Singapore gets the Island; Malaysia on the Rocks


Well, there you have it. The ICJ has declared that the jurisdiction of Pedra Branca falls to Singapore by a 12-4 majority.

The other territory – Middle Rocks – falls to Malaysia by a 15-1 majority.

A glum-looking RTM presentator says Malaysia has “kehilangan kedaulatan over Pulau Batu Puteh” – and then goes on to commend the Malaysian legal team for its efforts.

Making the best of the situation, Rais Yatim says it is a “win-win outcome”. He adds that the fate of South Ledge is still to be determined based on various technical aspects.

Perhaps now we can focus on eradicating injustices and poverty within Malaysia?

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Singapore paid for the island while it is in Johore possession, it is covered under classify government document. Too bad some high ranking officials had already got the money but failed to tell Malaysians about it. Singapore is just getting what it paid for, nothing more from Malaysia.


Okay, for the legal minds out there, give me a hand please. The ICJ is a platform for nations and International Organisations to sort their rocks out. As far as I know, the ICJ is the judicial hand of the UN (which doesn’t work too well, poor Georgia). They’ve sorted out territorial issues in the past, and we brought ours to them. Now. What was Tengku Raz going on about Johor not being included in the discussions, in his letter to Dato’Rais? I don’t get it. Was he complaining about how the govt took it to ICJ? What do we… Read more »


White Rock lies on the sea Alone no lover no company Years you waited for your true love It never comes to peep at you It is only 14.3km away The government never pays a call The leaders are so busy accumulating wealth And they forget about you Living alone on the sea The small island state came Only 46.3 km away…… The leaders there see you so alone They send their water rats to make their pride With you White Rock you feel not alone any more In 1851 since Lovers quarrel dragging on for decades You want to… Read more »


SHOULD TEACH the corrupted BN govt a big lesson.

They were so bz being corrupted they forgot to administrate pulau batu putih….

First come first owner seems to be the ICJs principle, the same reason that gave Pulau Sipadan to Sabah becos we administrated over it even though geographically, it is within the boundary line of Indon…

when are we ever gonna learn these lessons?


Hi ,
nothing is lost all the Malaysian legal eagles have to recommend to ICJ is to have a … temple built on the island. Behold and see the salvation of the Lord.

wong fei hong

It could be a simple judgment to determine “whose land” is that. Just look at Singapore Island itself. It was long before the settlement of Chinese from China, it was certainly belong to the people in the region, particularly the Malay / Indo. It is not because of history that determine who own the land. Another case the Australia which was inhibited by the aborigines before the UK pirates landed there. When those pirates developed the huge island into a modern country, the is no way the aborigines can claim it was and is their mother land. The White Rock… Read more »


How can the RTM presentor be so STUPID as to commend the losing Malaysian side for their efforts? This reminds me of former Russian president Podgorny raising former Egyptian president Nasser’s hand after Egypt and the Arab countries were decisively beaten by Israel in the June 1967 6-day war. It was also similar to a dazed Sonny Liston after having knocked out by Muhammad Ali claiming victory in their 1964 world heavyweight boxing championship fight. We are exactly in the same position after losing Pedra Branca to Singapore yet our RTM attempts to project a different image. Malu tersangat!


He should spend our money (his salary) on positive trade chances. May even be more useful talking about more barter for rice!


These idiots with their hired help were so confident yet they lost the battle to s’pore local legal eagles. Now padan muka


When Pulau Temasek was a fishing village, you … gave away.

Now, the pulau developed into first world city, you … says, ‘tengok, kedaulatan Melayu diabaikan.’

Come on, if you don’t give away the pulau, could you turn kampung nelayan into first class city?

Come on lah, why cry on split milk? Don’t bark on kedaulatan and ketuanan, but change your mentality. No one is admiring you with your Kesultanan Melaka.


a non-event of negative Richer-scale impact.

we have had no use of Pedra Branca for 2000 years, so what’s all the fuss about?

selvaraja somiah

Its spin all the way. Dr Rais Yatim has the cheek to say that its a win-win situation, as if and as though, Malaysians are stupid or what? Someone should be held responsible for the lost. It was our stupidity that cost us to lose a strategic piece of property. We did not sent the best team. We had clowns acting for us in the world stage. We even produced a photoshop picture stole from dont know where for the court proceedings. Tan Sri Gani Patil our AG even had his son a fresh law graduate from ITM attending the… Read more »

Jeffrey Chew

Anil Well said about spending more time to eradicate poverty in Malaysia. The last 76 days, the entire Federal Govt seems to spend more time lobbying to keep their nose above water. Nation building seems lost and priorities for development and tourism became a weapon of “mass destruction.” I guess they were hoping for a different outcome which could be used to ra ra the Malaysia la la land. Guess March 8 and today, May 23 have given two ultimate blows to the “ra ra” effort and the infamous spinning by spin doctors. I wonder if the boys on 4th… Read more »

raj raman666

thought not to comment and want to be observer but,

First actually we lost singapore with their brain due to our BN racist attitude.

Second we lost this small rock island with brainless people rules this country of us.

Coming soon-because of ketuanan Melayu,(Sabahans are going to be) minorities in their own state because project M.

rajraman666.when brain drain and brainless people master of the day this what will happen.There will be a devil 999 always waiting to grab whatever left in so called my beloved country.


This the the results of rent seekers in BN. They prefer to have other nationalities using their place. BN questions the loyalty of non-mlays… who fought the Japs and serve in the Congo Civil Wars. They do not allow non-malays to own more than 30% shares. BN reap what they sow.


To start with we had a non-competent AG arguing the case.

Our Malaysian politicians still do not know Singapore. Singapore fights to win and wins.


Most of the commentors here should get their facts right before commenting. We lost because we had insufficient evidence over spore. We lost because we do not properly compile our historical data and information. We lost due to the collective responsibilty of past prime ministers since 1980, who was the prime minister then, singapore’s contention is that malaysia never bothered to inspect or inquire about pulau batu putih since the 50’s.

Those who were blindly accuse BN or the polticians should get their heads check, it had nothing doing.


darcwil who were past prime minister’s since 1980 frm which political party.Get your head checked mate.