Folk singer-songwriter HeyMun releases new single ‘Youth’


Malaysian artiste HeyMun Tan, who won the folk/singer-songwriter category of the US-based 2013 Unsigned Only Music Competition, has come out with a new single based on her recent trip to New York.

HeyMun, whose hometown is Petaling Jaya, says:

I’ve just released my latest single “Youth” along with a music video based on footage from my New York trip. I also visited the US competition founders of Unsigned Only in Nashville.

This music video is like an insight, a way to share the adventure I’ve had with everyone who supported me so kindly in my musical journey. So I thought I’d share it with you and update you on that and on what has happened since the win.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy!


This was her winning song last year:

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Simon says

If only HeyMun has the same tone as Yuna she will get a lot of sponsorship from the interim authority ?
don’t think too far; i meant the tone of her voice lah 🙂
go figure it out.


Many Malaysians are elated when they see Yuna got featured on a certain American talk show. Somehow they failed to realise that it was her company who (may be) paying to get her featured in US shows or movie soundtrack. Things are not simple in the capitalist US where budding artists need to pay to get any TV appearance, unless you are the established superstars like Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ©. $$$ are paid to Oprah for her to endorse (advertise) products (books, CDs) in her talk show. Yuna should be brave enough to participate in singing shows in US. Just… Read more »