Why Obama has retreated on Snowden


It seemed so incongrous to me: On the one hand, Obama was in South Africa paying tribute to freedom icon Nelson Mandela, but on the other, the US president had been pursuing a global campaign against Edward Snowden, the man who had exposed a massive online surveillance campaign undertaken by US security agencies.

There was tough talk by US against Russia and China, for appearing to be sympathetic to Snowden – but hold on, how tough can you be with your major creditor (China)?

Since then, Obama appears to have beaten a hasty retreat. Mark Weisbrot, the co-director of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research, explains why in this commentary published by Aljazeera.

In his videotaped interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden said that “the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies” (like the CIA) were so formidable that “[n]o one can meaningfully oppose them. If they want to get you, they’ll get you in time.”

That remains to be seen. On Wednesday President Obama beat a hasty retreat from his global public relations and diplomatic, and political campaign against Snowden. It was quite an amazing, if implicit, admission of defeat. Here was the president of the world’s most powerful nation, with the world’s most influential media outlets having rallied to his cause, now quietly trying to lower the profile of an issue that his own government had elevated to one of the biggest stories in the world. Full commentary here.

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Haven’t any of you guys seen the film, Bourne Ultimatum or the Jack Bauer’s 24 TV series? 🙂

najib manaukau

United States of America themselves are in big big trouble, owing more than 16 trillion dollars , it will take a lot of time to get themselves out of the big debt, if ever they can. Still they are still going round, imperiously, giving out money when they themselves are in need of the money themselves. Just like Japan they too are in big big trouble and like America the Japanese are still going all over the world giving out money when they are in lots in big big s… It wouldn’t be soon both of these countries will be… Read more »


Capitalism is a religion. It has been very successful in enslaving most of humanity. It is the real reason behind all the frenzy of spying – at public expense.


Such venomous and irrational defender or apologists of Obama’s darkside — typical socialist fanatics. Always looking out to shut up other people.


There is one ugly similarity between Obama & BolehLand:
Use of immigrants & illegal foreigners to short change the Malaysian voters.
And he also can weep crocodile tears too.


CIA/FFBI may be spying for the secret recipes of ori-maestro of penang street food !
One day the americanos can set up franchises of red bean ice and GK can be appointed as the spokeperson 🙂


American franchisers of famous Penang red bean ice?
Americana Obama is so good at weeping faking, GK may learn a trick or too many of faking his much hated Penang Lang red beans soaked in ostrich (sacrificed by his Gelak-Gelakan)!
Who would want to savour his street offering?

Andrew I

Obama is the white American’s Afro American. I remember a sketch by Chris Tucker about a black man making it to the the White House: …there’d be empty bottles of Kool Aid scattered all over the front lawn and he wouldn’t need any secret service cos he’d be armed.

Poor Snowden. Like Assange, he’s under house arrest. Dig in for the long haul. You don’t mess wit Colonel Fried Sam, unless you want to be deep fried.


if obama is a socialist at heart, then robber barons of wall street must be the great communists of the 21st century. what a laugh


In fact, it is an open secret. ALL COUNTRY, including the pathetic Bolehland(TM), perform some spying in neighbourhood country. All depends on the degree of “interest” those country against with. And every country deny it.


Obama is socialist at heart, and that means authoritarian in nature. So he’s just making a tactical retreat for propaganda purpose (another second nature of socialists). He will let his people be reckless in trying to get Snowden all the same.

No snow @ Kilimanjaro

Obama may, or not be authoritarian or fascist. Your dumb logic makes you one!:-) He cud b a prisoner, just as 51% of the Msians who voted are. Which makes Najib, a kaki, a prisoner of sorts. You get a sense of false freedom, too, being a slave. When you’re a master, you are no less, enslaved by what you do, depending on what you do. So how do you do? Seems like Obama & Najib were in Africa at the same time. They didnt make a stop at Timbuktu, did they? Like you they’re both concerned of Mandiba! Or… Read more »

game change

One nasty game no one wants to play.

Can the Nobel can guide him someways?

There just might be a new different game altogether!