Frankenstorm Sandy: A climate change wake-up call


Superstorm Sandy that is slamming the United States is a warning about the perils of climate change. It is time to wake up and think more seriously about how our unsustainable economic model is worsening climate change and leading to rising sea levels.

In the United States, climate change was not even mentioned in the US presidential debates. And now the candidates will struggle to avoid touching on the subject.

Similarly, for us in Malaysia, economic policy makers act as if climate change is something that does not affect us. We continue to clear our rainforests and cut our hills as if climate change does not exist. But even small changes in seasonal monsoon rainfall patterns could affect rice production in Southeast Asia.

Undoubtedly Superstorm Sandy will raise awareness of the danger of climate change for the survival of humanity. As sea levels rise and weather reaches extreme levels, will we soon see climate change refugees?

Why isn’t climate change and our usage of fossil fuels more seriously discussed? Because we want to carry on with business as usual under the prevailingly model of profit-driven corporate-led globalisation that enriches a small minority of humanity? How foolishly and dangerously short-sighted.

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semuanya OK kot

Most of the propaganda, actions and changes so far on climate and environment are green-washing – generating more business and profit. Capitalism means growth at any cost.

Phua Kai Lit

“Common Dreams” website has excellent reporting on environmental issues.


NEW YORK (AP) — As Superstorm Sandy marched slowly inland, millions along the East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass transit, with huge swaths of the nation’s largest city unusually vacant and dark.
New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in the city and Long Island.
Read: Sandy leaves death, damp and darkness in wake

Gerakan K

Few reactions:

1) Again, don’t imagine the USA as your heaven. The USA has more natural disasters than us

2) LGE’s money money money money principles simply wrong if you look at his admin relations with developers vs people vs environment

3) Constant ‘debate with PM’ requests by the opposition, including LGE and Anwar, are again proved pointless if you look at the USA version

4) LGE’s no plastic bag campaign is superficial, cosmetic, and useless in tackling the environmental problem. It’s a burden for Penangites.


Natural disaster is the results of the world and our govt led by UMNO BN trying vigorously to industrialize without concern for the environment. One good example is the Lynas and Petrochemical to which UMNO BN is more concern on money money money and its money to their cronies pocket and ill health and environment damage to the people and country.


A little of LGE no plastic help in a big way to tackling the environment damage but Ah Cheap Kor Lynas & Petrochemical is astronomical not only in environment damage but also the health of the people. Debate help us to understand each other view and to rebut if one is wrong or right. Ah Cheap Kor would not dare to debate because he is afraid to let the truth be known. The pornstar and adulterer President after debating with LGE is so afraid to debate another time, its because the truth has come out that he and his sycophants… Read more »


Gerakan K: 4) LGE’s no plastic bag campaign is superficial, cosmetic, and useless in tackling the environmental problem. It’s a burden for Penangites. This I have to disagree with you. Plastic bags when thrown into the drains usually end up in the open sea or clog up the rivers. And they are easily mistaken by dolphins for jelly fish due to their translucent appearance, soft feel & tinted nature. Which is why some marine fishes are chocked to death by plastic bags. If not for this no plastic bag ‘inconvenience’, we would have fewer dolphins splashing happily in our sea… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

Humans tend to be short sighted in general..and not to forget, selfish. Talking about climate change and actually doing something about it isn’t profitable.


All islands should prepare for the worst case scenario: a rise in sea level of 15 – 30 ft should the polar ice caps totally collapse/melt due to massive earthquakes, shift of earth axis or nuke blasts/laser beam by belligerent nations. Already we are witnessing a rise of sea level though not at astronomical level yet. Tell me, why is Lebuh Mcnair (off Jalan Magazine) frequently flooded during high tides without an inch of rain? Not sinking of land, I supposed! Netherlands & Venice (of gondola fame) are still facing threats & problems of managing flood during weather crisis. All… Read more »

king kong

If one can becomed a millionaire by striking a lottery, why not the weather. What happen to US of A is once a generation event. Hot storm from south meets cold storm from North and couple with moon and sun in line with the earth and low depression over the area. So go and buy lottery.


I wouldn’t bet a lottery strike (for myself) than a weather freak out at any time, anywhere, anyhow.
But I would bet the next decade of living dangerously with food scarcity, water rivalry conflicts & change of earth’s magnetic field (due to earth’s erratic wobbling caused by shifting earth crusts, frequent earth quakes, volcanic eruptions & sun’s insane activity).
And my best bet of survival is in the Belum rainforest!
The lowest bet of being eaten by a Panthera tigris as I have yet to meet one face to face except in Facebook.
Any tigress?

king kong

We have the king kong movie years ago. But the Tarzan in the jungle so many moons and suns. It time for the resurrection of Taran in the jungle and his famous howling and his dear mate Jane. Watch for the Space – Coming Soon and Next Change