The forgotten children in Malaysia


The plight of refugee children in Malaysia is a sad one. They are among the forgotten children in our land.

It is time the government does something about this. Even though Malaysia has not yet signed the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, we have already ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

So we should fulfil our responsibilities under international law – and not just leave it to groups like the UNHCR, the Buddist Tzu Chi and other groups, who are doing exemplary work with limited resources.

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anna brella
anna brella
3 May 2009 1.38am

Suggest all the heartless and pseudo-religious people out there get ready their answers now to provide to an all-knowing/seeing (and importantly, non-bull**** accepting) Almighty God, when that unexpected but inevitable day and time arrives to provide objective/acceptable answers to Almighty God as to why such injustices were perpetarted, or allowed to be perpetrated, against clearly innocent children of God, and worse, right smack in the sight of one’s very own backyards. And as we all KNOW for certain that there aren’t any unprincipled lawyers or judges out there inside God’s pockets or in God’s Court Of Universal Law to argue… Read more »

1 May 2009 1.11am

Luckily they are Muslims with at least temporary camps are available for them, if not they are pushed to international sea as what happened to Vietnamese boat people (not even refugee status) in 70s.

30 Apr 2009 8.41pm


Such happenings and like that which goes on in the “temporary camps” for foreigners in Semenyih, it makes us wonder how we can even claim to be a caring society. As a Muslim, of course it makes me squirm when I hear so much “righteous talk” on “Islam” and none on these cruel events in our midst in stark violation of the injunctions in the Quran.

Peace !

30 Apr 2009 1.58pm

The weak always get bullied By the political government Chasing out dissidents Away from the political arena Refugees they are humans Landed in our shores We must show our compassion They have no choice The country they came Ruined their lives On our land They face the deja vue The eyes of civil society Our government shouldn’t treat them indifferently For as humans we must help Find ways to help them Earn a living help the economy So we don’t have to import labor They are here willing to start a new No doubt it is a trend Humans migration… Read more »