‘Bersih!’ chants interrupt Najib’s London address


Najib’s opening remarks at the indigO2 arena in London last night were interrupted by repeated chants of “Bersih! Bersih!”

“Bersih! Bersih!…”

“I want to vote. I am a Malaysian; I want to vote,” a man in the crowd heckled.

“Dear Malaysians…” Najib began.

“Bersih! Bersih!…” the chanting persisted.

“… tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yang saya hormati sekalian,” Najib continued. “Pertamanya, saya ingin mengucap ribuan terimakasih…”

“Bersih! Bersih!…”

As the chanting persisted, Najib was forced to ask the crowd, “Can you please stop it? Can you stop it, please?”

“Bersih! Bersih!…” Someone in the crowd yelled, “We are also Malaysians here…”

At present, only diplomatic staff, military personnel and full-time students based abroad are the only overseas Malaysians allowed to vote. Malaysian citizens overseas who are working in the private sector or retired or unemployed are required to return to Malaysia to vote in person while other Malaysians abroad are not eligible to vote.

“I know, I know, but can you stop it?” Najib pleaded. The “Evening with the PM” in London was not going according to script.

“Bersih! Bersih!…”

“You can meet with me later, okay? Please can you … stop it.”

“I want Bersih…,” the heckling persisted. After all, no tear gas and water cannons were around in the arena. No goons around to kick or club protesters either.

“No, no …” the PM tried gamely.

“I want to vote…”

“All right, all right…”

“Why won’t you allow me to vote?” the man in a black suit in the audience demanded.

Full-time students overseas theoretically have the right to vote, but those who have tried to register find hurdles placed in their path. Some embassies/consulates are said to have refused to register students not sponsored by the government or those who had previously registered as ordinary voters at home – even though the Election Commission has clarified that all students are eligible to register as absent voters.

“No, no, you wait for me,” Najib responded.

“I want to vote!”

“No, no, you can talk with me later, okay?” Najib replied, trying to sound conciliatory.

“Have some respect-lah wei,” someone else shouted.

The heckling then subsided and Najib began his speech.

The protesters had made their point: all Malaysians overseas must be granted the right to vote in clean and fair elections and none of them should continue to be disenfranchised.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal has fixed 31 May 2012 at 11.00am for an appeal by six overseas Malaysians. Their challenge against the Election Commission’s refusal to register them as absent voters was dismissed by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur on 6 January 2012.

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Firstly, I’m in awe of how people like Ms Rani whose mentality represents millions of Malaysians who up till now, believe that they are indebted to government for their well beings. Listen, government works for the people and not otherwise. Najib works for us, the people. Ministers work for us the people. Your idea of ‘patriotism’ is certainly distorted Ms Rani. We select a government to serve us and the country. This country does not belong to the government. This country belongs to every Malaysian aborigin, malay, chinese, indian, eurasian. Bersih gives power to the people. The power that BN… Read more »

Andy Townsend

Pathetic … studying overseas on the government’s money and now they’re Stormcloaking against the government? These yellow milk-drinkers ain’t got no honor or principles. I sure hope BN continue its ruling after GE13. DOWN WITH PAKATAN…


I don’t remember much reaction when Umno heckled Anwar’s ceramah for longer…

Karthi Palanisamy

i support BERSIH and pray that GE13 will bring Pakatan to power. However , i am NOT comfortable with those hecklers at the London event. Due respect must be given to the PM. That is NOT Malaysian way to do it.


Najib maybe a uncivilised and unethical person and has bred many such kinds in UMNO, Perkasa et al, I guess the rude guy shouting Bersih is another feather is Najib cap for successfully breeding more rude malaysians. who needs international survey about why this place is filled with rude people – just go watch this video. Nobody wants a corrupt leader but those who those who think they can do a better job better lead by example. Its better the devil you know than the one you dont. Its a sad day when educated malaysians condone such behaviour and their… Read more »


Always the same, one person makes noise and they say 10000 people chanting. Acting like thugs….typical.

Buttock Brainy

I don’t think anyone really felt proud nor honour, by doing or watching this, though, many felt satisfying (I am very satisfy).

FMT reports similar news, this booing story make 78% of readers happy. (1639 happy, 51 agry)

Hope this explain the doubt of 10000 of yours.

But don’t worry, the ‘butts exercise’ will take over the headline.


Najib’s answer is ‘we do not need street demo, because it leads to trouble’ – not that there are alternative to voice etc but that it would lead to trouble – its tells you THEY WANTED BERSIH 3.0 TO CAUSE TROUBLE – and Anwar, Azmin, PKR Rasah fell for the bait (unbelievable they did not have it burned in their brains the lessons of May 13).

The fact is there is no choice other than Bersih 3.0. They can dish out our money and rigged the election…


Rani, Respect,!!. Would you tell that to the UMNO, Perkasa and various pro UMNO group that do the most idiotic things at Ambiga and LGE house or the violence and thuggery at the anti Lynas protest and various PKR ceramah. Wake up man, the Indian are still the poorest and most marginalized group despite 53 years of UMNO Bn governance.


So patronizing: “can you stop it please.. you can meet with me later!..” (as if he would). Unable to deal with a situation in which people bow and scrape before him as some absolute overlord. the attitude shows right through. Make no mistake, it’s the same attitude that unleashed the police en masse as thugs to beat and kick peaceful citizens.


i meant “unable to deal with a situation in which people DON’T bow and scrape.. ”

Our politicians are used to being hailed whatever rubbish they speak.


