44 Jerit cyclists being taken to KK police station


1310: Jerit’s nothern cyclist team, 44 cyclists in all, are being taken to the Kuala Kangar police station. The police  want the ICs of the young cyclists, according to one of the organisers. Organisers, however, are not handing over the ICs as they are afraid that the parents of the youths will be harassed. The organisers have offered their own ICs instead.

This is the third time today the bus from Kamunting to Sungai Siput has been stopped. The first time was when the bus was stopped and officers wanted to inspect the driver’s permit.

In the second incident, police caught two Dema students, Ooi Choon Nam and Yat Chat Wah, giving out leaflets at the Bukit Gantang rest area. They have been taken to the Taiping police station. (Phone 05-829 1222).

The third and latest incident occured at the Kuala Kangsar exit. The cycling team are now being brought to the Kuala Kangsar police station. (Phone 05-776 2222)

“They (the authorities) are uncomfortable with the campaign,” says Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj. “They are trying to find something technical to stop it.”

The Jerit southern team have also encountered more problems this time in the Segamat area.

The corporate mainstream media are not particularly interested in the Jerit cycling campaign as the cyclists are seen as representing rural and poorer Malaysians. Unfortunately, our media editors think the concerns of these Malaysians are of no concern to urban Malaysians; the corporate media owners are more interested in ad revenue and pandering to the interests of urban middle-class and well-heeled readers.

One journalist told me his story on the Jerit campaign was spiked; his senior at the newspaper had told him the paper is simply not interested in rural stories or those from the plantations. “Focus on the urban issues,” he was told, and not on rural areas or on grassroots communities.

That’s the sad reality of our mainstream and corporate media. Many bloggers and NGOs too appear more concerned about urban issues. Who will speak up for rural Malaysians or those in grassroots communities?

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George Aeria

PDRM – Police Dera Rakyat Malaysia… so sad.

It seems that the police common compliant of having not enough man power to patrol the streets is real bull…. they seem to have enough manpower now..

Sigh…when will we ever get a real good police force.


More Jerit

aiyo … YouTube lar…


I believe all sensible Bolehlanders can never stand this kind of oppression and violation against Human Rights. They are just a group of enthusiastic, peace-loving youngsters.They are not criminals, come on. What kind people can term themselves as WAKIL RAKYAT who hold offices in the Federal Guomen for doing these kinds of irrational things? Black-hearted? Indifferent? Evil power brokers? Corrupted? May be, all in ONE. These BeeEnd … have never learnt from the 8th Mac GE, for sure. Well, they still think that the VOTERS are fools and they vote according to the PENDULUM Theory. They still believe that in… Read more »


It is just another excuse to exclude the story from the limelight.
The police is misusing its authority again. Again and again, it panders to the whims and fancy of the BN government

Tony Wong

What do you expect from the current administration?

They will try to stop everyone and everything that might pose danger to them.

Our police force are very good in picking people off doing peaceful demonstration. Unlawful demonstation is permitted as long as they are against opposition party coalition.


Jerit cyclists Bicycling around for change Of things happening in Malaysia Distributing leaflets to the people And the police stopped, harassed and arrested them For a peaceful cycling Highlighting the causes what ills the country The important jobs of combating crimes The police close one eye Crimes index jumps And IGP tries to make light weight of it Mat Rempits going out of hands Revving to the nights laws unto them Even police officers aren’t spared Mat Rempits hit them Yet the Jerit cyclists The police go after them When it is peaceful cycling The police go all out to… Read more »

Angela Ooi

As usual, the BRAVE ‘blues’ are hard at work harassing the ordinary Joe/Jane when all the while the criminals run amok and crime rate is sky-rocketting. It is beginning to look as though all they do is to go after common folks and attend to nonsensical reports of the morons in UMNO. Those with criminal intent should come to Malaysia, here they can crime freely.

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

The action by the Police is clear madness. The whole world is celeberating UN Day – Malaysia is a signatory to the UN Declaration SINCE 1957. This clearly shows that the end of the BN is very near. There is no point in being a member of the United Nation and resort to this sort of Police Action. Police should be given a copy of the UN DECLARATION to be circulated TO each and every police officer. Unfortunately the DECLARATION is in English. I have a copy in the Indonesian Language OF THE DECLARATION which is 90 percent similar to… Read more »


Good idea to get CNN or BBC on it.

You could also submit your video clips and upload to their sites!

It might work and whet their apetites for more!

The cyclist thing is a terrific idea! It promotes good recreational diversions to the constant frustrations people have and good time on the bikes during holidays! You’ll be buying things on the way no matter how small the amount.

The Police men need plenty of education on civic mindedness. The Police bosses need the ISA!

Pat Ling

It’s so easy to catch those Jerit cyclists. More difficult than the Mat Rempits, ya?


The facts are startlingly clear. In reporting be it in electronic media or mainstream media, there exists discrimination of various sorts. a) Geographical discrimination News pertaining to bigger towns/cities will be reported more widely. As such, I am not surprised at your report which included a statement from a senior in a newspaper – ““Focus on the urban issues,” he was told, and not on rural areas or on grassroots communities.” b) Personalities If there is news pertaining to a popular icon or personality, 99% of electronic media or MSM would cover it willingly even to the extent of cutting… Read more »


hi all
the only way to get BBC and or CNN to to get involved is for someone to put vidieos on U TUBE, guess bloggers will know the next step.


PDRM is so petty.


It seems this victimisation will not stop. Maybe a few minutes on CNN or BBC would put a stop to it. Anyone can arrange this? Cowards are usually put off when the spotlight is on them….