JBJ is laid to rest; salute to an inspirational life


Today, J B Jeyaretnam is laid to rest after a long struggle for democracy and human rights in Singapore. Looking back, we can now see what an inspirational life he led, his principles and idealism shining forth like a beacon.

Hopefully, there will be others who will rise to accept the baton and continue the race. In years to come, the legend of JBJ will be narrated to future generations of Singaporeans, who will come to regard him as one of the island republic’s greatest heroes in the fight for democracy and freedom.

Aliran President P Ramakrishnan has issued a moving media statement, paying tribute to this giant of a man.

Today Singaporeans will bid farewell to an iconic symbol of a fighting spirit that had stood up for democracy and human rights, paying every price that was extracted from him!

We were saddened to learn of JB Jeyaretnam’s demise in the early hours of Tuesday, 30 September 2008. JBJ, as he was fondly referred to, succumbed to a heart attack, bringing to an end a life that reflected an indomitable spirit and a formidable fortitude that helped him to stay the course. Full statement

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A great man. Certainly we in Malaysia would have welcomed him as an oppositionist. A true fighter for democracy. God will judge him and his persecuters.


maybe singapore will need to spend millions of $S each year in & out to learn about ‘graciousness’ if the Lee’s legacy continue its iron-fist rule there!

Graciousness should comes from the right Top up!

otherwise; all your ‘fine-city’ statutes ; ‘pay & pay’ attitude of gratitude will 4ever be way below altitude in asean standard; needless to gauge with world-IR benchmark !!

ahloong; plse get a copy of the world’s top best selling book now; yesterday; today and 4ever; on graciousness !!


JBJ is now history. Let history be the judge of his sacrifices and his struggle. I believe he is not only iconic in Singapore but within this region as a man who stood by in what he believes and pay a very high price in his life. Salute to you JBJ.


Dear Anil,

Just about everybody,including foreign media had mentioned about the demise of this “icon for democracy.”

But you know what……the mainstream media and their teevee stations have completely blacked out the news of his funeral.

That’s how low (‘they’) will stoop



It is indeed shocking to note PM Lee give his 2 cents worth paying ‘tribute’ to himself on JWJ’s demise claiming that he helped to give JWJ’s sons a ‘clean bill’ of employment approval before any companies in S’pore will employ them . …

I don’t think even our UMNO leaders stooped so low… I am curious to know if YB Lim Kit Siang’s children had any trouble looking for a job in Malaysia or did he also need to get Dr M’s ‘ clean bill’ for employment ?