Iranians protest in KL after Iran polls: More images


Here are more images from the Iranian protest outside the UN building in KL yesterday. The protest was held after Mahmoud Ahmadinejady was declared the winner in Iran’s presidential election held last Friday.

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Iran is a country that is facing the generation changeover. It has a regime that is rooted in the Shah removal – a political change. After 3 decades, the same regime is out of sync with population – where 70% are born after the revolution. So what happened when the top layer move in opposite direction with the bottom plate. The answer is tectonic shift. A convulsive and explosive reaction. This is a lesson Malaysia can learn. The motion between the governing regime and the people have started to go in different direction. It does not take a lot in… Read more »


This mass protest fuelled by rising mass unemployment and a yearning for democratic rights, especially amongst the youth – 60% of the Iranian population is under the age of thirty. The urban youth in particular are in revolt against the theocratic repression which they have suffered. An important feature of this movement have been the mobilisations of young women, demanding “equality”. At the same time, while the mass opposition in the cities has rallied to Mousavi, he is no defender of the working class and the poor. A former Prime Minister, his pro-capitalist programme is limited to reform of the… Read more »


matlamat tak menghalalkan cara..!!!!


Looking at the pics, they don’t look like the kind of Iranians who would want to go back and serve their country. They look like they would grab Australian or American citizenship anytime. So in a way, I don’t know why they are so concerned about the situation in Iran. Worst, they may be the minority of Iranian diaspora who still dream about reviving the tyranny of the Shah monarchy which was overthrown by the popular Ayatullah Khomeini. What is happening today in Iran shows democracy is well and alive, and political efficacy is very high as proven by the… Read more »