S’pore: Push for ‘green corridor’ along old KTM track


It’s not just in Penang that people want more green spaces and bicycle paths as over-development results in nostalgia for the less-frenzied lifestyles of the past.

In Singapore too, nature lovers are hoping that the old KTM track from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands can be turned into a green corridor and heritage route. They want the 26km-long route preserved as park and recreational space, maybe even a Unesco World Heritage Site. They hope that this linear green lung would provide recreational space and eco-friendly transportation such as an extended bicycle route.

But the nature lovers’ dreams have run smack into pressure from planners and developers to have the site ‘developed’. Let’s watch how this pans out.

See this WSJ blog piece.

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Temasik Kid

Singapore has successfully removed any traces of KTM (tanah melayu) on its land, by restricting it to just at Woodland terminal.


Interesting concept.
The KTM railway line going right down the centre of Singapore has been like an unwelcome alien to them.
One interesting side effect of that railway line, is a long, almost continuous corridor of greenery.
The railway agreement meant Singapore was not allowed to disturb the line and a certain amount of land on either side, all these years.
They would be wise to keep it green and not turn it into more concrete jungle.


Leave motor vehicles at home to save the money and environment.

Use bicycles or RapidPenang and check the egos to show off your fanciful cars unless emergency calls for it.


On enforcement issues – Last week I was driving along Church St, and found a car clamped for parking along the yellow line. Just across the road were a Mercedes and BMW, both parked on yellow line and not clamped.
This just shows MPPP Enforcement Dept is unable to put the foot down and be fair.
So how do you expect them to enforce the Anti-Litter law? Pick on the regular Mat Joe, and let the big fish free?


TQ Anil. On my part, I will make sure I take some photos the next time

Andrew I

To be fair, it is a known fact that it is “safe” to illegally park once enforcement officers have moved on. To some, it’s just a matter of doing one full circle.

What needs to be done is for enforcement officers to do a full circle, too. And another, until people realize they mean business.

Kuan Yew must have watched a lot of Tom and Jerry. That’s why Singapore is such a fine city.

Gerakan K

Hey, why target Mercedes and BMW owners ??? Jealous kah ???


Mercedes and BMW owners are no special or privileged species above fair enforcement. Why can’t pay for proper parking when can splurge on hitech gadgets like GPS or mini fridge with wines in super expensive cars? In my frank opinion and past experience witnessing such Kia Su mentality, these fellas think (they are wise) their money is like bullock cart wheels of Calcutta when it comes to spending their pennies but pound foolish when spending for ego trips to Mars. Just witnessed one rich customer paying for T-Shirts (humble piece of clothing) today. If you don’t believe me, just ask… Read more »

Andrew I

Try to grow up.

Gerakan K

Dia ada personal agenda lah. Kalau dia kata semua jenis kereta, then OK. Tapi dia hanya target kereta MEWAH.

Andrew I

Mewah di sini, teksi di Germany.

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Lu ala keleta mewah ka? Wa talak cayalah!

Lu kerja sebagai middle level management in a computer company, berapa gaji lu boleh lapat?

Betul ka tarak?

Gerakan K

Yo boh kari !!! I sejak kerja part time entah berapa puluh tahun dahulu sudah lama TARAK terima gaji.

I terima CASH dari cashier. Lagi satu, saya tak tau IT. Saya mau letak youtube punya movie dalam anil punya blog pun saya tak tahu.

Rama-rama vs Karpal punya story memang best. Rocket ada godfather ??? Hahahahaha

Asam Garam

Penang may have difficulty to benchmark the effectiveness n efficiencies of Spore system at work.

Riding bicylce a giid start.

However, in my humble opinion Penangites must learn to keep the streets clear of throwing rubbish. Just follow Spore to enforce no litter law i.e to impose and enforce fine system.


Nature is a filter for ‘toxic’ in our body, soul and spirit as we rat race for betterment of our economic progress and financial status. Almost everyone is connected to money more than to Nature. We wake up in the morning thinking what we are going to do today to earn more or climb up the corporate ladder in no time. But we seldom do our personal health a service by connecting with Nature, enjoying exercise in the midst of nature or just meditate to the ambience of Nature. Morning or evening time is best for me to just take… Read more »