Australia is so huge – but Lynas chose Gebeng?


Australia is so huge and yet Lynas Corporation could not find anywhere suitable there and instead chose Gebeng, Kuantan for its rare earth refinery – and its waste.

Lynas, please explain to us again why you are not building your refinery in Australia. Tell us with a straight face, and we will try not to laugh (or cry).

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gerakan k,

go read chan chee khoon piece on thorium and lynas in themalaysianinsider.

hope it is not out of your depth.

Gerakan K

Dr Looi, Dr Che Rosli, Lynas and AELB vs ordinary Ah Chan ??? Just ignore that fool !!!


China, the world’s main exporter of rare earth is one good example of toxic development with experience.
Even their ‘experts’ on visit to Malaysia couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer to concerns of ill-health & cancerous toxics.
Gerakan K can read the subtitle:

Gerakan K

Why commenting on other people stupidity/inability ??? I don’t care if those Chinamen cannot provide satisfactory answers due to their own weaknesses.

What I care is there are group of real experts confirming the safety of Lynas. I will support Lynas unless there is other contradicted report by experts. Professor Ah Phua, prove me wrong by any means !!! Show me your report !!!

Phua Kai Lit

Hello Gerakan K

Aiyah, Gerakan K.
I already told you the pro-Lynas guys have the report. Ask Nick Tsurikov for it-lah.

It is up to YB Fuziah Salleh to decide whether YOU can get it directly from us or not. (If Anil wants to see this confidential report — I have to mention that it is quite technical in nature — he can ask for it from me anytime)


GK, why you still bury you head in Lynas soil just like your Political Eunuch / Mentor / Ostrich / Boh Lan Hoot?
Get it from Phua lah!
Boh Hoot ah?

Gerakan K

Another September 16 tactic. We have the number (the MPs). But we can’t change the government. Sigh ~ Tipu

And now, we have the report. But we won’t show it. It’s too DEEP. Anil and rest of us can’t possible understand it. What a joke is that ??? Sigh ~ Lagi mau tipu ~


Desperate measures of Lynas defence b’cos of big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at stake, waiting to change fortunes & destinies before GE13?
We need no grand report on this apparent uneasiness. The truth will be seen in the ballot boxes of truth. But we will make DAMN sure every clean vote comes from a genuine Malaysian, not a Bangla or an Indon or a phantom of already dead person!

Joshua Ong


Four times cheaper to build in Gebeng. That’s why. Plus, tax holidays!


ARE to dig out all the thorium and bury them at Gerakan K house.At least, the radiation will clear up his brains, if there is any.

(a certain man) will deny he abusde ISA to shut the protest and allow the people of Tanah Merah to be exposed to radioactive materials.

on second thoughts, let the thorium be buried under the many mansions owned (by him) and his family. Afterall, according to (him), its safe.

Spencer Tracy

It’s so simple. Because one speaks Chinese in Malaysia and not in Australia !
A tower of Babel phenomenon again.

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Gerakan K

Penang Gerakan is opposing the Lynas project
(hats off to them in this case for their political non-partisanship)

You still pro-Lynas ?

Kesihatan dan kebajikan orang ramai mesti di dahulukan

Andrew I

He’s not sure where he stands. Think it’s to do with all the different personalities playing musical chairs between the keyboard and the chair.

Gerakan K

There is only ONE ultimate leader in BN.

In 1Malaysia PM Najib we TRUST !!!

In 1Malaysia PM Najib’s blue ocean strategies we TRUST !!!

In 1Malaysia we TRUST !!! Thankyou ~

p/s: Professor Ah Phua, where is your Lynas report. Don’t simpan lama-lamalah. Nanti ada semut putih makan. Show to the world that Lynas itu BAHAYA. Otherwise just diam-diamlah ~

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Gerakan K

1. Pro-Lynas people already have a copy of the report-lah. They even mentioned the company name of the Australia-based consultant.

2. I suggest you contact your Penang Gerakan folks to ask THEM why they think the plant is dangerous.
You have much more faith in your Penang Gerakan people than in academicians like me, right?


