Rewriting history


There is a lot more than meets the eye in global politics. And now there are attempts to rewrite history.

John Pilger comes up with another revealing piece.

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Quote from John Pilger: “False reality” requires historical amnesia, lying by omission and the transfer of significance to the insignificant. In this way, political systems promising security and social justice have been replaced by piracy, “austerity” and “perpetual war”: an extremism dedicated to the overthrow of democracy. Applied to an individual, this would identify a psychopath. In our beloved country, we have ONE still living & thriving behind the scene. Amnesia is his game of pretension & omission of truth for justice & his marketing hot buttons sold to us as good habitual political forgetfulness + forgiveness. His perpetual racial… Read more »


After GE13, a new dawn will begin for Sejarah Malaysia.

Andrew I

We’re going to put it behind Gherkin’s house. Naj can come but he certainly won’t go.

Speedy Gonzalez

History in the making about reversed fortune in legacy after GE13 ?:
Mahathir at 86 fears for his legacy. He is now remembered more for his dark deeds, wasteful mega projects and corrupt (administration), with journalist Barry Wain accusing (his administration) of having squandered $100 billion in his bestseller‘Malaysian Maverick’. So he has the fear of being exposed for alleged past misdeeds … conspiracies … and abuse of power.


History has shown what AMMO and Barang Naik are.
That is why we must not keep repeating history.
So we must make that CHANGE.
Yes fellow Malaysian not fellow Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Murut, Iban etc etc and we don`t want racist like ` The MUD`



As the voters continue to fall into the trap of voting in the barang naik regime in exchange for a few scraps (read RM500) once or twice a year, the vicious cycle continues and that is why Malaysia has one of the longest-serving incumbent governments in the world.


Bolehland took one step further than rewriting history by ‘erasing’ the contribution of Yah Ah Loy from history book, followed by the proposed demolition of Jalan Sultan heritage buildings – all because they reflect erly chinese settlement in KL(?)