Scottish uni to set up campus in Putrajaya?


A leading Scottish university in the field of science and technology is inching closer to setting up a campus in Putrajaya by 2014.

The tertiary institution, also known for its business and engineering programmes, has been chosen as the “preferred university” to set up the campus. Final contractual negotiations and approvals could be concluded by the end of this year.

If all goes well, it will be the university’s first campus in East Asia.

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Foreign universities are desperate for funding, so they come to operate here? The European economic crisis is accelerating the trend!


So are the recalcitrant immigration (culprits)…
With the wayang MACC tangkap of these ‘suspected’… business had been ‘bad’ these days.
To encourage more ‘students’ to come here for ‘whatever purpose’ visa is rare cash-flow rainbow from the sky…

Richie Hee

We have seen many ‘Nigerian Scams’ operated by those African ‘students’ here. The authority however, never penalise those institution having those so-called ‘students’ who never even attend a lecture after obtaining study visa. (Could it) be an inside job to get those crooks in(?) Our immigration control has failed here.


With foreign universities here, no need for government to send scholarship holders overseas. this can save cost. BN ministers must set example by enroling their kids locally. Also, halal food is not readiy available overseas, and our students had been eating non-halal food while studying overseas.


Scottish university? For science and technology? In putrajaya?

LOL, tell me that Umno politickus are not going squeeze their head in it with some “literature position” inside.


Ok to have universities setting up shop here but our immigration must really ensure that those foreign students coming in are not doing those illegal side-business (at KTV lounge as GROs)!


well, we shall have all flavors of nationalities to choose from as student visas is a means to get GRO machinery in action, knowing $ can push thru many barriers… in Bolehland !

Andrew I

Johns Hopkins, Nottingham…hey Gherkin, when are you enrolling?

Kenneth Raphael Chai

Haha thanks for the info. I came all the way here for a masters and now theyre coming to Malaysia.

Kenneth Raphael Chai

Is it Edinburgh Napier University?