Phua Kai Lit


Where there are toxic-money to be made, that’s where his faith lies. Even after the fact of incriminating reports done in honesty.
Such thwarted minds are dangerous minds toxic to innocent-minded orang kampung.

Gerakan K

Send the report to anil and let anil publish it without fear and favour. Apa macam ???


Of course Lynas can find a suitable location for its wastes and radioactive materials, the problem is it can not get the approval from the government agency, no permit is issued for the facility due to the danger it will cause to the environment and the residents.

tonny wong

It’s obvious something wrong hidden from the surface. What makes you think Malaysia government allow this plant to be built at Gebeng? And still with 10 or 12 years tax exemption? How could this be beneficial to the people? With a few hundreds of jobs created?

Australian government is not stupid. They know how dangerous is this stuff! Bur yet our government says they are safe.

Gerakan K

Why make Lynas so important ??? It is just a political drama by pakatan in Pahang. Even the so-called REAL NUCLEAR CRISIS in Fukushima Japan nuclear power plant, there are sushi as usual in Japan. I still buy imported seafoods from Japan. Sony still producing my favourite ps3 game console. Japanese AV idols still working hard for next awarding winning shows. Pakatan fanboys look stupid in Lynas case. And this stupidity will be adequately dealt in next GE. Just like Kg Buah Pala case in Penang, illegal beer ban case in Selangor, pig abattoir case in Kedah, LGE debate with… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

😆 ‘1’ najib day !!! methink this GILAkan will walk upside down … 🙄 this is what weeee call ‘shock shock tay’ @ siow-siow’ gone case with serious contamination!!! hehehehehehehehehe 😆

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆


For once, i have to agree that it was najib’s & umno ‘s worldwide well known reputation. Undisputed Corrupted Reputation …. If Lynas operates on Australian’s soil, they would have to pay for social responsibilities, environment care and no way out of taking responsibilities. Even if Lynas agrees to undertake all of those, they still can’t get a license in Australia. Under umno’s and najib’s undisputed reputation, businesses are done the other way round. How else to explain as to how Lynas obtained a license , long 12 years tax exemption and had been building the plant quietly before everything… Read more »

Pala Richie

Mahathir did applied that rare-earth, blue ocean strategist in him, in Bkt Merah, didn’t him? what happened? 12 years tax holiday for Lynas, tons of waste with long term radioactive risk for M’sian. Gerakan K put it as win-win, that is trading a sack of rice with a single potato. Most of us don’t know much about rare-earth, Lynas, radioactive of its waste. After what transpired in bkt merah then, and the abuses of process now, the media self controlled, we have suffered public confidence deficiency syndrome. We want investment, we want jobs, but we are not confident this government,… Read more »

Gerakan K

What betrayal ??? Where is your idol Anwar then ??? Bukitt Merah is non issue. People still pick BN as their BEST government since independence.

Nowadays tech is better and safer than ever. Don’t worry be happy. Enjoy your fresh teh tarik now ~

Pala Richie

//What betrayal ???// Bkt Merah, it takes the Japs., the international communitis to say no, themselves, maybe they could not stomach it anymore, seeing what the community has gone thru. Our M’sia gov then are all for ARE. I think, it would take a French court to shed some lights on what actually happened to Altantuya and submarine. I think, beg to Australia, their people rather than M’sian, we get better chance to kill the Lynasour. I think, Bkt Merah is an issue, Lynas will be an issue, THE issue, however, is the betrayal of M’sian to other M’sian. Maybe… Read more »


B’cos Altantuya-Yellow Submarine issue can be swept under the waves and sunk-hidden to the bottomless pit of Blue Ocean.
GK needs enlightenment on this particular Blue Ocean strategy which has nothing to do with international economics & competitive strategy.

Andrew I

What’s the matter Gherky? Cat caught your tongue?


Yes, Ghekin Bikin tak serupa cakap


Oz is so huge but Lynas choose Gebeng, why?

The answer is because Lynas cannot get a licence from their own government as radioactive waste is unsafe to humans whereas 1Care
Malaysia can be easily “kautim”.

