Pornthip: Thailand’s trail-blazing detective


The New York Times carries a feature on Thai forensics pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand.

BANGKOK— THE mild-mannered bank manager poked his head into the doorway, then quickly pulled it back. His wife was at work, and he did not want to look. He has never looked. He is afraid of corpses.

If the body on the stainless steel table inside had somehow awakened for a moment, it might have jumped, too, with shock.

Bending over it, with hungry fascination, was a woman whose head was covered with dark red spikes, whose lips were the color of dried blood, whose gloved fingernails, as she prepared to slice the body open, were encrusted with spangles.

Or perhaps the body would have said, as a dying accident victim once did, ”Oh, hello, Dr. Death.”

For full article, go here.

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Dr.Porn also known as Dr.80% to 100% in one year.

rom nain

At last, K! Was wondering when you’d finally crawl out of the woodwork with yet another pointless comment!


Imagine if Tak Bai was a Malaysian Case….the victims (from minority groups) … and the forensic scientist a Malaysian Government Doctor/pathologist…what would the findings be….

To me with the Tak Bai case Dr. Pornthip has shown that she speaks for the dead…..


Seems u know better than Pornthip!


In Malaysia, our forensic scientists can also do what Dr. Porntip does. Except that they are more enlightened. They (allegedly may) take guidance from more ‘scientifically-informed’ sources like the police, the MACC and big-time politicians before writing up their reports which are then presented to the courts as “forensic” evidence. Pity that our judges don’t know better. Or do they? 😉


If Nat Geo does a documentary on the case, it will be catergorise under “Comedy”.



Yes only if it is funded by Finas.


Yes only if it is funded by Finas with Abdul Razak as the lead prosecutor.


May have to go thro’ AG to proof read fine prints of the script for errors and believability!
Then wait for ONE year for final approval. (only if Pornthip’s not coming to town).
Then TVTree will assess its commercial value before going on air.
By then, semua orang sudah lupa loh!