Fuziah: Pakatan will shut down Lynas plant if it wins power


Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh has confirmed that Pakatan will shut down Lynas Corporation’s rare earth refinery if the coalition captures federal power in the coming general election.

Fuziah, a PKR vice-president and member of the Pakatan leadership council, has the full mandate from Pakatan on this issue.

Asked whether her view was shared by other Pakatan leaders, she tweeted: “Both @anwaribrahim & nikaziz hv announced publicly” and then, “@anwaribrahim exact words wre, 2day we come in2 power, tomorrow we’ll stop t plant! RT @anilnetto: So it’s cnfirmd PR will shut dwn t plant?”


According to Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong, Pakatan’s stand on shutting down the plant if it comes to power is clear and has been repeated many times.

I had posed the question on Twitter yesterday after Suaram executive director Dr Kua Kia Soong wrote a statement published in Malaysiakini on 1 February asking Pakatan to state clearly its stand on Lynas.

Lynas Corporation chairperson Nick Curtis had earlier dismissed Fuziah’s view as “only one view within what would make up the political coalition against the government and said the main opposition PAS party supported the Lynas plant”.

A civil society activist in the Lynas campaign, however, told me that Pas has come out very strongly against the issue and he is confident of the party’s opposition to the plant. Moreover, at a 6 January fund-raising dinner organised by the Stop Lynas Coalition in Shah Alam, Pakatan was represented by Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Tan Seng Giaw and Azmin Ali.

It is therefore clear that Pakatan has taken a collective public stand to shut down the plant if it comes to power. Concerned Malaysians will hold the coalition to its word if it captures power in Putrajaya.

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I am a realist. I hope that the plant could be closed but what is more important to know is how will they close the plant ?

If PR has a plan I would like to hear it and at least I will be assured that it is something that they are able to do.


PR will face complications to shut it down once that poison plant is up and running. The BN is rushing to get it running with a temp license. Who knows what is up the bn sleeves nowadays. It is not just about Lynas , cows , PKFZ and submarines anymore. They are already robbing the EPF and pre approved a new health scheme scam. It is a scam when you have to pay 10% of your earnings to visit the same doctor on top of your regular tax and the future GST or VAT. Are the bn supporters still smiling… Read more »

Andrew I

Gherkin K is smiling till his teeth is dropping. My 1Care. He loves to pay, even for email.


I agree, I have a feeling that in all these lopesided / poison spewing projects, the agreement would include a clause that that it’s near impossible to stop them or rescind the agreement. Perhaps, compensation will cost the sky and earth, or perhaps a statement that the project can’t be stopped!

Phua Kai Lit

After this statement from Curtis, what remains of his credibility?


I am praying hard that PR will win, but the coalition must make itself cler – win Pahang or Putrjaya? I hope everyone will also pray hard that lynas can’t start op, miracles do happen, and that all malaysians and the environment will be saved. Otherwise, why have the hype about usuing plastic bags, etc? This can’t be worse than radiation and thorium pollution.


If that’s the case, then we need a miracle.


Please don’t just pray. Must also spread the word that this present Government is bankrupt of money and ideas. They just wanted to show that they attract investment but dirty and polluting investment that does not offer much opportunities for locals except as drivers, sweepers or cleaning the wastes. All high skill jobs are taken by out siders.


I am not a Pahangite but I will vote wisely to help Pahangites

Muar Boy

My blogger buddy nkkhoo.com will call this another pakatan’s empty promises.
However, i beg to differ as i believe “tionghua revolution” in johor will turn the tide because we don’t want a nuclear reactor to be set up in Johor should barang naik people still carry on.


Because of the strong support of people in Pahang for BN, they are rewarded with this Lynas plant.

So the people in Johor could well get the nuclear plant at the doorstep if they continue to be a fortress for BN in the next election. Be warned!