Has France gone bankrupt?


The country’s employment minister has said the country is “totally bankrupt” – but later backtracked saying it was a joke. But was it really?

Is the Euro project going to unravel even more?

Will they even think of cutting military spending? I mean, what is the French military doing in north Africa? Why not the United Nations?

France’s gross government debt as a percentage of GDP is over 90 per cent. But there are some who believe the real figure could be much higher. (See here.)

(By comparison, Malaysia’s central government debt to GDP ratio is 53 per cent.)

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1 Feb 2013 9.57am

I am more concern about the wastage and corruption that is inflicting our nation with huge debt that will bring us to bankrupsy. Fear not for France, I but fear for BN.

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
31 Jan 2013 12.56pm

In Britain, Lord David Hesseltine who produced a report for the government on the way forward for the economy,
(a) kept saying on a BBC interview: “There is simply no more money” (in the short term) unlike the local denialists.
(b) has proposed devolution of government and local projects as the key, partly to counter government waste, in contrast to the local Federals trying to sabotage the Opposition states.

31 Jan 2013 9.40am

With election buying now at a astronomical space, we will get there in no time. Yes better make the right choice before you start regretting. To pay for all these election goodies that you get you will have to pay back 10 times, Yes 10 times. Barang Naik will keep naiking and with implementation of GST it will maimed you left and right

najib manaukau
31 Jan 2013 8.17am

Let this be an example of where Malaysia will be shortly . Malaysia is already more than half way there and already rated like Spain and Italy, therefore you don’t need even to contest in the GE. Very soon when austerity measure is introduced in Malaysia all the million civil servants will abandon ship ! It will be too late to do that !

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
31 Jan 2013 12.29pm
Reply to  najib manaukau

Hi najib manaukau & everyone, The forced austerity measures on civil servants, armed forces and police not excluded, as already happened in other “bankrupt” and near “bankrupt” countries when forced onto Malaysia would include the civil servants having pay cuts and certain perks of theirs reduced/abolished! Compound it then with the unusual rise in cost of livings, you can imagine the sufferings of the families of all, especially those of civil servants! Better act NOW by voting in PR in the 13GE as the new Federal Govt to abort and stop the continued corruption and cronyism, often such acts are… Read more »

31 Jan 2013 7.29pm

Some write just makes no sense. For past two years pr has been presenting deficit budget increasing our debts. Even then after taking into account the alleged corrupt practices of bn.

30 Jan 2013 8.49pm

Well, if they go down that way, our females will have Parfum from Paris at affordable prices!

Maybe others can savor good Champagne?

Maybe I’ll contend with a pair of good French Brand shoes. Socks local lah! In any case, “saya anak singkong”! 😉

The thing is, we help them …and they can help us.

But you have to make sure your vote goes for the “Rakyat”!

30 Jan 2013 10.16pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Maybe better!

We could get underwater drones! 😯

31 Jan 2013 12.18am
Reply to  Anil Netto

Half-price… WOW.. gomen will tell rakyat we got a sweet deal… only RM234,375,876.38 per Scorpene.

Plus … when we buy Scorpene, we can upgrade to Scorpene with ENGINE that WORKS for only an additional RM388,101,200.34

AND… we qualify for Purchase With Purchase offer – Submarine Tow Cable for ONLY RM5,300,456.25!!!