Singapore: Workers’ Party stuns PAP in by-election


The Workers’ Party has upset the PAP in the Punggol East by-election, its candidate polling 54 per cent of the votes cast. Check out the wild celebrations by WP supporters.

It appears that the wave of pro-reform sentiment continues to sweep the region. Look at what’s happening in the Philippines, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. Singapore, like Malaysia, also has a problem of wide income inequalities as well as a dominant party since independence trying to keep up with the aspirations of a more discerning public.

Ms Lee Li Lian (Workers’ Party) – 16038 votes (54.5 per cent of the valid votes)
Dr Koh Poh Koon (PAP) – 12856 (43.7 per cent)
Kenneth Jeyaretnam (Reform Party) – 353 (1.2 per cent)
Desmond Lim (Singapore Democratic Alliance) – 168 (0.6 per cent)
Rejected votes – 417
Total votes cast – 29832

Jeyaretnam and Lim lost their S$14500 election deposit as they received less than 12.5 per cent of the votes cast.

It is a massive swing to the Workers’ Party and a complete reversal of the general election in 2011, when the PAP candidate bagged 54.5 per cent of the popular vote.

A close-up of the celebrations:

The Workers’ Party post-victory press conference:

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Majority of Singapore Chinese are not happy with modern-day immigrants from China (competing for jobs) and they voiced their displeasure with votes to punish PAP.

However, majority of malays in Malaysia readily welcome muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Philipines and assimilate them as bumiputera with blue-IC, and give thumbs-up to Umno/BN.

That is the contrast.


Singporeans want opposition to cheack and balance PAP’s policy that has caused inflation, escalating property price and influx of foreign workers.

We should do likewise in Malaysia for the same reason, also to safeguard the education of our children that has been undermind by the DPM’s blueprint.


Johor voters should learn from Punggol to vote for change. Be brave.


Chua Soi Lek is worried now that the Johoreans could learn a thing or two here to reject the present government.


First Aljunied and now Punggol East….these areas are the heart of Singapore…and looks like ordinary Singaporeans just cannot stomach the PAP’s formula of a quasi communist government with 2/3rds of their salary going to maintain a roof over their heads…..Singapore’s only source of income is the port and augmented now by casinos which most Singaporeans just cannot stomach. Singapore’s formula f trying to make money out of property is backfirng badly…

The PAP should just stop their kiasu attitude of wanting to become first in everything at the expense of their own people’s happiness.


If you been to the area, its doubly scary for PAP – the place is picturesque young, middle class even idyllic with amenities that we in Malaysia would kill for – its the future of Singapore – if they don’t feel they have a good future with PAP, PAP don’t have a future.. Its equivalent to UMNO/BN losing the current generation of Felda settlers and civil service vote.

Bill Chua

BN is 100 times worse than PAP. At least PAP is the most least corrupt political party in Asia, if not the world. However majority of Singaporeans are fed up with authoritarian, elitism, the widening of GINI coefficient, rising prices of public & private housing, high price of owning a car (highest in the world), constant train breakdowns, high cost of pre-schooling & rising cost of living (inflation of 5.5% compared to bank savings rate of 0.5%) All these problems also prevails in Malaysia, even worsen by huge scandals like Alantuya murder committed by Prime Minister’s bodyguard, Scorpene submarines that… Read more »


yup life is hard under DAP. only hard for those UMNO cronies who leeched the public. in fact, there is noted malnutrition amongst the cronies and there are words that hunger is driving them to desperation.

najib manaukau

Don’t forget one swallow does not make a summer besides it does not reflect the feeling of the entire population of the voters, even if it did PAP still has the support of the majority.
Whereas in Malaysia the scene is totally different it is not a by election when any change in mood and preference will determine the tenants of Putrajaya ! So be afraid, very afraid, of the inevitable change that is going to take place, remember what goes round, comes round !

Phua Kai Lit

This is a lesson for authoritarian SE Asian regimes that attempt to stay in power by taking in
foreigners in large number while alienating their own citizens by not listening to the latter’s concerns.

Sabah : citizenship in return for votes

SIngapore : taking in larger numbers of Mainland Chinese and South Asians and
allowing them to become naturalised SIngaporean citizens and PAP supporters

Gerakan K

Yes, the day will come when Penangites booting out DAP out of Penang. Serious change needed in Penang. Life is hard under DAP !!!

Andrew I

Sorry lah. 2008 only the starter. 2013 will be the main course of change. Too bad for you Gherks. Life will only get worse for leeches.

Andrew I

…freeloaders, parasites and spongers.


GK is still in a state of denial and unable to face the reality. The CHANGE has come. Penang, Selangor, Perak and Kedah are the start of CHANGE. Now is the momentum to carry on the will of the people with the fortress of Johore and FD of Sabah and Sarawak to continue that momentum forward to the fall of Barang Naik, Ah Cheat and the sycophants from the pornstar, lame duck and boo hood.


Punggol is now the show case for the people of Malaysia that BN UMNO and their sycophants must go. Yes make the Change


It is difficult to draw parallel between PAP and UMNO. The former has done so far for Singapore and the latter has caused so much destructions to Malaysia. PAP may be capable of reform but not UMNO. Moreover, the majority of Singaporeans want changes and want to experiment a two party system. The same cannot be said of the majority of Malaysians. Also, UMNO is capable of hanging on to power using dubious means – Project M II, period.