Global financial crisis looms, unless…


The global economic outlook appears increasingly grim, according to experts. Farish Noor reports on the highlights of the first half of the Singapore Global Dialogue.

The dialogue on 20-21 September is organised by the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University.

According to Farish:

Experts note that almost half of the leaders of the G20 will seek re-election in the next 12 months. Leaders are therefore hamstrung and unwilling to push for unpopular reforms.

Some European banks too are overexposed to the European sovereign debt crisis. Too late to negotiate financial infrastructure.

Unless radical measures are taken by autumn, we will head to a global financial crisis.

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Hi Anil, Have you heard of The Zeitgeist Movement? There’s a global community pushing to denounce the modern”established” systems including the monetary system, there’s no other ways we can get out of this mess.


The O-Blady banks are getting worried.
Soon the plastic money will be history and everyone will be on 24/7/365 audit with the so-called mark of the beast (the RFID tag implant on the hand or fore head). No more free spending of yesteryears with advanced cash that causes individual and nation bankruptcies.
And Barang Naiki Syndrome lackeys will find it hard to justify unaccounted massive wealth in unaccountable audit!

Phua Kai Lit

Dr Nouriel Roubini’s website:


And what does Najib “You help me, I help you” do? Some recent news items: “Najib announces rural change scheme, RM50m grant”, “Najib mulls hefty bonus or pay rise for civil servants”. I have to agree with blogger Aspan Alias who posted “Bajet Santa Claus?”. Not to be outdone, The Star reported about the “FLOM”, “Rosmah puzzled over controversy from her activities”. She had the gall to say that “her role was to ensure the nation’s children received the necessary education”. Since when did she “have a role”? The rakyat never elected her to hold any governement post lah. If… Read more »


Najib can now use this external factor as an excuse why his transformation plan has failed to work.


The world financial is in turmoil…entering into a dangerous phase.
Recovery is narrowing and no one seems to have the will to come out with a solution. Even the biggest economy US is looking for direction…perhaps, all these troubled economies should look towards our UMNO Ketuanan Melayu for direction…”Don’t worry be happy, … our way out, she’ll be right”

Gerakan K

Haha, anil is pushing for next GE. Be patient.


Gelakan K, why are you being so idiotic? Anil mentioned about Global Economics Forum. – A discussion among intellectuals and you half-brained nitt-witt got to bring in gutter politics into the discussion

Gerakan K

Gila !!!

Krisis dunia akan datang. Mari kita buat pilihanraya sebelum krisis betul-betul mari.

SamG memang cacat pemikiran aka idiot ~

Andrew I

Here’s some education for you:

“Experts note that almost half of the leaders of the G20 will seek re-election in the next 12 months. Leaders are therefore hamstrung and unwilling to push for unpopular reforms.”

Malaysia is not in the G20 so I don’t know how you reached this conclusion.

Gerakan K

Komen kamu memang bodoh. Keupayaan berfikir memang satu benda yang tidak boleh minta tetapi dikurniakan oleh tuhan.

Teruskan kecacatan kamu yang semakin menyerlah.

Andrew I

Semua orang disini bagi komen bodoh, tetapi ada satu orang genius…Gherkin Khan.


Ever wonder why last few weeks so many properties exhibition in Penang ?

Better launch and sell before economy downturn now looming and almost a reality.

KLCI going close below 1400 pts today fyi

Good news for those who look for cheaper homes. If economy in deep trouble, lelong sale of properties (espcially those already being built) on the way……..


Are rainy green horned wildebeest speculators still rampaging to the waterhole of Penang Serengeti Property Chase? The ‘crocs’ (developers, property gurus, property agents, O-Blady banks) are still waiting for this last ‘killing’ before the next drought comes to dry up this waterhole and reveal all the ‘dirts’ of left over of unsold dizzy over-priced properties. The signs are already there, but there are still denials in the wannabe spirit of wealthy-not-enough of Donald Ducky Trumpet. Go on. Blow your trumpets! My prudent millionaire friends are waiting for the drought to come sooner than the last green horned wildebeest stomps into… Read more »


Global financialupdate Last Thurs nite Msia time USA’s Dow Jones sanks 3.5% amid global rout. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day down 391.01 points (3.51 percent) at 10,733.83. Local update Fri 9.20am : KLCI down 24.63 points to 1363.18 pointd Next psychological level at 1300 points. Bargain hunting on the way to boost the market ? Penang/KL properties potentially on downward trend from now on ? Looks like not just the herds of “wildebeests” get burnt in the process; and may be some late entry “crocs” will be forced to abandon or retreat with less desire to kill… Read more »


Can you post the link to the full Article? Good reading material.