Missing in action? (updated)


Update (18 June): The CEO of US-based public relations agency 5WPR, Ross Torossian, issued the following emailed statement:

Clearly all of the American media reports regarding Maira Nazarbayev have been completely inaccurate.

“The young man Khanbolat Nazarbayev, the 10-year old son of Bolat and Maira is enrolled in a posh private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a very close distance from the couple’s Plaza Hotel residence. The young man lives in New York City and will continue to attend York Prepatory Academy. It is unfortunate that this private family matter has been manipulated and exploited by parties with political interests. The family expects to be able to resolve this matter amicably in the best interest of their children. Daniyar Nazarbayev remains enrolled in the famed Sandhurst Military College,” said Ronn Torossian, spokesperson for the Nazarbayev family.

(Media had reported that Daniyar lived in the apartment when in fact the 10 year old son of Bolat and Maira lives with his parents – as can be verified with the attached document which shows Khanbolat school enrollment.)

Update (15 June): Meanwhile, Daniyar’s mother, Maira, has denied the media allegations. See New York Post report here.

12 June:

Court papers had reportedly alleged that Daniyar Nazarbayev, the step-nephew of Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayev, conned his way into Columbia University in New York, the Washington-based United Press International has reported.

Citing the New York Post, the UPI report can be found here here.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail of the UK has a few interesting photos of the personalities involved.

And check out this 10-year-old’s birthday party, as reported in the Luxury Travel Magazine.

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Daniyar and Maira are certainly good name for the two pandas at Bolehland.


I remembered reading about this incident of years past.


Seems rather obsessed with wanting to go to an Ivy League school at all costs ..


Aiyo, In the report on the 10 year old birthday celebration


we see the reference again to “First Lady of Malaysia” and here she is toasting a brash 10-year old!! This has to be stopped. It is not funny anymore. She is bringing shame to Malaysia.


Probably he’s enjoying life in our luxurious 1st Family mansion in Putrajaya and guarded by our Police just in case Interpol or CIA drop in for a chat. Are we taxpayers paying for this “communist” (his relatives are) pleasure? Where”s Tun Haniff and Perkasa when we need them to check on communists?


Like Scorpene 1 billion, Like Kazakh 20 million
Like father like son
Like father in law, like son in law


Najib is competing with Pak Lah for a more infamous son-in-law? Anyway, Najib can offer him asylum in Bolehland, with special branch bodyguards 24/7. Daily Mail: Nazarbayev’s American adventure is a tale that puts to shame even the mighty Borat, the fictional Kazakh TV producer who lampooned the former Soviet republic on screen in 2006. While at Columbia, he used his good looks to woo Nooryana Najwa, the daughter of Malaysia’s prime minister. Bolat (his Kazakh stepfather) claims tasked Daniyar with finding a luxury apartment in New York for him and gave his stepson power of attorney in 2008 so… Read more »


There is similarity all over – the boy tasked to buy a very high end property but diverted the asset to himself, through mummy ! All of this resonaes with Msians no doubt when a grant for RM$250 was given for NFC to operate feedlot, Dr.Salleh and family go on a buying spree buying up real estate in KL, S’pore and Kazakhstan !!! Off topic but when is MACC going to investigate, and with findings, get Dr.Salah, Sharizat and family to return all properties purchased to rightful owners re- M’sian public. At last count, Dr.Salleh paid himself RM$100,000/month, No1 son… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆


Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

Andrew I

Poor Gherkin, people just won’t give your 1PM a break.

Angry and Fed Up

It’s karma


I thought the interesting part is that they can’t find in searching in 5 countries. Najib does not know where his future son-in-law is up to given he has the Special Branch working for him?

Ahmad Sobri

Daniyar Nazarbayev can conned his step father of his US20m properties, can conned Columbia University in New York, but, I feel most hurt for the way he conned Nooryana Nazwa!

Hope she is able to cope!

And Mr. Anilnetto, are you sure readers can access your reports from the Daily Mail? I cannot, and this is for your information.

Thank you and have a nice day, Mr. Anil and Selamatkan Malaysia!