Scottish referendum: 55 per cent say ‘No’ to independence


With 31 of 32 councils declared, the ‘No to independence’ for Scotland side appears to have won by 55:45 in Scotland’s referendum despite the people of Glasgow voting ‘Yes’ (53.5 per cent).

For latest results, check out the Guardian’s live blog.

Perhaps it was the last-minute decision to devolve more powers over taxation (tax band rates may be allowed to vary by up to 15 per cent) and welfare benefits that swayed some voters into remaining with the union. All the three main UK parties need to agree on the details and that might be easier said than done.

It is worth noting that six newpapers in northern England, published by three different firms, have united to call for a fair deal from Westminster for areas such as Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Middlesbrough and Darlington.

But critical bloggers like Glasgow’s John Hilley have described the eleventh-hour carrot of devolution for Scotland as “cynical and illusory”.

Some on the ‘Yes’ side had wanted to create “a newly-inspired community of people, one that rejects austerity, banishes poverty, secures our NHS and truly cares for others. It can be a community that earnestly cherishes our environment, and allows us to rid our beautiful landscape of those appalling nuclear weapons.”

It remains to be seen if Westminster can fulfil some of these aspirations for all the talk of ‘reconciliation’ and devolution after the vote.

But limited devolution, the type promised by Westminster at least, may not be enough in the long run to address broader concerns over the prevailing “sovereignty of corporate power, the nightmare of neoliberalism, the degradation of our planet, the mind-twisting propaganda of our elite-serving media”, writes John.

Like elsewhere in the world, these forces have shackled the minds of ordinary people and held them back from creating a more empowering, holistic and fulfilling model of human development.

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We cant deny lky’s intelligence. He is brilliant but i detest his way of treating his opponents. I DO NOT like him as a person.


When your opponent are syed akbar type. How?


Loose74, good to see you but was his opponent that type? You sure ?


Singapore must be laughing, they didn’t even have to fight for their independent. It was given to them on a golden platter, the one person that must be kicking himself and all the schmucks for acting on that. Otherwise he would have easily become the richest man in the world and stayed on as PM until now !


Charles : You are wrong, Singapore did not get their independence on a platter. They have to fight for it and nearly did not get it if not for the British and Tunku. Remember the riot and read the biography LKY and how he has to be shrewd in dealing with the Malaysia authorities especially the army chief.

Ed G

LKY wept on TV after successfully ‘achieving’ the so-called ‘hard fought’ independence for Sg. Must had been rejoicing to the point where he could not control his tears.


For once, ah nar is right, please read the memo of lky. Sg is what it is today because lky is brilliant, cant deny, dr m cant even smell lee’s … !!!

(In my opinion) Dr m is gifted in evil and wickedness, and nothing else


And he also use the ISA and sedition act to lock up the opposition is it not. He also stifled the press is it not. Why double standard !!!


Look like it will be no to independence and it may be no to PKR DAP in Selangor and Yes to PAS


Sorry, supercurry, i cant help but to say what a stupid comparison, what has the independence of scotland to do with the appointment of selangor mb???

Malaysia practises constitutional monarchy …

Now, the palace said it has sent out invitation but dont know who is the MB yet the palace will appoint ???

A wonderfoooooool malaysia !!! Cry malaysia cry, kenapa nasib mu jadi begini, O Tuhan ku tolong !!!


Why get so emotional. Are you so afraid of the contrary. Only you who is so bodoh will think it is a comparison. You see you are just like a baby that keep crying that is unable to stand up. Just telling the fact that the people of Scotland has stand up to say no and here … (it may be a ) no to PKR & DAP Azizah or their candidates. On the other hand the Yes decision “`may“` go to a PAS adun. Do you understand the word “May“ which possibility or probability and it has already send… Read more »


Supercurry, who is being emotional here ???

A British friend said, the thinking folks voted for NO independence but the brain dead voted otherwise because the latter cant think.

In scotland, the majority wins, NO to independence while in kk land minority rules and ruins the country, thanks to the 47% and now plus one bodoh bodoh.

Cry malaysia cry, cry for the bodoh bodoh to wake up !!!


Why don`t you tell that to the American. Al Gore more votes than Bush but Bush get the Presidency. So the American are also bodoh as well. Frankly you are just plain stupid but ignorant. Our system come from Westminster that also during the past also has such scenarios of the minority winning the govt. Wow the American and British are also bodoh. Yes agreed the Pakatoon are smart. with DAP and PKR smart and outsmarted by PAS who may get the MB post and mark my word, Maybe Khalid may continue until the end of the term. Azizah and… Read more »