Malaysian firm’s dam project in Lao faces strong regional resistance


Even as Asean goes about forming the Asean Community in 2015, a major regional controversy is brewing in the Mekong Delta, where a Malaysian firm Mega First Corporation Bhd plans to build a 256MW dam.

The Don Sahong dam site in the Khong District of Champasak Province in southern Lao lies in an ecologically sensitive area, smack in the middle of the migratory path of fish, which is a major source of food in the region.

People living along the Mekong River just do not want the dam to be built.

Find out why scientists are concerned about the fate of the Mekong Delta: Don Sahong dam ‘fatal blow’ to Mekong Delta: scientists

Fishing communities in Lao have expressed grave concern. So have NGOs in Vietnam, which is already feeling the impact of dams constructed by China.

Quite apart from environmental concerns, the other major question we should ask is, what sort of experience does Mega First have in building dams?

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gk ong

Do they need electricity from the dam?


Damn the dams. Damn the greedy. Damn the authorities with $$$$$$-burnished eyes blind to the damns. How many truly independent EAI studies even engaged (if ever truly exist by virtue on Mother Earth) that dare to go counter to such dams in the making & that will see the light at the end of the tunnel of one-track development? It is as if we are living in a dark & still planet without sunlight, without wind, without sea waves – which collectively are proven alternative sources of electrical energy. But the state planners have another profiteering ideas (to themselves) in… Read more »