Why BN government can be easily kautim?

The answer is sama sama dengan lembu punya business, submarine punya business, and bling bling punya business…

… why BN government is all the way for LYNAS, why not OneCare government just abandon the project ???


“… why BN government is all the way for LYNAS, why not OneCare government just abandon the project ??? ”

This would be a funny reply if it is not so serious: Because Lynas will create tons of customers for OneCare medical insurance and hospital supplies cronies.


“Tell us with a straight face”, you say, Anil?

Well, the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister told the Dewan Rakyat (I’d assume with a straight face):

“Malaysia was chosen by Lynas Corporation as the location for its rare-earth processing plant due to the country’s competitiveness and not because of environmental concerns raised by the Australian government…”

Lynas chose Malaysia due to competitiveness: Ongkili

I did not laugh, nor did I cry, at that. It reaffrimed my resolve to do my part to vote BN out come GE13.


And that 12 years tax break and incentives will go into (whose) pockets. Wow how much would that be ???


We are very ‘competitive’ for toxic industries, that’s what Lynas is trying to say screwed-face Aussie Kangaroo style but with a … you don’t see but behind Wala Wala bushes!
Still dancing in joy of competitiveness?

Kaki Pulau

Australian aboriginal peoples are some of the most beautiful in the world but they are still struggling against race discrimination, for equality as human beings. It is not they whom the Aussie gov. is protecting, it is the money making mining corporations who mutilate the land and violate the ancient and traditional rights of the aboriginal peoples. They are treated by their government in very much the same way as our ‘Orang Asli’ people are treated by UMNO and the BN regime here. Less than second class citizens let alone ‘bumiputra’. So companies like Lynas should stop mining rare-earth and… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

😳 This 👿 Gilakan & its bossy should stay in Gebeng Lynas factory permanently if they like it so DIRTY LYNAS $$$$$ @%$%^&*(O 😳

Fred Yong

The sad story of Bukit Merah tragedy:

Fred Yong

A lesson from the tragedy of Bukit Merah:


This should get every Malaysian back on track and into thinking mode! If it does not, I really don’t know what else will.

Pahangites wake up!!! This son of Pahangite Tun Razak is … deceitful and he cheapens human life. He cares not for you, me or any of our countrymen and his own interest comes first, and you still want him around?

Together let’s put him out to pasture! Let’s send him down the chute of DOOM! Reject UMNO/BN!

Gerakan K

Why in Malaysia ??? Because of world class blue ocean strategist in my 1Malaysia PM Najib. Tahniah !!!

Why in BN state ??? Because of world class state admin in YAB Menteri Besar Pahang Dato Seri Adnan Yakub. Tahniah !!!

Other less important reasons: tax exemption for many years, cheaper power cost, cheaper water cost, cheaper labour cost, cheaper land cost, cheaper construction cost.

Lynas picks Malaysia and Pahang because of 1Malaysia PM Najib worldwide reputation, excellent state admin in MB Adnan Yakub and cheaper operating cost.

Lynas is a win win for Lynas and Malaysians. Thankyou.

Andrew I

If Lynas’ reasons are the same as yours, it’s better that they set up a sewage plant. Their expertise seems to lie there.

Pala Richie

“Tell us with a straight face, and we will try not to laugh”

Mr Lynas spokesman, see in the mirror if your face straight? people are laughing at you…

Don’t know about your face, but your mind is definately warped.

Gerakan K

Follow anil guideline, no personal attack please. Focus on the comment not the commentator

Andrew I

There are always exceptions to the rule. You should take as good as you give.

Pala Richie

Take it easy! Gerakan K, I like you here.

I agree, Anil’s blog, Anil’s rules. Anil did say “straight face and no laugh”, did he not?

Oh!, my appology… I did say your mind is warped, Anil did not ask for that.

Sorry la! bro.. sometimes we just missed one or two.

Sze Tho

Grow up. With the kind if drivel you’ve been writing, they are being extremely kind to you. If you can’t take the jibes, perhaps crawling back under your rock would help.

Gerakan K

Respect the host and follow the rules.

