19 arrests; those at vigil being gradually released


2316: The dragnet widens with 19 arrests since last night.

But two of the 14 at the candlelight vigil for Chin Huat tonight have been released and it appears as if the remaining 12 will be also gradually released tonight after police record their particulars. It doesn’t appear as if their statements are being recorded.

1) Wong Chin Huat in KL last night.

Altantuya birthday cake incident in Putrajaya today

Three activists from Solidariti Anak Muda

2) Sani Md Shah

3) Saufi Mihat

4) Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman

Prayers in Manjoi tomorrow

5) Mohamad Sabu

Candlelight vigil for Chin Huat at Brickfields police station

6) Suara Keadilan Chinese edition editor Law Teck Hao, 29.

7) Suaram coordinator John Liu, 26

8. Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall civil rights committee vice-head Liau Kok Fah (47)

9) Melissa Wong Yuet Fun, 25

10) Temme Lee, 23

11) Liew Thin Choi, 47

12) Law Teck Hao, 29,

13) Chan Kim Ming, 34

14) Malaysiakini columnist Josh Hong

15) Serdang member of parliament Teo Nie Ching.

16) Lee King Thim, 41.

17) Masturah Kamaruddin (released)

18) Lim Hong Sing (released)

19) Lim Kar Mern

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Phua Kai Lit


“We, students and former students of Monash University who sat through Wong Chin Huat’s classes and tutorials, strongly condemn his arrest under these allegations. My fellow students, what was his crime?

“We believe that his only so-called crime was to demonstrate his commitment to make Malaysia a cleaner and more democratic country and a place we can continue to proudly call our home.”


speaker siva is sacked = ganesan took over = WHAT !!!!????


Suara RAKYAT adalah suara Keramat!


Obviously the arrests are to break the rhythm of the organisers of black thursday so that the protest may collapse.

Why can’t citizens peacefully and peaceably assemble and protest ?


We must clearly know the reason(s) for all these arrests.It looks like the government is using fear tactic to remain in power.

Now we are all fearful of our government but when GE13 comes it is time we get rid of this unjustified fear.


Wooooohhhooooo……and YEEHAR! Wong Chin Huat and other brave rakyat gets πŸ˜› many, mnay points, and the yuk yuk yukky UMNO/BN entity and very silly coppers get a big, fat πŸ˜€ ZERO from the watching audience. So, come on everybody, get in on the act and 8) wear black and get πŸ˜€ ARRESTED for peacefully speaking up for the truth and making them baddies look more and more like the πŸ™‚ very pesky, idiotic and silly … WE SAY YEAH! & NO TO ISA! πŸ˜› AND HARIS FOR AG & RPK FOR IGP! GO FOR DSAI FOR PM & LKS FOR… Read more »


What’s next
Arrest sat 3/4 of the country 4 supportin PR…?


Sad day in Malaysia’s history… We have to ask ourselves why and how we let this take place. The answer is 50 years of letting one political party hold to power and nothing to counter check their power. Do we have handcuffs for 100,000 pair of hands….?


Edwin SJ Ng   PJK

Dear Anil,

So all this while was najib lying through his teeth on 1malaysia,transparency and review of the ISA(?)

Now he will say I did not use the ISA. It is only The Seditin Act.

But why stop at only 19.

Why not all the bloggers….at least all those who are fighting for the legitimacy of the Perak Government.


I pity the police, but they have brought it upon themselves. They should have said no to UMNO at the first time of asking.

Now we have Hishamuddin as Home Minister….