Never mind the US$/RM exchange rate; look at RM/Baht


Never mind the United States and Singapore. Look at how the ringgit is faring against the baht in post-coup Thailand.

We are even slipping against the Indonesian Rupiah of late. Where are we heading?

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1MDB TOO SHY TO SHOW UP? Scandal has pushed down the ringgit
– CIMB Group Chairperson Nazir Razak disappointed at fund’s’ absence


Don Anamalai

You are right. There are vultures around. They have been around for a long time. I know of a 1970s case where a businessman, later a Tan Sri, targeted a group of retirees to invest in an oil palm estate promising fabulous returns.

They invested. The returns never came. The matter was litigated, meaning extra money was spent to chase the money that had turned cold. In the end, the company returned them dollar-for-dollar after using their money for more than 30 years! No interests, no dividend.

So, yes, please be careful when you part with your money.

ajith v

Fixed Deposit at UOB is 4.2% per annum.
Good for retirees. Do not be greedy to venture into gold trading mostly pyramid scam from the so-called future richest man of the world.


BcTan1950 born in 1950? If so, at the age of 65 still fear towards investment when most now attend grandchildren playing safe staying away from stormy financial world.
BC we salute your guts or may be your deep pocket!


Don Anamalai

As you said, the EPF is giving a 6% return per annum, tax-free if I might add. ASB for bumiputras is giving 8% return, so you stay put in EPF as FD is giving only 3.6%.

Think of other investment vehicles, brother. Hedge, brother. The problem is how to hedge and where to invest. Think, brother, think hard. Stewardship is all about having great regard to all the possibilities….


“The problem is how to hedge and where to invest.”

Easy to say, brother! Yo are right in saying it is a problem. You think you can guarantee good return 100%?
Where to invest? Ask Najib where he has invested 1MDB to get 42 billion ringgit debt from RM10 million investment!

For retirees better be satisfied with 6% EPF. Of course there are vultures around wanting you to invest to earn your commission.

Better hide your money away from the vultures. Not hedge!


Luckily Bangkok Lane mee goreng still trade in ringgit. But won’t be surprise the Indian boss who speaks fluent hokkien says “gua siew siam lui nya” meaning I only accept Siam money!


Mamak Mee Goreng Ori-Maestro:
“Ah Hia, ke-liao ke Siam lui. (Add liao, pay more Thai Baht)
Bo-liao, pun-te lui. (No liao, only pay Malaysian Ringgit)
Kong siam-ua, lu naughty! (Speak Thai, you veri-hiao)

Linguistic fact: In Thailand, some lovely Thai girls love to call Malaysian men “Ah Hia” with a slow phonetic.
Could it be their feminine culture to treat foreigner men with 1st class service?
Sawaneekap, kap pra kap?


Mamak mee Bangkok Lane add ingredients add ringgit! Plain Lee goreng rm3.50 but most add liao like egg and spring to become rm5-6!
Anil still find it cheap compared to Rm10 banana leaf lunch?


Is it time Malaysians took back their own education system and work towards raising its standards so that always looking overseas to educate their children becomes a thing of the past. Schools require the support of all the community if they are to make a difference for all the community. While Malaysians shackle themselves by disparaging their own, they will find it very difficult to move towards full democracy because their children development a mindset that Malaysia cannot be good enough for them. Is there a link between the ringett and education? When a communities education system does not have… Read more »

gk ong

You are a bit behind time to realise the sorry state of national education. Most chinese families have long opted for chinese independent schools, that offer better prospect on tertiary education in Singapore , Taiwan and China that recognise UEC.


tunglang, are you still in a dream? Still dreaming of Vision 2020? We are living in a polycentric world, brother. Don’t think in a tunnel vision. Think of a beautiful and shapely lady moving, all the angles are moving at the same time!

gk ong

Better live like ‘Extreme Cheapskate’ (Astro ch707 TLC program) to stretch your shrinking Ringgit.

Penang properties may be expensive to to the locals, but not so if you are Malaysians earning SingDollar. More Penangites are likely to head to the red dot for jobs (brain drain?). Already it was reported that Malaysian graduates are working as professional home cleaners in Singapore to earn S$16 per hour.

Situation unlike to improve in this BR1Mnation. Ubah is the way to alter our fate.


Bctan50 can be as poetic in time ofdepreciatingr ringgit.
Zeti of Bank Negara still think low value ringgit good for export business. Export Msian Maids to Spore n Thailand ?


sawaneekap, I was just trying to be graphic. i hope you don;t mind.


Brother Anil Netto, our ringgit is heading south North of the Border. There was a time when Tun Tan Siew Sin was our Finance Minister we could get 1,000 baht for 70 Straits dollar. Today, I am told some days back, the rate has reversed – to our detriment – thanks to our ruling politicians. If I am right, we may get 1,000 baht for about RM120? I may be wrong there. However, the details aside, we are heading south North of the Border. Shall we sing South of the Border as we give thanks to the financial managers of… Read more »


Leg message not involving hanky penny stuff 250 baht per hour in Bangkok khaosan backpacker district. Still cheaper than Penang charge rate of rm35-50 per hour at Sia Boay Prangin Mall.

gk ong

Head south or head north will see frustration with lower purchasing power of Ringgit. So no choice but cuti cuti Malaysia?


RM1 = 8.905 Thai Baht / April 19 Sunday 19:18
How low is Malaysian Ringgit going down?
For those sending their children overseas, this can be nightmares for the next 3-4yrs of paying education fees. For those in Forex, are they dumping the Ringgit? But for those exporters, they can sing “Cheap Is Good”.
For the time being, I hope Adobe Creative Cloud maintain the standard price for us poorer Malaysian designers.

How to dream of Vision 2020? Must think of ways to live without money.


Lucky you got your Nikon DSLR before GST and depreciating ringgit vs Yen?


Nikon Df with 50mm Lens @ Rm8+k with accessories (Jan 2014)
Now its official price is Rm10+k w/o accessories (GST-ed 2015)
Will it be more expensive than now in 2016?
Still thinking how to live without Ringgit.

gk ong

What is your plan with EPF?
Withdraw at 55 or keep it till 60?
5 years could see further depreciation of your Ringgit while lying in EPF?

Good for Anil to do a poll to generate discission.

Don Anamalai

EPF gives 6% return per annum.
ASB gives 8% return per annum.

Unfortunately I am not a bumiputera. So likely to stay put in EPF since FD only gives 3.6%.

ps: If ASB can get 8% return, who needs 1MDB?


While Malaysians could not wait to lay their hands on their EPF by age 55, watch how Singapore’s CPF is educating the Singaporeans (in the short clip below) how it will help provide more support and flexibility for Singaporeans in their retirement:

CPF – Your Assurance in Retirement