If a UN Special Rapporteur can be humiliated…


If a United Nations Special Rapporteur from the United States can be humiliated this way, what hope do the suffering citizens of Gaza, which now resembles a vast open-air prison camp, have?

This report from The Guardian:

My expulsion from Israel

When I arrived in Israel as a UN representative I knew there might be problems at the airport. And there were

by Richard Falk

On December 14, I arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, Israel to carry out my UN role as special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories.

I was leading a mission that had intended to visit the West Bank and Gaza to prepare a report on Israel’s compliance with human rights standards and international humanitarian law. Meetings had been scheduled on an hourly basis during the six days, starting with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, the following day.

I knew that there might be problems at the airport. Israel had strongly opposed my appointment a few months earlier and its foreign ministry had issued a statement that it would bar my entry if I came to Israel in my capacity as a UN representative. Full article here.

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23 Dec 2008 12.02pm

Myblog, not just the jews, the chinese too.
Look, even the melamine scandal, no sanction imposed on them
Don’t forget all the other human rights issues like tibet.

Amazing how many babies died due to melamine issue

chauncey gardener
chauncey gardener
23 Dec 2008 10.46am

Yes, the Israelis are definitely not angels.

Mr Falk is also not immune from controversy and likely not to be neutral given his past views on the Israel-Palestine conflict http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Falk#Controversial_positions_and_statements

That is not to say that the Israeli action should be condoned, of course.

23 Dec 2008 9.32am

This appalling, The Jews have abused every basic tenant of human rights and the world especially USA and UK/EU is letting them get away with it

And the rest of the world is so unconcerned that the Palestinian conflict remain unresolved although it is a very solvable conflight is Israel had genuine intentions to hand over Palestine to the Palestinians.

It is so clear yet people just dont want to see it for what it is

23 Dec 2008 7.40am

Don’t look so far, our own Param Cumarasamy too had to go through lots of hardships and was never given the proper respect he deserved.

Somehow, we do not know how to appreciate intelligence and brilliance.

23 Dec 2008 5.44am


Are there any real differences between the three parties in Israel?