14 arrests so far in Ipoh



Seven Perak State Assembly members (five from the DAP and two from PKR) and one DAP MP have been arrested in Ipoh:

  1. Keshvinder
  2. Sivakumar
  3. Thomas Su
  4. M M Leong
  5. P H Lim
  6. Kula
  7. L K Chang
  8. M K Chan

Six others – two DAP members, two Unit Amal members and two onlookers – have also been detained.

That makes it 14 in all.

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Everyone in their right frame of mind will condemn the police action of arresting the MP, aduns, members of polictical parties and by-standers…….but so what? The police no longer fears the rakyat. They are now the … of the BN/UMNO goverment and what can we do? The 13th GE is far away and maybe by then the whole country will be a police state. Let’s if I am right. Najib is experience enough to understand what he wants and he has seen too many countries using force and the military to crush any parties that try to remove their power… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill



Yes Shamsul,
I guess what Isrealis did to the palestinians is correct. Palestinians deserved to be shot & bullied because they did not follow the Law of Isreal.

What say you? Or you are drinking Todi now right?

Leong Yook Kong

The people are at the mercy of … head hunters.

Shamsul Iskandar

They deserve it.The useless… trouble makers. Wants the law to follow their emotions.Can go to hell with these useless people around who are power crazy but no brains!Is any BN followers doing the same in Pakatan ruled state?No, because BN followers are matured enough to behave like little kids of Pakatan.


Hey. Zambry. Call the emergency assembly meeting. With so many ADUNS in jail, you now have clear majority.


It is a confirmed Police state, they can do anything that they like and we can’t question them. If we do, then we are subject to arrest. They must be completely wiped out when the next round of elections come. They even have the audacity to say that the people must have short memories. So much for respecting the electorate. The political tsunami of 2008 was not strong enough, we must have a richter scale point 5 political taufan so that they will learn.


Welcome to 1Malaysia….


what the hell!!! *&^#%@!)(*!!

we are really turning into a police state!!

and worst! police arresting assemblymen and MPs all the time!!

methink ALL assemblymen and MPs of PR should protest! all of them should turn up at the police station and asked to be arrested too and see what the police will do!

so fed up of our country lah. sorry i mean so fed up of our police and BN!!

Dalbinder Singh Gill


Dalbinder Singh Gill

Political Freedom – Democracy space is already so limited in Malaysia. I condemn the police actions as well as whoever who is behind all this arrests. Release them immediately. You have no right to arrest someones freedom like that under the LAW !!