Bicycle lanes: View from Copenhagen


Bicycle lanes – why not look at how Copenhagen and other European cities manage them?

Rajen writes from Denmark:

I am writing from Copenhagen where I am on a holiday. It is a safe place to walk around as the roads have designated pedestrian lanes on the outer side of the road. Next to it along the inner side is the bicycle lanes. Next along the middle are the vehicle lanes. Bicycles have to observe the traffic lights just as the vehicles. Pedestrians can only cross at designated pedestrian crossings which are at road junctions.

Bicycle parking bays are provided throughout the city to leave your bicycle and continue your journey by Metro train. Every morning I observe a large number of people going to work, to schools and to universities by bicycle.

This has resulted in less cars on the roads, less traffic jams and less pollution. I hope the Selangor Government officials responsible for the implementation of the bicycle lane project visit Copenhagen to study the success of the bicycle lane.

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Ong Eu Soon

With pro-LGe mentality suddenly nothing is possible in this Bolehland. The sycophant supporters just find all kind of stupid excuses for LGe to do any good for the people because they know the incompetent of their leader.

Read about the Park and Cycle Scheme for Gurney Drive at

Who say it is impossible to implement cycling culture in Penang? It is your mentality and stupid denial that make nothing possible on planet Earth.


Everthing with Ah Soon Khor is possible in words only. Wrote that he will bring the State Government to court over the foreshore but a big NATO. Ah Soon Khor does not even bike lest how many people go or pass by Gurney which is only a small corner of the island with big bungalows and Condominiums around to be a ground for the well do like Ah Soon Khor. What about the less fortune ones?


Most People in Malaysia ride for fun and on weekends. The main bulk of riders are Ah Peks and Ah Dees and they number in hundreds. Readers here can only talk and talk. Would it be a waste if thousands of ringgits are spend on bicycle lanes with a few hundreds riding it per day. isn’t it a white elephant and mis-management of tax payer’s money spending thousands for a few hundreds?

Unless there is a strong and healthy die – hard cyclist NGOs, any bicycle lanes are turn in motorcycle lanes.


Before we started getting comfy in our air conditioned cars, did we not use bicycles? we went to school on it, we ran errands on it, and we still had to deal with the sweltering heat. Having a safe and functional bike lane would start to encourage people to use bicycles more often. We’re not gonna take away everyone’s cars away, but why not let people decide if they want to bike about? We have to start somewhere…


Jerry-before we started getting comfy in our air conditioned cars, did we not use bicycles? we went to school on it, we ran errands on it, and we still had to deal with the sweltering heat. Having a safe and functional bike lane would start to encourage people to use bicycles more often. We’re not gonna take away everyone’s cars away, but why not let people decide if they want to bike about? We have to start somewhere…


Have you ask your employer to provide employees (that cycle to work) a shower facility and changing room with locker?


It’s not in the least practical to have cycling as an alternative means of transport in Penang. Hot and humid weather. You’d hardly break out in sweat in the temperate climes, and if you do, it dries pretty fast. Here you’d be absolutely drenched in sweat. I am not saying we need to depend on the car but other public means have to resorted to. Apart from a comprehensive, reliable means of moving the populace around, what we also lack is a properly designed system of pedestrian footpaths in the city. In Singapore, a whole dept unit is charged with… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Many want to cycle in Malaysia because they are too poor or there are no buses. Yet others are running the rat race and building on the civilization founded on cheap energy that will not last long.

Cycling in Minneapolis, USA, has become popular though it is very cold there.'s_top_bike_city/?page=entire


You can warm your body when cycling in cold weather.

You may die of heat stroke when cycling under the midday sun of 34 degrees.

Please get real!

Yaya BoboiBoy

come to think of that. Many many obese cyclists in penang can burn more calories (as a result of too much cholestrol laden nasi kandar, fried kwoay teow, roi canai etc) by exercise under 33 degrees tropical sun of humidity 80%.
i think Anil may have overlooked this excellent idea !

Syiok Syiok

Bicycling is only a recreational sports (eg for retiress ? as below video shows) but i personally do not encourage it because our road is not safe enough and the car drivers still very reckless to care about the safety of others !

I lost a dear friend on the road of Penang when he went out cycle to buy newspaper. So be warned ahead.


Ironically, people love to exaggerate the “DANGER” of cycling, but few willing to admit that they lose more friend/family member in car crash/motorcycle crash, than the cycling activities. Nevertheless, the reason of lots of Malaysia cyclist get killed, it exactly same as motorcycle riders : go cheap on safety. Come on, if you think RM18 bicycle alert light is a rip off, then what is your excuses of passing on RM5 make in China alert light? Bare in mind that, it is normal motorist around the WORLD neglect to “see” vehicle in front even in broad day light. That’s why… Read more »


Denmark has a cool weather suitable for cycling.

