Financial crisis an ‘Inside Job’: Cannes film


The global financial crisis? We were set up by insiders, this revealing documentary proposes.

“You were robbed. There was a bank robbery. And the bank robbery wasn’t done by someone who came in with a gun, it was the bank president.” – Oscar-nominated filmmaker Charles Ferguson

Check out the background to the film on Indiewire here.

Have a look at one Malaysian firm’s role at the epi-centre of the crisis on Sarawak Report here.

And do you know that US CEOs that fired the most workers during the recession received the most take-home pay? Democracy Now reports that “according to the Institute for Policy Studies, the CEOs of the fifty corporations responsible for the worst layoffs were paid an average $12 million — 42 per cent more than the average for the Standard & Poor’s 500”.

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The whole financial system is skewed ultimately for the benefit of those who created it and their supporters. Watch this insightful ‘Money as Debt’ video and judge for yourself.

pala richie

The world is flat and the earth is square. Because it is flat and square, you don’t trust the CEO will act for social responsibilities, not even shareholder’s interest. Stephen Hawking predict the world is dooming, he reasons out greed had get into human DNA, they dominate people. Great power, great authority, greed greatly, it sets as example for others to follow. The sub-prime crisis, those experts knew that is not sustainable, they knew it would burst eventually. But then, it makes them hundreds of millions every year, whatever happened after that few golden years definitely not their problem anymore.… Read more »


All businesses are corrupt, the most corrupt are the ones dealing with money itself. These people play with others savings and think it’s their money. When they lose the investment, they still make money & bonuses. When their business go bust, they turn to the people’s money (tax) to save themselves, all in the name of saving the country’s economy and ‘they cannot be allowed to fail, or the nation will fail’. All govts are in cohorts with big banks in it. Mahathir went all out to save the cronies companies, Obama did it for their banks & car companies.… Read more »


This is good, that is why UMNO/BN engaged APCO.

Piece the thing together, why is EPF investing in property overseas.???

Phrase 1, “bartardisation of NEP”.

Phrase 2, goreng the GLCs’

Phrase 3, put your hands into the EPF coffers(?)


Besides the EPF, where contributors may probably be issued with Government bonds, there are still 400 billion plus lying in fixed deposits in commercial banks in Malaysia, belonging to ordinary Malaysians. These belong to the Ah Toos, Ahmads and Krishnans. That too is a prime target!


What about Amanah Saham Nasional? Or Amanah Saham 1Malaysia?

I heard the return is negligible?


It is legal but, immoral. Commercial entrepreneurs showing their ugly faces taking advantage of capitalism investments in a democratic system at the expense of the poor and helpless! The global financial crisis was expected but, these”jokers” have overstepped their greed…thus, causing the global financial difficulties!


This. There has to be something very wrong if so many people are suffering and lead such a poor quality of life while a few people make some huge amounts of cash.


Financial crisis? I called it Big Brothers in the acts. Soros is just one of the bigger culprits. Why do you think he promotes Open Society – for the good of global communities? My foot! In truth, he impatiently wants to get to the wealth of you and me and any country! He is the parasitic prophet in disguise preaching lies … to the undiscerning. Hypothetical? Conspiracy Theory? It’s your call. Same goes for Petrol, Food and Alternative Energy. Why do you think 1997 crisis came about. By the economic incompetencies of rising 3rd world nations, automatic bubble self-burst and… Read more »


Yes, Inside Job, just like Tun Mahathir claiming that 9/11 is also an Inside Job. Ha ha…

Gerakan K

Why listen to film makers ???

They are trustworthy-less people who want to make everything exaggerated, so it can be put on the cinema for your viewing pleasure !!!