Cardiff football fans stage another protest against Vincent Tan


Hundreds of Cardiff City FC supporters staged another protest against owner Vincent Tan’s handling of the club while expressing support for its beleaguered manager, Malky Mackay.

The BBC reports:

… Supporters said they were angry at the way the Malaysian billionaire is running the club.

It follows his “resign or be sacked” ultimatum to manager Malky Mackay before a U-turn at the weekend.

Fans, many carrying banners, gathered outside Cardiff City Stadium chanting slogans against Mr Tan.

An estimated 500 people took part singing their support of Mackay and the club’s traditional blue home colours, which the owner had changed to red before the start of last season.

Full BBC report here.

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Don Anamalai

Vincent Tan is in trouble with his ‘I help you, you help you’ offer that has broken English Premier League rules, which stated that every team had to lodge their bonus schedule before the start of the season.

Relegation-threatened Cardiff City face being slapped with hefty fines and may even have their Premier League points deducted after their owner, Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan, blundered again when he offered his players a £3.7 million (RM20.5 million) bonus before last Sunday’s match.


Read the news here:

China-based developer Guangzhou R&F Properties Co Ltd is buying six plots of land in Johor Baru for a whopping RM4.5bil from the Johor Sultan, making it a record deal. The investment, comprising high-rise residential units, low-density housing, retail properties, offices, a hotel and a shopping mall, is the Hong Kong-listed firm’s maiden overseas venture.


Cardiff is now at teh bottom of the Premier League.
Looks like Vincent Tan is in trouble with relegation looming!
Sacking of Mackay is indeed a wrong decision!


Vincent Tan donated RM2 million to Kedah FA, a goodwill gesture to Mukhriz?

But after that, the Kedah FA Hijau Kuning logo of Sang Kenari (canary bird) was replaced by Helang Merah (red eagle).

Looks like Red Eagle is as auspicious as Red Dragon? Of course now Kedah fans are not happy and accused Vincent Tan for the ‘transformation’!

Don Anamalai

For RM2 million Kedah FA will say anything. Red colour is ‘Ong Mali’?

I heard the Penang football team is attracting fans.
But the big spender JDT is the team to beat.

Jit Seng

How JDT can have so much money to buy players?
MACC need to check it up.


Cardiff fans’ tribute to Vincent Tan with a rap song: Lyrics: Lemme introduce myself Although I’m sure that you know me You’ve probably read about me I’m more famous than Kony I’m the guy that owns Cardiff Say my name, the fans tingle Still don’t know me? I look like the guy on packets of Pringles Made my name in Wales But I started over in Asia More specifically I was born and raised in Malaysia But I left because I was one of the few that could hack it And look good wearing a football shirt Under a suit… Read more »

Don Anamalai

The dragon reminds me of Smaug, the fiery dragon antagonist in the movie The Hobbit.

The image of a dragon does not sit well (when plastered on your chest in the form of the crest of Cardeff jersey) with most Westerners as it is considered a sign of evil among certain groups of Christians.

By the movie analogy, is Vincent Tan on the ‘Reign of Fire’? Or perhaps he is clueless on ‘How to Train your Dragon’? Perhaps other teams are the Dragon Slayers out to prevent the ‘Desolation of Smaug’?


Tonite the Gunners will shoot down the Dragon, even with reserve players like Bendner!


Vincent Tan flew in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with his private jet to watch the match hoping to land him as the new manager. Yes, of all the Arsenal players, substitute Nicholas Bendtner scored late to shatter Cardiff’s hope for a point at Emirates. Cardiff would have collected 4 points in the last two games if the match ended on 85th minute. Noticed too that Vincent Tan did not wear his dark glasses during the match, perhaps he knew that the prospect of staying in the Premiership is o longer bright? Anyway, Sir Alex Ferguson, Solskjaer’s former manager at Manchester United,… Read more »


Justice is served when Black Cat of Sunderland scored in the dying seconds of injury time to snatch a draw against Cardiff Red Dragon on Boxing Day and dealt s blow to Vincent Tan!


OWC : Now we know who really wanted to change his surname to Tan. Getting jealous eh

Smart GrandDaddy

Vincent Tan being a bizman knows the shaddy transaction in corporate world so his suspicious mind has caused the sacking of malkay.
Being so patriotic to Malaysia, he should get K Rajagopal or Ong Kim Swee to run the club for him.

Rich Daddy

My personal experience. A boss always is the boss no matter what. What traditional color they are talking about ??? Face the reality, the club belongs to the boss and the boss can do anything including make it black and white color overnight without notice. Name change also can be done. Berjaya FC, anyone ???


Yes correct


I agree both of you will change your surname to TAN if he gives you the money.
Tan Yang?

Rich Daddy


Looks who is talking now ??? Definitely a small kid who never works under somebody.