Darth Vader music chases Labour MPs in Glasgow


With just two days left for the Scottish independence referendum, excitement is building up, with events at times taking on a bizarre if hilarious turn. A group of Labour MPs (about half the Labour shadow cabinet) arriving in Glasgow to campaign for Scotland to remain in the union found themselves heckled by a man in a rickshaw who blared the Imperial Death March from Star Wars.

“People of Glasgow, this is your imperial masters… Say hello to your imperial masters. These lovely people, they have travelled all the way from England to tell us they are better to rule us than anybody else, our imperial masters. People of Glasgow your imperial masters have arrived.”

One of the MPs, believed to be a Labour shadow minister, is heard responding to the trailing heckler: “Don’t be silly!”

Nobody was arrested.

But behind the energy and the buzz on the streets, the issues are serious. Is there hope for the people of Scotland in the union or are they better off on their own? Will they be able to influence government policy in London or will a government in Scotland be more responsive to local needs? Or does the answer lie somewhere in between: greater autonomy and devolution of powers? These are questions that are relevant beyond the borders of Scotland and the UK.

In fact, would almost half the population of Scotland even be considering independence if they were happy with the (neoliberal) economic, defence (think of the Trident missiles) and foreign (which includes military adventures overseas) policy coming out of Westminster?

For a feel of the grassroots buzz on the streets of Scotland ahead of the referendum, check out this blog post.

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why worry for the Scots when we have so much internal probléms despite 57 years of independance?

Phua Kai Lit

Latest polls show 51% saying “No” and 49% saying “Yes” to Scottish independence.

Statistically speaking, this is too close to call as the margin of error is plus or minus 3%.

Exciting day ahead !


The Scots should take note that the one having 51% majority in Malaysia has ended up to be the ultimate loser.

Phua Kai Lit

The referendum promises to be very close. But probably the “No” votes will win. It is interesting to note that: 1. Scotland has North Sea oil 2. The Conservative Party is very weak in Scotland (only 1 MP seat) while the Labour Party and SNP are strong 3. Former PMs Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are Scottish. 4. Founder of British Labour Party Keir Hardie was Scottish 5. The Scottish National Health Service (NHS) has remained more true to the spirit of the original NHS than the English NHS and its “privatisation by stealth” This referendum shows the world what… Read more »


Democrazy is not always a good thing

Ed G

Having had 2 former PMs (Gordon Brown and Tony Blair) with origins from their state in recent history for over 13 years (1997 – 2010), the Scots seems to have a fair say in the selection of the country’s leader. There were no question about their ethnicity or their capability as the majority of the people of UK accept the results of the election which was generally seen as clean and fair. With all these in mind, it is quite difficult for me to comprehend the reasons behind such drastic approach by the Scottish.


It took the Scottish more than 3 hundred years before wanting to be out of this union. Yet the need is not for sure yet, how many people know that in the beginning before any one in Scotland wanted to get married your bride to be had to spend her first night with the King of England ! Now you know why it is always better to be poorer than to be abused…


What has happened to proposed Darth Vader designs for Sia Boey Heritage Square & Penang Hill Station? The Master of Bastardisation (of Penang’s identity) has chabut?


Anyway, Pak Lah has turned blogger to compete in the cyberspace with Che Det?


Pak Lah’s first blog entry made some sense. But I still think the nation is only talking about muhibah and perpaduan in August and September every year. The rest of the time those Umno fellows are sowing hatred towards non Malays despite Mahathir has claimed that the Malays are lazy.


Well said, Ragu!


Mahathir has nothing to fear. Najib is very capable. At the current rate of opposition lawmakers being charged with sedition, there will be no opposition left by the time GE14 takes place. Mahathir is just behaving like a spoilt child and he is testing Najib’s patience. He does not know that our beloved PM is giving him face by not getting our gallant IGP to arrest him for insulting the PM and inciting hatred against the PM.


Che Det finally admitted that Malays are lazy.
Now do not blame the Chinese who are more hard working and can accumulate wealth without the need for BR1M!


As malaysia celebrates 57 years of Merdeka, ironically it has been revealed that modern slavery is practiced in our electronics factories: http://news.malaysia.msn.com/malaysia-news/modern-slavery-in-malaysia-electronics-factories-survey-2 The study by US-based fair-labour organisation Verite said at least 28 percent of workers toiling in Malaysian electronics factories — particularly foreign migrants from impoverished nearby countries — were stuck in a spiral of indentured servitude, unable to pay off excessive recruitment fees. Migrant recruits were often deceived about working conditions, salary levels, and terms for opting out of jobs. They often struggled to repay debts and faced new charges for leaving jobs early, the report added. Many… Read more »


Petikan: http://www.roketkini.com/2014/09/16/agenda-melayu-bukan-hanya-identiti/ Statistik baru-baru ini menunjukkan bahawa negara kita mempunyai pekerja asing dengan izin seramai 2.4 juta orang. Tuhan sahaja yang tahu angka sebenar pekerja asing tanpa izin di Malaysia. Dari segi ekonomi, pakar-pakar luar atau pekerja asing yang berkemahiran biasanya boleh bantu “jump-start” sesuatu sektor yang tiada kemahiran tempatan. Tetapi seandainya McDonald’s, 7-eleven dan KFC pun mula mengupah pekerja asing, saya risau satu hari nanti semua anak muda Melayu terpaksa menjual burger di tepi jalan. Anak Malaysia dididik sejak awal bahawa Tun Dr. Mahathir pun pernah menjual pisang goreng, dan Melayu yang paling hebat adalah Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar… Read more »