Lawyers’ march, Burma’s struggle, PGCC campaign all related


PGCC miniature model

This is a more realistic miniature model of what the PGCC will look like – Awful!

What do the lawyers marching in Putrajaya, the ordinary people struggling for democracy in Burma and those campaigning against the Penang Global City Centre Project have in common?

They are all part of the global justice movement, trying to create a real alternative to the decaying structures and oppressive forces in society. Trying to build a more just and sustainable world – a world where human dignity is respected and no one is oppressed. A world where the environment – God’s gift to humanity – is considered sacred.

So congratulations to the 1,500 courageous Malaysians who marched in Putrajaya despite the obstacles in their path. Even though the police stopped the buses from entering Putrajaya, the lawyers got off and started walking.

As lawyers committed to the cause of justice, you have given all Malaysians a ray of hope. You have lit a candle – nay, a thousand five hundred candles – in the darkness that shrouds our land. Let’s continue to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (Read Aliran president P Ramakrishnan’s latest statement rejecting the 3-man “independent” panel, headed by Haidar, who played an appalling role in the 1988 judicial crisis.)

At the same time, it is shocking to hear that riot police have started attacking the peaceful demonstrators in Burma, even killing a few monks. I am not surprised that the monks are at the forefront in the struggle for global justice. You see, it is also a spiritual struggle to re-create the face of the earth according to the design of the Spirit.

And where are the Asean leaders in all this? What has happened to their “constructive engagement” policy? A total failure. All they can say is, please exercise “restraint”. Feeble and pathetic. And to think that this is the year they are coming up with an Asean Charter – and yet we have a rogue regime in our midst, which Asean will do nothing about. Business as usual.

As for the PGCC, affected residents are due to attend a hearing called by the Council at 9 am tomorrow. That’s the Council building facing the Esplanade near the sea front. I understand that activists and neighbouring residents will also be there in a show of solidarity. (Latest update: The corporate media turned up in full force to cover the event. Activists gave out leaflets, which were quickly snapped up. Let’s see what comes out in tomorrow’s papers – but don’t hold your breath.)

No to PGCC! Yes to a Penang State Park! No, to corporate-led globalisation! Yes, to people-centred globalisation – the globalisation of solidarity.

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you attended the meeting right? what happened at the meeting?


No, I wasn’t at the event this morning, Cherwith. It was not really a meeting – it was the Council holding hearings to hear the views of neighbouring residents who would be affected by the PGCC.

human being

It looks like the foundations of the monstrous PGCC structures will be the nails in the coffin of Penang and the ugly towers will be the tombstones. The traffic generated will add to grid lock and choke the islanders with more poisoning exhaust fumes. Unless this project is either abandoned, or modified to ensure compliance with the law, and then the developers, contractors, sub-contractors ad infinitum are forced to strictly abide by the requirements of the various Acts and Regulations, it will be the rattle of death for the Pearl of the Orient, Pulau Pinang.

N. B.

PGCC, PENANG SECOND BRIDGE,and OUTER RING ROAD are all monstrous shaper reflecting the errors of the Bad-awi regime…
With the coming school holidays, Penang is no more a place for children,
especially with the Nurul case. But who cares?
The people of Penang are surely and fast losing their island to Forigners
who find property here so cheap. But where do the locals go?
Penang must be car-free and care-free to avoid global warming,.
Let’s make a petition against KOH SOO GOON.