Rich-poor gap widens across Asia


The divide between the rich and the poor is widening in countries across Asia.

“Of the 28 countries that have comparative data between the 1990s and 2000s, 11 — accounting for about 82% of developing Asia’s population in 2010 — experienced rising inequality of per capita expenditure or income, as measured by the Gini coefficient,” reports the Asian Development Bank.

Source: Asian Development Bank

As the global economy slows, the labour market is expected to soften in Malaysia.

Wage are being suppressed by the policy of importing foreign workers and paying them low wages, and this is aggravated by high levels of household debt compared to disposable income.

Neo-liberal policies are contributing to the trend. Privatisation and higher tariffs for essential services, lower taxes for the rich and large corporations, policies that favour Big Business and removal of subsidies on essential goods and services for the poor have widened the rich-poor divide.

The prices of fruit, vegetables and housing are soaring as well.

Expect conditions to become increasingly difficult for low-income workers.

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semuanya OK kot

Wages were also suppressed by (a) undermining, destroying or outlawing worker unions (b) outsourcing. All these tricks came fom the “democratic” West. Working conditions continue to deteriorate despite theoretical laws. It seems we will faithfully follow the capitalist model right down to making 40% of the population desitute and destroying the environment.


This is the result of pure globalisation of great hope without caution of subjective cultural protection, labor protection, trade protection & financial control. Financial effect is by far the most devastating – speculating, changing/downgrading the value of national currencies which in some cases have nothing to do with a nation’s GDP or economic performance. Money laundering in free-flow global channels is next culprit which can cause a nation’s dollar value to depreciate in matters of months. The Brits have had their taste of marauding Soroful financial barbarianism in the 90’s. And financial big brothers have their leeway to make or… Read more »


jangan mudah lupa jurang kekayaan antara apanama umnoputra dengan bumiputra biasa makin melonjak !


In BolehLand, the rich-poor gap is accentuated by the self-enrichment of BN cronies and gelak-gelakan minions.
This is good/must read of a filth legacy of a failed 55-year rule mostly of ApaNama (before you cast your vote of conscience):
Is the Tun hallucinating?

BTW, what kind of a person who dares to claim:”They have already been given a lot of chances”, when in fact he is the one CONSISTENTLY taking away the livelihood chances of Penangites to make decent living since day one of his self-hallucination as PM?

Gerakan K

Hello anil, what’s wrong with your website ??? Can you stop that “hello world” box ??? It’s so annoying.

Pala Richie

Looks like economy status could set in the genetic make it 24 pair of chromosome in total.

Gerakan K

Anil, where is your hill slope development article ??? Your website kena hack ka ??? My award winning & thumbs provoking 800-words comment is ready to publish, but so strange that your article is missing from the list ??? Why, huh ???

Pala Richie

Sorry abang, I keapoo sikit…

Whatever the reason, I think it has nothing to do with your award winning & thumbs provoking 800-words comment.

I don’t know if award winning or thumb provoking, but most time it is finger provoking instead.

Gerakan K

Hmmm, of course, my comments typically “finger” licking GOOD !!!

Andrew I

Not sure where your finger has been, so I think all of us will give that a miss.

Andrew I

Uh so you can post it in the Star. We know where to go when we need our intelligence insulted.

Gerakan K

Eh, TheStar is the bestselling newspaper ??? Why huh ???

Andrew I

In your dreams maybe.


Ok I am not a supporter of Gerakan K but I too am wondering why the post about the sungai ara hillslope project was removed. I am not accusing anyone of any wrongdoing. The admin of the blog has every right to do what he or she wants. But I didn’t fell that the post was so offensive to any party. I think it is an issue which is very much worth raising considering the over-crowding that is being created in sg ara. Would have liked to gauge the response of people in that issue, particularly those who live there.


Oh I see. I was told that the state has not re-leased the land used by Penang Sports Club to them because they could not afford to pay for it according to market value. That I think is a fair decision considering that they have always been using the land (public land) for dirt cheap prices and most if not all of their members are from the upper class who can pay thousands for membership. Would appreciate it if you have any info about this and could provide your views. I think many Penangites esp the socialists would be very… Read more »


No wonder the gap widens after barang naik regime rule : Malaysia has lost a shocking RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion) in illicit outflows – the fourth highest in the developing world. If this illicit outflow of money were an indication of the scale of corruption then Malaysia must have the most corrupt set of leaders in Southeast Asia, who are also the 4th most corrupt in the world – “stockpiling” what they have pillaged overseas. Quoting the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report that in January RM930 billion flowed out of Malaysia from 2000 to 2008, growing to RM218 billion per… Read more »