US army widow confronts Rumsfeld


The widow of a US military personnel who committed suicide after seven tours of duty in West Asia has confronted former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, “whose lies led my husband to join the military, and so many other soldiers”.

Ashley Joppa-Hagemann handed Rumsfeld a copy of her husband’s funeral programme in Washington state, where Rumsfeld was attending a book signing. She was quickly bundled away by security personnel.

Democracy Now
interviews Joppa-Hagemann.

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My condolence to the family of Bernama TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor who was killed in Somalia shooting.

I wonder who should his widow confront?


Many are asking why bullet proof vest is not provided.

1 Putera Malaysia fellows should watch ‘Black Hawk Down’ as orientation before disembarking for the war-torn and warlord-controled Somalia, even if it is an Islamic country.


The truth will be revealed of the true motives of the Iraqi Invasion #2 tied to the 911 Terrorism of the 21st century. Conspiracy theories abound and religious siding feverish of who is actually the devil of this carnage of unbelievable proportion. My one conviction is this: Oil is life to Industry America, weapon to Middle East propaganda. The others are just ‘willing/paid players’ in a ‘global wayang’ for show regardless of many innocent lives lost on both sides of the equation. Religions are hijacked for the simple fact that men are more ultra-religious and violent-prone when threatened by others… Read more »


Shame on US. They need to emulate our perajurit and polis (Bkt Kepong)who are willing to sacrifice for the nation. So much so that they are still being sanjung after all these years.


This previous defence secretary was just a lying … in the Bush … administration. Oil was their sole interest and they needed to lie to the world of Saddam Husein WMD. Bush took America to war on that solid lie! Thousand of innocent lives were lost in Iraq on account of this conservative money hungry lot….

Ong Eu Soon

…. I expect Anil to censor this comment.