Singapore’ s land transport masterplan


Singapore’s land transport masterplan emphasises improving the public transport, cycling and pedestrian experience to create a more liveable island. How does it compare with the Penang master plan and the state government’s emphasis?

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When will Penangites swallow their pride to learn from Singapore?

Ed G

Other than Penang, there seem to be almost nothing commented about other states or cities/towns.


The only way why they can constantly improve on their transport system is because of high density new townships, only then they could build new lines to link this township. If you are constantly harping on densely populated areas, how are the government going to have to improve public transport? By only having 10 people in the bus?


Dear Anil
I was refering to the Local Govt. Election which I understand was gazetted at the state level a few years ago, but due to certain legal constraints, it cannot be implemented without the approval of the Fed. Govt. via the Election Comm. The MPPP has nothing to do with this. That is my understanding.


Yes you are right. Currently there is not much choice left for us to choose and whatever leftover we thought is good is in fact almost the same. After going through the few round to bring up some issues with some of these DAP adun its most distressing !!!!!!! That is why now I feel that Gerakan was much much better.


dampak, I am a Singaporean and a transport enthusiast. Most of the plans listed in the LTMP 2013 were a gathering of various plans being implemented throughout the years from 2011 to now.

To be honest, most of the local transport enthusiast community were fairly disappointed at the lack of new policies announced in such a huge event as the LTMP release. But we do understand that our LTA prefers to fix issues in a timely matter (or what they consider as timely) and not implement it all at one go in an unrealistic propaganda campaign, as bigjoe99 puts it.

don anamalai

Undoubtedly Singapore is a FINE city. This is good for the general public.
Service providers like MRT, SBS, Singtel and M1 were fined heftily (no discount) for service disruptions. The government is protecting the interest of the public users of these services.

In Malaysia, there is no decent public transportation but uniquely different ‘Bas Pajak’ system.
Telcos like Digi were not punished for repeatedly causing ‘drop calls’.


Do you all know that Penangite are second class to Selangorian. Selangorian can buy LMC in Penang and sell within 5 years reaping a big profit while Penangite cannot.


Awang Selamat Ori Yes Penang has no plan at all. Condo, apartment are build hapzardly as and where thare is a plot of land without any consideration for road, traffic and transport………Opp forgot LGE do have a master plan. This most important master plan is to widen some road here and there and now crying out so loud, you see we have solve the traffic problems. Well he is using his good connection on how to make Penang more congested and (allegedly) the developer richer … LMC 72k selling for 300 – 400k without the buyer having to apply to… Read more »

najib manaukau

These Lims at DAP must realise that they were overwhelmingly elected by the Chinese protest voters who are badly let down by the … lackeys in MCA. As there is no one else, at the moment, to vote for and not because the people in DAP are honorable politicians. Just remember that such voters don’t stay with the DAP all the time ! Therefore please don’t let the recent GE results get into the Lims’ heads and get too complacent and most of all how you are able to get to where you are. I wonder where would mad …… Read more »

Ed G

Shouldn’t the control of local public land transportation system be decentralised instead of putting everything under SPAD? On top of that, shouldn’t federal allocations to each state be channeled directly to state governments instead of agencies of the federal government? By doing so, the state government would have both the authority and fundings to come up with and see through a holistic land transportation plan. Moreover, the federal government can cut their expenses by reducing their employees especially those redundant ones created more for political purposes than anything else. And by the way, does SPAD has a master plan with… Read more »


Bigjoe99 represents many Bolehlanders who instead of learning from the success stories of Red Dot, choose to find fault in Red Dot due to jealousy and envy. With such attitude no wonder Bolehland lives on slogans with many wasted opportunities.

don anamalai

It is cost effective to conduct ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ at Singapore to benchmark and learn the bes practices in public transportation.

But the policy makers in Bolehland prefers ‘lawatan sambil belanja’ for personal gratification at the expense of public fund, eg. the RM303,813 cost of a four-day trip made by an Information, Communications and Culture Ministry official to Geneva, Switzerland as reported in the Auditor-General’s Report 2012.

semuanya OK kot

And the result of the “lawatan”? Appointment of consultants – in secret – and selection of the most exensive and inflexible system such as MRT.


Penang has the Master Plan ready except that it can’t be gazetted and implemented
because certain matters are under federal control which are outside the purview of the Penang
state govt. The same thing with The Local Govt Election. Everything is ready but till now
can’t be implimented until approved by the Federal Govt.

As for the progress and development of the Selangor State, please go to
and check for youself what MB Khalid is doing for the state and the people there.

Please check your facts before criticising LGE (Penang} and MB Khalid (Selangor).


People buying too much into Singapore’s propaganda. Most of these things have been planned a long time – there are improvements, but most of the pieces were already scheduled from a long series of plans in the past. Also, go ask those whose lands have been taken by the new North South Expressway especially those at Rochor Centre and ask them if what choice they have in compensation and moving? None. Finally, look at SMRT numbers and ask how they can do all these capex expenses and it does not affect their cashflows substantially? Because a lot of it comes… Read more »


In Selangor…Khalid uses PKNS to leverage on the property market……no low cost houses being built…in Penang , its an established fact that LGE is (allegedly) in cahoots with developers……Both Khalid and LGE cant really be blamed as BN Federal is keeping the purse away from them……but under all these circumstances they must really think out of the box to provide affordable housing and solve the public transport problem fast………tough….but they really dont have a choice…..


What if the citizen want to take up their bicycle/foldie to the train? And complete the 2~3km distance after drop off from the nearest train/bus stop?

Billy cduk

Bang on target, Netto!. Now why the 2 term, not so NEW State government have not pinned and gazetted the Local Plan????

Seems if matters are still fluid then “endless possibilities” do reciprocate!! Special Projects category…gets special mention. The likes of Beverly Hills, Relau or Lone Pine, Paya Terubong, etc

Seems all quiet now…with “Botak Hill”? Do we have short memories?

Different bands called PR or BN but both singing and dancing to the same tune…! How coincidental, aren’t they? Politics….at its best!

Awang Selamat Ori

Penang has got no plan. The master plan is with the developers, rakan LGE. LGE should step down after the second term. Let new faces take over, after all, there is not much improvement in terms of administration after 6 long years. And the roads in Penang is in a pathetic state. The last time it was resurfaced was prior March 8 2008, now, everyone can see the pot holes and the pathetic state of our roads in Penang. I support Pakatan Rakyat, but, LGE, is just average. But, err, compared to GErakan and MCA and UMNO baru? Well, he… Read more »