Live – Anwar, RPK in London


2030: Anwar, Tunku Abdul Aziz and RPK are speaking in London right now. The video streaming, however, might not be that smooth.

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Anil, is this on YouTube or elsewhere? Missed the live webcast & reports on the talk is rather brief.


UMNO/BN is the greatest hypocrites in planet earth. Who gave the gambling license to the Turf Club, Genting and all those numbers betting outlets? DAP? PAS? PKR?

UMNO never changed, it will continue lying… you all have no reasons to believe UMNO/BN. Remember the recent judi bola sepak fiasco? If not for PAS, PKR, DAP today we will see our children betting on football….

UMNO can continue speaking untruths but Rakyat kini sudah paham. Ganyang UMNO/BN in PRU 13! Masanya sudah tiba Rakyat Malaysia, bangkit bersama sama, tukar kerajaan Pusat in PRU 13! Selamatkan Malaysia!


I couldn’t watch that – audio was too broken up. I think some other streaming sites allow viewers to reduce video bandwidth in favour of audio, don’t they?