Riot police fire tear gas as 1,000 Iranians protest in KL


Photos by Rakyat@work. View his blog here.

1814: The crowd of protestors swelled to a thousand. Riot police fired rounds of tear gas, but, according to another eye-witness behind police ranks, some of the fumes gusted back to the police as well. Either the shots were fired too low or the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, he said.

Stung by the fumes, the protesters, many of them bearing placards with messages such as “Ahmadi get out” and “Stop coup d’etat in Iran”, have dispersed; others have re-grouped along Jalan U Thant.

The cops are looking a little more relaxed now.

1717: The only shouts are from the police to the demonstrators, telling them not to display their placards. The crowd appears very organised, according to Rakyat@work at the scene.

1708: About 60 FRU personnel are at the scene now.

1655: Some 400 Iranians are now protesting at the UN Building in Damansara in KL now. More are arriving. They are now locked in a standoff with FRU personnel at the scene.

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Well, what do you expect them to do? Most of them voted anyways through their overseas ballot system. And I believe that most of them voted for that Moussavi chap, the reformer who wants to change the course of his country, to run the government differently and do all kinds of stuff that Ahmadinejad and his lot aren’t exactly happy about. I doubt this will be another revolution like back in 79, the hardliners will crackdown and the students will retreat, bruised and scared. The ruling hardliners have got too much to lose and they will use whatever means available… Read more »

robin hood

This is ridiculous. For this one time, I fully support the actions of the polis raja di bolehland…

These stupid Iranians do not have a right to protest in this country of ours. They can do it in the middle of the pacific ocean or on top of mount Everest for all I care.

What if some disgruntled nationalities from another country start doing their thing here and followed by another and so on.And then, when will it all end?

I don’t think I like to live in a place called protestland or demonstrationland , no, thank you.


Wow..interesting.. wonder if its for real or ‘US sponsored’ if we believe the media coverage on US favourites though Daniel Pipes want Ahmadinejad cos he needs an enemy. Its great that anybody can protest in Malaysia and police can respect that freedom without beating up people. Gosh do we have so many Iranians? And Shiism is frowned upon by our Muslim guardians of morality.

Andrew I

Iranians are of Aryan stock. Hitler gave their country a miss during the second world war.

A student revolution brought down the Shah in the early eighties. Here’s another one now.

lee wee tak

Wah FRU gone international now.

maybe we can use PDRM to earn foreign exchange, our expert in dealing with protesters

they can be sent to Tiananmen, Hyde Park, downtown Seoul, Taiwan Parliament, Bangkok, Makati District in Manila, annual bra-burning reminiscent gathering, Green Peace powwow, Anti G-7 meeting, AC Milan vs Inter Milan match day etc

true malaysians

see what foreigners can do at our country…


Supporters of MR.Jab or Mr. MOB?