Obama: ‘Malaysia won’t succeed if non-Muslims don’t have opportunity’


Don’t discriminate. Instead, treat people as you would like to be treated, says Obama, in a message to youth that strikes close to home.

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Don Anamalai

Dr Mahathir accused the United States of being a hypocrite in telling Malaysia to give equal opportunities to non-Muslims when there is no equality in their own country. He said unlike the US, Malaysia had allowed Chinese immigrants to get rich and those from India to become lawyers and doctors.

Dr M should have mentioned the ‘success stories’ of his ‘cronies’ like Vincent Tan and Ananda Krishnan?


There are 3 types of ‘success’ stories in Boleh Jadi Kaya Land:
1) The ‘rags to riches’ sucess stories which take years of sweating & toiling to become reality
2) The ‘Satu Lagi Kroni Projek kang tau for no-sweating’ instant success tales which realise in matter of months
3) The ‘derivative public fund of golden spoon-fed rich for life’ from the moment of birth amazingly unaccountable success in a short time which made it to the Forbes Wealthiest List.

Which success story do you aspire?

Wee Chin

What Mahathir doesn’t want to admit is that in Malaysia, the Umno government is actively and deliberately discriminating against non-Malays and non-Muslims.

The non-Malays and non-Muslims may have done well, but it is only because they work hard, despite Umno’s all-out efforts to create an unequal playing field for them in favour of their own cronies.

There is inequality in other countries, true – but these inequalities are not because of their governments’ deliberate unfair policies, which is the case in Umno’s Malaysia.



Non-Muslims form a significant bloc of tax-payers and this tax revenue allows the government to spend, spend and spend on frivolous and dangerous causes such as Perkasa and Isma.

Stylo Logan

Malaysia should send the president of ISMA to Washington to protest on this issue, since ISMA has claimed that the Chinese are intruders to Tanah Melayu?


Someone should have told Obama, that the whole Hudud push by PAS likely have Najib’s handiwork all over it and have the CIA look into it – THAT would have been interesting to see

Wee Chin

We shall see how successful Brunei can implement hudud laws.

Stylo Logan

Brunei now got repercussions from US celebrities to boycott its chain of hotel. Malaysia should take note.


The fundamental imperative for a leader is to treat other people the way he/she would like to be treated. That’s the Golden Rule; and it works. When a leader thinks along this line, people will trust and respect that person. There is nothing more fragile than another person’s trust. There is no short cut. You have to earn it. You have to deserve it, day after day, for years. otherwise you can lose it in an instant. If you lose it, you’ll probably never get it back. As a leader how do you get and keep people’s trust and respect?.… Read more »


Mr President, based on your advice, Malaysia is indeed going backward. The government of Malaysia strives to divide the people to maintain political power.


Lost whatever little respect I have for Obama yesterday. He can say whatever he wants to say but actions speak louder than words.


To say that the leader of the opposition, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been politically and unjustly persecuted and previously jailed since 1998 is wrong. He has been charged with sodomy and sodomy is an offence in Malaysia. He was given the rights to defend himself with witnesses and evidence given from both sides. The court has made the judgement as in accordance to the evidence and law. We cannot simply just presume he is innocent. Likewise that it is the same with the sedition act that the late Karpal faced. The govt have been gracious enough to drop the… Read more »

Sunny Ooi

And that my friend is the pinnacle. Bravo.


The open letter from Tony Pua to Barrack Obama makes more sense: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/open-letter-to-the-president-of-the-united-states-tony-pua Extract: Minority races in the country are discriminated politically, socially and economically. No Malaysian can ever imagine the possibility of a non-Malay ever becoming the prime minister of the country. Race and religious issues are exploited extensively and openly to entrench the powers of the ruling elite. Civil liberties are curbed via a web of Draconian laws, with the complicity and collusion of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The late Karpal Singh, the former chairman of my party, was found guilty of sedition, for… Read more »


First ask himself about the black in US.

Rich Daddy

But the non already control the economy. What a continuous spin by the USA. Remember USA said Iraq got WMD ???


rich daddy can enrol at astro’s skool of lawak — sure can “hibur” mereka Yang thrilled by such one-liner jokes !


On the pretext of Weapon of Mass Destruction the US invade Iraq and millions were killed in the course of that war. Was any WMD found. Why must the US keep on meddling in other people business. Go to your back yard and see how the black were discriminated. Anyway he is no real black


And the opposition like to cahoot with the American with lies and deception


I thought they have a consensus on hudud during the last GE. Now lets see what Anwar has to say about hudud. As a Muslim, I don`t oppose hudud.


We have been misled by LGE & DAP to vote PAS & PKR & PR


Yeah, but to be fair, a lot of Americans were against the invasion and did speak out strongly against it. Its usually a republican president that starts a war isn’t it? Pro Big business, Big Oil. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Al Gore had won instead of Bush Jr.


You are missing the word “same”. Big difference.

This country has a very big group that insist to frame the issue differently – that its about “protection of specail rights” – its desgined so that they don’t have to discuss the issue as framed by the rest of the world as Obama has highlighted.

All Obama has done as a favour to us is point that that scenario of failure before anything will change is more than a real possibility..


Media Prima & Astro Awani use Obama’s visit to popularize Najib eg get invited into Obama’s The Beast limousine ? Such media reluctant to highlight above Obama’s remark and the readers continue to depend on alternative media (now going mainstream) to pick up inherent messages to the people of Msia ?


The Beast able to capture your DNA for future use.


The AntiChrist & The Beast in the end times.
Sound & look quite similar. The US public schools are not allowed to mention Creationism nor Jesus Christ name in prayers. But Gay-Paris lifestyle is AOK even in the army & SiSiIA.
Next, maybe Americans will not be allowed to wear the cross openly in public as an apologetic Presidential gesture to sensitive mental blokes.


A wake up reality check from an outsider.
Unless we still breed like katak-katak di bawah kulit tempurong classified as kelas B, C, I (in descending order). Sensitive shades of grey matters in a nation aspiring to be 1st world by 2020.
Dream on.


The peripheral developments surrounding this Obama visit may have ruffled some feathers of the powers that be. Especially in regards to his meeting with the civil society groups, and his remark about giving equal opportunity to non-Muslims in this country. PM Najib tried very hard to project his image as a moderate leader (millions paid to consultants to achieve this?) to impress Obama. But underneath it, he’d prosecute & persecute the opposition figures to shut them out, take the case of the late Mr. Karpal Singh. Hence, do not talk about human rights and civil liberties in Malaysia if the… Read more »