Iraq Occupation: What has it accomplished?


What has the US-led Invasion and Occupation of Iraq really achieved? What have the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American troops really accomplished?

If you ask me, a lot of people made a lot of money out of this military adventure – that’s what it has accomplished. Yes, war is all about Big Business for a few: the oil price rockets up, military budgets are pumped up, weapons sales soar, strategic oil pipelines are laid, funds for dubious “reconstruction” are siphoned off and a few favoured corporations reap huge profits for their well-connected share-holders.

Leila Fadel of McClatchy reports:

I couldn’t understand what thousands of American soldiers had died for and why hundreds of thousands of Iraqis had been killed. I didn’t see a budding democracy in an Iraqi government that was more like Saddam Hussein’s every day. I didn’t see a land long divided by sect, ethnicity, tribe and class beginning to grow into a united nation.

Full story here.

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2 Nov 2009 2.43pm

They hanged a lot of Japanese and German war criminals after WW2. Most American war criminals don’t even spend time in jail!

1 Nov 2009 2.41pm

The BBC made a nice documentary a few years ago which blamed shoring up hierarchies for these things, rather than just the economy. If you get a chance to watch it, it’s called “The Power of Nightmares” and is in 3 parts. I think it’s well worth a watch. I suspect the Iraq occupation has probably achieved a great deal of what it is intended to. I don’t want to speak for the USians, but it seems to me that UK governments – whenever their popularity is waning – have a habit of sending our young people to stand somewhere… Read more »

1 Nov 2009 10.42am

George Bush should be, together with Tony Blair and John Howard, indicted for illegally invading Iraq and causing all the deaths and sufferings in that miserable country. If Charles Taylor and Slobodan Milosevic can be detained and made to answer for their crimes in an International Court of Justice, why can’t these three? If the UN stands for impartial human rights for all, then it must be seen to be doing so, irrespective of how powerful or weak the countries from which an accused war criminal may come.

31 Oct 2009 10.51pm

There is more to it than meets the eye, even the 9/11 incident looks so artificial. Let me send you a video clip and the evidence presented, as to show that US needed an excuse to move into Iraq. It was more of “Weapons of Mass Deception” rather than “Destruction”

31 Oct 2009 8.43pm

It is all about oil and power, and of course, controlling economy of the world. Iraq has the second largest proven oil reserves in the world, after Saudi. Saudi Arabia, formerly known as Arabia is ruled by the Al-Saud family, and they are no very popular. They were put out there by the Brits, Europeans and US after WWII. US is afraid that the puppets would be overthrown just like Iran or China (who thrown out the manchu outsiders). This would cause them to loose their oil supply, probably to China/ Russia. US/Canada (ie North AMerica)has huge oil reserves too… Read more »

31 Oct 2009 5.26pm

I can only say


31 Oct 2009 5.07pm

A UK-based organisation has already said more than a million Iraqi civilians have died. This was about 2 or 3 years ago. It was plainly evident that the Bush admin had deceived and engineered their way into this war. But lately, thanks to Antares’ posting,, the bigger picture has started to emerge for me… that even the Afghan war was on the agenda of the neocons even before Bush took office! 9/11 was the pretext! The recent signing of the oil pipeline agreement in Afghanistan was just one culmination of what the industrial-military complex had been hankering for. For… Read more »