French lawyer Bourdon to be deported soon


French lawyer William Bourdon could be deported soon, a day after briefing Penangites on the progress of investigations in France into the Scorpene submarines deal.

According to lawyer Fadiah Nadwa at the scene, the Bourdon is being held at the KLIA immigration holding centre now after he was detained.

“They are going to deport him soon. It’s almost confirmed. Bourdon is going to bring this up in France. It’s going to be big,” said Fadiah, when contacted.

It is expected that his wife Lia Foriester, also a lawyer, will also be on the same flight back, perhaps tonight.

At just after 4.00pm, Cynthia Gabriel revealed that Bourdon and his wife had been taken to immigration the department enforcement division and “made to sign deportation docs in Malay! They absolutely refused.”

Cynthia was able to speak to Bourdon after he had been detained for more than four hours. He had earlier insisted that his lawyers be present.

Bourdon, who is working pro-bono for human rights group Suaram, had been scheduled to speak tonight in Petaling Jaya and later in Ipoh. One of the speakers last night had mentioned that more information on the Pakistan angle of the Scorpene investigation would have been revealed at the PJ event.

Last night, Bourdon had revealed the investigation was close to unravelling unusual cashflows involved in the deal. “We are determined to ensure this investigation (in France) will go as far as possible (in the Scorpene investigation),” he said at the dinner briefing in Penang last night, attended by close to 600 diners. “There is no democracy if there is no complete eradication of corruption.”

Despite the complexity of the case, Bourdon expressed confidence the truth will one day be revealed. “This requires determination and solidarity.”

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng


it’s like a skilled auditor playing detective
Solving any crime committed through financial tracking
To get to the root in the best manner effective
After labourous detailed tracing and checking

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun.24th Jul.2011.


Detained and deported for “violation of social visit pass”, while some 2million illegal immigrants walk the streets freely. Way to go, pm.


The distasteful arrogance of these UMNO goons behavior will now spread beyond the shore of this Peninsular. Hopefully, it will strengthen the resolve of those fair minded world citizens against perpetual corrupts….


… If one is not guilty of anything, why the sudden counteraction!
BTW, how does one confess to the father with all his heart, mind and sorrow and still be happy to go back to his old rotten ways?

Penang Voter

Bring on the rain !!!!! Let’s BERSIH the BN/UMNO scums from the shores of this beautiful land.

Andrew I

Haha. Chickadees so scared someone is going to spill more beans, Gherkin. Let’s flap the chicken wings. Haha.

James Cameron

It seems that the Immigration are very efficient!

Ong Eu Soon

It seem like (someone) thru’ his transformation program has become a chicken…