Without water canons, tear gas, samsengs, black cake vendors, provocateurs, Gelakan ostriches (these are more of trolls),
this N… is hopelessly helpless in foreign lands.

Timid, unassuming & caring Mother Theresa had more respect any where she went.

In the not too far future, the timid shall rule the world, mark my words.


Let’s see if he learns from this experience – a better perspective into his ‘popularity’ eh?



Hahaha!!! Woii this is London not his Bolehland! Forgot to cart along his razor wires, tear-gas and water-cannon trucks eh?
That’s the reception he deserves, yeah no respect for an uncivilised politician!

Dahlia Rani

Such a shameful moment.. Grow up to u Bersih people.. This is not a right way of doing things. It’s sad because u shown to the world how stupid and unprofessional are u.. You all Bersih people are actually Very DIRTY.. I’m sure most of the student in oversea now is still sponsor by Govt.. So y must you do so? Don’t you think without Govt money to sponsor you to go there, your dream to study there might be just a dream?? For professional Malaysian that working there, by doing so don’t you think that you had shown a… Read more »


Dear Rani, Your PM didnt feel shameful … – the (cases) of Altantuya and Beng Hock and now the case of submarine in the French Court, why should you? Why are you not ashamed of the cheatings and the unfair and unjust election system in your country? Didnt Jala Idris tell your beloved Malaysia is going to bankrupt soon??? Didnt you know billions of Ringgit has been missing from the country??? Didnt you know the word of corruption??? Did you really care for the future of your country ??? Where do you live by the way ? Inside the tempurung???… Read more »


Do you know why many of your Little Indians fare like it is today in Boleh Land? Why not go under a coconut tree & wait for just ONE coconut to fall & knock you back to your senses. Threats of samseng violence, 513, black cakes, racial clashes & no scholarships just don’t cut it anymore in 21st century Malaysia. Each of us owe ourselves our rice bowls & to ensure that, we must do the right thing – rid of the Kotor & corrupted rule & divide (with fears) regime. Otherwise, be happy to return to the rubber estates… Read more »


Up to now you just like the majority of the Indian still has not wake up from their slumber. No wonder they are being mistreated, degraded and most of them still in the poverty group.War will not happen if the people are treated fairly and if they are not cheated of their rights, History has shown that.

Pala Richie

Rani, don’t live on the tree, come down! please.

Pls ask your PM to allow us shout him out, here. That would probably avoid that embarrassment there. I believe, none of them felt honors to have shouted your PM.

Like an idiom says : face(respect & honor) are given, embarrassment are self-created.

My worry to your PM is, now people lean to ‘exercise their butts’ on other.


That was really rude. Irrelevant whether its Najib or Anwar or LGE at the podium, basic civility is to address the issue in a more civil way, not scream and interrupt. We as Malaysian are suppose to be proud of this behavior? I think not.


Some people just love to pretend that they are very civil !!!

If we want people to treat us with civility then do it unto others in the first place.

Najib talked like as if he was very scared because he had no UMNO supportes there like in his home land…

But when Anwar was overseas giving speeches, the response from the floor was just different…

Hidup Pakatan !!!


Tear gas, water canon laced with in-excess-of chemicals, man handling & samseng rage are already BEYOND basic Malaysian civility.
Tell me more of Berang Naiki sense of … civility.


Missed out best part.. it was “**** you, have some respect lah-wei” ..and it seemed to be targeted towards the guy in the suit who was shouting to A-jib gor..

Pala Richie

This round the due repect is GIVEN!, next round Ah Jib has to EARN it with some efforts, can’t expect free satay everytime.

Pala Richie

Where were the plaques in recognicing EC and political controlled MSM? the ‘political power tool award’ of M’sia?

No-body dare present these to BN’s PM?


Ha, ha, ha, ha, HAAAAAAAAA…….

Excuse me for laughing my guts out!

I think Najib just received repeated “shoes in his face”. Padan mukanya!

And even though it must have cost the rakyat a large sum of money, he is now an international disgrace….

Now, my mind is turning over another phrase: “It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings.”

As the evidently gloomy future beckons, will be be hearing some sad notes from her?

“And now, the end is near…”
“Don’t cry for me, Putrajaya…”
‘You ain’t nothing but a hound dog…”

Evan Raz

Louis XVI would have fared better if he had an audience with the peasants!


The thing is – this should have been expected especially after Bersih 3.0 success..You open up these things and these groups will show up..

It brings into question – how well does Najib know what is going on?

It really sounds like Najib don’t have a good idea what is really happening on the ground and not just in London.

pink panther

Err…did anybody bump into Insp.Clouseau there?

blonde bomoh


Serve him right !!!

Richie Hee

Thanks Anil for the report.
We will not get to know this from NST, The Star, TV1 to TV3, NTV7, Astro Awani, Suria FM, RTM, …..

Rais has certainly failed since his RTM Online initiatives could not convince the overseas Malaysians.

Andrew I

Gherkin must be jumping up and down for his 1PM. Later, like Grease, is the word that you heard, it’s got groove, it’s got meaning.

Andrew I

Oops, forgot the video link. For those who want to sing along, substitute “Grease is” with “Later’s”.


Thanks, Andrew !

Richie Hee

Another video on Youtube:

Ben Rozario

the gerkin here is the PM. the guy shouting Bersih is demanding for free and fair electionsto out the gerkin PM.

Penang Voter

Nice, Real Nice !!!