Andrew I

If you respected the host, you wouldn’t be posting the crap that you do.

Stop your brown nosing here.

Gerakan K

Crap ??? Your mileage may vary. For many people, you, anil and others are just a victim of pakatan syndrome.

Kaki Pulau

If the commentator talks absolute garbage, what can you expect? May be the garbage collectors have not come round to collect your garbage yet. Stop throwing it around. It stinks. Comprendez?


Gilakan, Why in Malaysia. Because gilakan for money for their AMMO and Barang Naik cronies

Lynas picks Malaysia and Pahang because of 1Malaysia PM Najib worldwide reputation such as (his administration’s link to) scorpene, cow gate and altuntya. Its easy to get permit from such … people

Gerakan K

Another great reason as pointed by you. Malaysia is a pro-business nation under excellent BN administration. Brother, it is blue ocean strategy.

Andrew I

Great reason? Do you actually bother to read the comment before replying or do you just simply make up a sentence?


Broiler-Brother, read Blue Ocean Strategy one more time. I guess you haven’t read a page yet! Two of 10 key points of BOS: 1) The three key conceptual building blocks of BOS are: value innovation, tipping point leadership, and fair process. Lynas does not result from any of these. But is in fact an exact opposite. 2) The aim of BOS is not to out-perform the competition in the existing industry, but to create new market space or a blue ocean, thereby making the competition irrelevant. Malaysia is not in favor of ‘deep-ocean s…’ environment disaster. Neither is it in… Read more »


what happened to Gerakan’s “Opposition within the government” pledge?

Phua Kai Lit

Lynas chose Gebeng because Malaysia is willing to act as
“tong sampah” for the huge amounts of wastes the project will be generating.

Gerakan K

Where is your Lynas report ??? The other experts already confirmed that Lynas is SAFE.

Andrew I

Thought you don’t believe in experts. What are their qualifications?


Why don’t you open a sundry shop there. Cannot afford to employ an Indon retail manager? Work yourself on-site and breathe in the blue ocean ‘tong sampah goodness’ of Lynas until you too becomes irrelevant.
Cannot afford medical treatment?
Go donate blood to GH 41 times and above to qualify for free treatment and 2nd class recuperation. Which means 10 years of consistent blood donation while exposing yourself to Lynas toxic by which end-time you can truly enjoy free GH benefits. That’s my brotherly advice in advance on how to save on medic treatment since you so loved Lynas!


Gerakan K,

Why don’t you ask Lynas to build next to your house?

Fred Yong

Blogger nkkhoo will be very proud of Gelakan K, as both of them are pro-Lynas.


Kalakan K

Where is your mate Ah Soon khor. Comment so much about penang but dead silent on this matter.

Mike Lkopio

Gee…some people just don’t have the slightest sense of shame…
What has this world become ?

Kaki Pulau

May be you would like to move to Gebeng into a new condo near the RE Lynas processing plant. You will certainly be very happy to find out how much benefit you will get being near to your precious 1Malaysia PM Najib’s great project to fill the pockets and bank accounts of (certain people)in Malaysia and Australia. You will in time know whether you can eat metal coins and plastic notes or gold bars with a huge helping of thorium and other radioactive ingredients in your artificial banquet. Bon appetite!


Gerakan K is getting censored by the other users here. Which made me curious to read the censored comment. Alas, I was disappointed. At first I really thought Gerakan K was being ironical, sarcastic, and tongue-in-cheek. It was not until more than half way that I realized Gerakan K was taking himself seriously. Even if Lynas has merit, wouldn’t this kind of advertising tone make your other comments not credible?


Lynas with its financial might could build this rare earth plant anywhere if it wants ,,,,,,,,,,but why chose GEBENG KUANTAN ???? Lynas didnt choose GEBENG ,,,,,,,,,,,,its GEBENG that lured Lynas here ,,,,,,,,,,with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ filling in the pockets of its promoters … !

… BN has to ensure AT ALL COSTS,,,,,,,,,,Lynas is here to stay ,,,,,,,,,,otherwise LYNAS will spill the wastes on BN !

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥



Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