Live – Singapore election results


Live updates and public reaction via twitter on the Singapore election results. Voting closed at 8.00pm and results are due from 9.30pm.

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Unlike BN, PAP did not engage in dirty tactics in the Singapore elections.

Overseas Singaporeans can also register to vote at the overseas countries. Malaysia should do the same although BN will not like it to erode their postal vote advantage.


Next is the Thai elections, anil.

The present PM is a Brit and a Thai.

What’s a cross between them? Ada berithai baru? Any new players?

RPK has been crossed out of Malaysia.


A good start…40% of Singaporeans voted for the opposition. A sign that they have come to acknowledge their rights and have wisen up.
Way to go!


It is good to see some Opposition voted in!..a sign of maturity of the electorate. Also, maturity of Democracy reaching at the doorstep of Singapore Parliament. It was a good thing what have happened in Singapore, giving our Malaysia EC, PDRM and the ruling govt how to run a clean and democratic GE…don’t hear of postal votes!!
Singaore with an efficient and almost zero corruption govt, the rakyat still want their voices to be heard via the Opposition. If Singapore in this GE wanted some changes, Malaysia definitely should go for “Change”. Send the UMNO/BN corrupted jerks (out)….


May I know who win?

Bunna Roth

Who will win?