more »


Kassim – you got all your facts twisted? Ask the federal govt what are they doing other than giving stats ? Since when MOH became a statistic dept alone? Walk your talk lar


nyamuk tu semua d lepas oleh bn semasa mereka tewas! dgn harapan smua pnyokong pakatan dpt sakit!


The crowd turnout is a good sign for PR. I didn’t even hear about the ceremah until now.

As for the denggi thing, it’s now a problem over the country. Our current minister of health is too busy polishing umno’s apple to care. It’s also local councils enforcement issue and people’s attitude in not keeping their surrounding clean. The Health Mninistry have to take the lead to fight this.


Dear all, Kassim is a classic case of what Malaysians think that their politicians should do i.e. to become keepers of drains and bushes, this is where the BN government has used its indoctrination to keep itself in power for all these years. His grouse should be rightfully chanelled to the Health Minister who is a BN Parliamentarian and like what has been said by the others, the civil servants who are also the by products of 22 years of indoctrination, don’t seem to understand what the General Orders/Perintah AM say when it comes to taking directives from the State… Read more »


Well Kassim, shouldn’t the Health Ministry also have some responsibility in stopping denggi?

And if you look hard enough, like here: http://hannahyeoh.blogspot.com/2009/02/war-on-dengue-continues.html isn’t that a Pakatan ADUN trying to do something?

Let’s be careful in our criticisms and not whack for the sake of whacking. That said, you do have a valid point that there are more pressing issues.


You did not allow comments for the Tanjung Bungah protest against development on hill slopes… why? Because someone will accuse you again of being “friendly” with a local architect yah, Anil?

G Gopalakrishnan

Let us all take this episod as a blessing in disguise as this has opened the eyes of the PR on what all things that can happen in a situation like this. Now first thing that the PR Mentri Besar has to do, once he gets back to work, is to sack his Government Secretary. This must be done without fail and a new Officer be appointed in this position. I simply cannot digest the fact that someone can walk into the MB’s Office and remove all his things from his room without his (MB’s) permission. This is simply uter… Read more »


I don’t agree that nothing was done on the denggi issue, where i live (shah alam) they been actively campaigning to prevent denggi through banners all over places and fogging whole area when necessary, even offered to fog every bedrooms inside the house as well. Health inspectors regularly do monitoring, they also handed out to each house packets to eliminate ‘jentik-jentik’, ultimately it’s us who are responsible to do our part in war against denggi instead of putting full blame on Pakatan aduns..

Product of the System

Dengue and the ongoing political crises are two very related issues. Currently, civil servants are treating the Pakatan Rakyat leaders with such utter contempt that PR state governments simply cannot effect the changes they vowed to before the elections. In addition, the powers of the state government are severely limited to ‘smaller’ issues like Islamic laws, water, natural resources and land. Even so, Najib Razak has demonstrated that he will exert all federal measures possible in order to inhibit the powers of the state government, as in the case of Perak when he stupidly remarked that free hold land cannot… Read more »


Shouldn’t that question be directed to Health Ministry, which is still under Barisan Nasional administration?