Adam was African, and we are all cousins-lah


I was intrigued to read about a local academic claiming that proto-Malays from the Sunda Shelf had fanned out into the world to become the ancestors to the human population. 

Read this piece “Proto Malays, the origin of the human race?” in Malaysiakini. My word, forget about Lembah Bujang and all that, this turns history on its head.

But wait a minute, the Indonesians are claiming the same thing in this article published in over a year ago. They think that Indonesians populated the world! Indeed, the Indonesians even quote the same scientist, Stephen Oppenheimer, who was at the conference in KL today.

It looks as if history is being used to serve a particular nationalist, political or racial agenda.

How does this compare with what has been accepted elsewhere? Read what geneticist Spencer Wells says in this excerpt from a National Geographic report:

By analysing genetic changes in the Y-chromosome of people in all regions of the world, Wells and colleagues concluded that all humans alive today are descended from a single African man.

“We’re all effectively cousins, separated by 2,000 generations,” he said.

In his book, The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey, Wells describes the exodus from Africa that began around 60,000 years ago, and the path we took to populate the world.

Following the southern coastline of Asia, the first early travelers crossed about 250 kilometers [155 miles] of sea, and colonized Australia by around 50,000 years ago. The Aborigines of Australia, Wells says, are the descendants of the first wave of migration out of Africa.

A second wave left Africa around 45,000 years ago and settled in the Middle East, with smaller groups going off to India, northern China, and southern China. As the glaciers of the Ice Age began to retreat around 40,000 years ago and temperatures warmed up, humans moved into Central Asia and multiplied quickly.

Small groups left Central Asia around 35,000 years ago for Europe. Around 20,000 years ago, another small group of Central Asians moved farther north, into Siberia and the Arctic Circle.

He and his colleagues’ paper, published in the September 2003 issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, added evidence to the debate on the peopling of the Americas.

Eh, National Geographic, why no mention of Southeast Asia as the cradle of global civilisation?!

Anyway, there you have it: we are all off-spring of the human race, and whatever the twists and turns, whatever the forks, branches and twigs, the scientific evidence for now suggests that Africa is where it all began.

Hello, cousins!

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ong eu soon

South East Asia was the origin of human civilization, the place is submerge under water. So modern human unable to find any artifact. Adam actually came from SEA and migrated to else where.


Maybe you should post up the sets of beautiful images I see occasionally (is it here, or at aliran?) of the Batek and Semang. One of these days the world is going to realise that Malaysia has negrito aboriginals before the last one of them is displaced or bred out of existence. Perhaps the attempt to paint the Malay race as primary is economically prudent if those in power fear they might one day be coerced into making reparations to the land’s original people?

Compared to jungle-dwelling negritos, almost all Malaysians are about as indigenous to Malaysia as I am.


Good. Since everyone is from the Malay race, we are all bumiputras.


A ‘new’ genetic enlightenment!
Then we may have to amend the Constitution’s Article what?
Time to add kampung lembu milk to my Kopi-O kau kau to make it looks, tastes and acceptable as Kopi-One Malaysia!


According to conference deputy chairperson Zaharah Sulaiman, the female version of Khoo Kay Kim, people who were living in Africa moved to the Sunda Shelf, morphing into the Proto-Malays. This proves that mankind as we know it descended from these Proto-Malays. Zaharah, to continue your theory, what happened to the guys in Africa? As with everything that is even slightly connected with Umno-BN and with this RM1.4 million grant from the Umno-BN government, I am highly suspicious of this conference on the origin of the Malay race. It seems to me that Umno-BN is trying to make a case for… Read more »


That claim is not funny enough and what else could go wrong?
Until those who understand Chinese saw 鸡哥 on Facebook.
Its on Najib’s official Facebook Chinese Version.
The Chinese name suits Najib very well.

najib manaukau

Is this what the deceitful and corrupted Umno … are up to ?
What were you doing all these in the circumstances ? In hibernation and just awake after a long slumber and so the Malay just does not own only Malaysia but the whole world? Now go and stake a claim on U.S., Europe, China, Japan, or even the rest of the world?
Funny why are these countries look so much more civilized? I would die than to have anything to do with some so uncivilized creatures like that!


What a joke these historians! Different historians in different countries interprete differently on the same thing. Who to believe?


No point making a big fuss on who came first.
Important thing is how you have evolved all these years.
The unnatural act of providing never-ending-policy of assistance has made (some people) lazy and forever dependent while the world is moving on!


Another hot debate is about the existence of Hang Tuah (Myth or Reality).

Prof Khoo KK (Tan Sri Sejarah Msia?) stirs the hornet nests (especially Perkasa) and wonder if mainstream media will pick on this.

Ibrahim Ali (Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia) vs Prof Khoo KK’s live debate moderated by Dr Ridhuan Tee on this matter can be quite entertaining to raise the ratings of RTM.

Monyet King

The professor needs to get her head tuned. Obssessed with lineage while conviniently ignoring the maasive scientific knowledge about the origins of man.

I wrote something a few months ago


Uncorrupted 1st man and woman were created 6000 years ago to rule over all the living things on earth created by God (read the accurate, truthful Bible). Till this very day, exceedingly corrupted men and women struggled by all devious means to rule once uncorrupted Boleh Land for eternity. FYI, there were giants (ape-like?) of old walking on earth before the uncorrupted 1st man (in God’s good image) walked the pristine ground of the Garden of Eden. So please don’t include these unintelligent giants as Man’s ancestral lineage! Unless we want to be genetically associated with them like the Nephilim… Read more »


Around 69,000-75,000 years ago, the supervolcano that become today Lake toba erupt. So whatever “human” that come from South East Asia 50,000 years ago, must be superhuman.

Since we all cannot fly, that means we are not superhuman descendent that survive the supervolcano blast and volcano blast winters. :批