Malaysia has hot and humid conditions with reckles drivers on the road.

So it will never work in malaysia where people still assume car ownership is a status symbol.

semuanya OK kot

Many want to cycle because the are too poor or there are no buses.


Bare in mind that, car also make people poor, since 99% of Malaysia car owner “own” car by owing banks money.


Did you noticed that the roads in Copenhagen have very low road shoulders, almost level with the road.Only marked by a line of bricks.
However, in Malaysia, road shoulders are are very high. Sometimes, after you get into your car, you cannot close the door, because of the high shoulder, or divider.
High road shoulders is a danger, because there is no escape, and accidents happen because of this.


These cycling lanes will never work in Malaysia unless a concrete barrier is build between the road and cycling lanes. In Malaysia nobody adheres to any law or rules and they will drive with their cars and motor cycles on these lanes and these lanes would be wonderful new parking for cars.


I’ve been traveling with bicycle with accumulated mileage of 1600km, and must admit that, NOT ALL motorist are ill behave. As long as the cyclist learn not to suicidal (like those mat rempit), wear your helmet, put on the safety light (NEVER EVER rely on rear reflector) even in broad day light, motorist are quite content sharing the road with cyclist.


Though it is nice, i love it too but i dont think it will work in Malasia due to our mentality – never adhere to the rule of law and also our hot weather.

Gary is right to say that it will be a new parking place for the motorists.

In this Boleh Land, only bad things work, good things will never work in this Boleh Land !!!


One more thing: These Danes riding bicycles to work, for leisure or for sports (think about Tour de France) will save a lot in their lifetime. Some will achieve millionaire status, you bet. Imagine not spending on a car (or many cars in your lifetime) which eats up a major portion of your earnings, notwithstanding paying dizzy taxes on car purchases and Barang Naiki’s one-way ticket for petrol price hikes. And also free oneself from the headache of car maintenance. This is one sure way to a carefree millionaire lifestyle in your eventual retirement. The O-Bladies (banks), Barang Naiki Apanama… Read more »


IMHO, more middle class Malaysia growth much unhappier everyday. One big factor is the money taken away from bank loan and repair works for their automobile.

It also become a “status play” for typical Malaysian, that many hallucinate car will make them happy and give them mobility freedom. But in reality, it is the opposite.


Unless one earns 5 figures income, forget about owning a Camry or 100K plus automobile. (Unless one is lucky to work for a generous boss willing to splurge on such luxury for you just to avoid paying corporate taxes). Just paying such a car loan will take up nearly 20% of take home income of 5 figures. And mechanics will sharpen the service charges on your every maintenance service. But I can still see yuppies (in their 20’s) driving 100K plus tin cans and playing all the fancy electronic stuffs like iPads. By the time it is 5-10 years old,… Read more »


This is absolutely cyclists’ haven in beautiful Copenhagen. And I can ‘feel’ the clean air without haze or toxic CO2 and the safety of cycling freely. Notice there are no tall buildings over 10 storeys, averaging 3 storeys at the most. And many buildings are heritage over 100 years old.
No wonder many loved the 80’s and 90’s Carlsberg ads for its cool, cool Danes.
‘Come Up To Carlsberg. C’mon, Join In’. What an apt slogan (even for today) to go Copenhagen!
Penang has to learn a lot from the Danes besides cool beer drinking and cool, slim Danish beauties.


Lebuhraya Thean Tek from Jalan Thean Tek junction to Jalan Ru 1 does not have any pedestrian paths on both sides of the road.

Syiok Syiok

The reality in Penang now :

Syiok Syiok

Penang’s very own Cycling Infrastructure & Culture in the pipeline ?
Anil, may be MPPP will suggest a lawatan sambil belajar trip to Copenhagen ???

Syiok Syiok

this should be the video on the reality of Penang bicycle riding : Mission Impossible with increasing car traffic on the road ??

Syiok Syiok

Designated Bicycle Lanes in Penang a wishful thinking when the pedestrian walks is so pathetic ???
Imagine riding bicycles at back lanes of heritage zone looking for street food – tunglang salivating now ???


Therei is no proper place designated for pedestrian to walk safely.

Now pedestrian may be hit by those over-zealos cyclists.

God bless Malaysia!

Syiok Syiok

Penangites can learn from the Danes. Leave your automobiles aside and start riding, of course provided the road is safe as in Copenhagen!

Imagine FTZ folks ride bicycles to the factories every morning ! Even KTK cannot imagine that during his tenure until he started riding at Straits Quay ala Mr Bean 🙂

Syiok Syiok

I have spent 1 week in Copenhagen.
It’s nice to ride in the city and have ice cream at Tivoli Park !