Bloggers lead 2000-strong Singapore rally against internet freedom curbs


Some 2000 people gathered at Hong Lim Park in Singapore yesterday in protest against a new regulation that requires certain websites to be licenced.

And young people are speaking out.

Under a new regulation, certain websites must get a licence and pay a S$50,000 bond, which could be forfeited if “prohibited content” that “undermines racial or religious harmony” is published.

A government figure says the regulation won’t include the social media or blogs unless they become news sites.

But some aren’t convinced. Here’s another young Singaporean speaking out:

And speakers at the rally see the new regulation as a threat to their freedom of expression online.

And to think that Malaysia is mulling similar regulations!

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9 Jun 2013 11.00pm

Another thing, the size of the crowd is so pathetic despite Singapore being such a densely populated state that it just shows you how mature Singaporeans are. Honestly, they deserve what they are getting because they simply don’t care. If that rally was held in Malaysia, the crowd would be at least and I mean at least 20 times the size. Even a ceramah in a kampung here attracts a larger crowd.

10 Jun 2013 7.19pm
Reply to  Kevin

Singaporeans are ‘trained’ from young to ‘just follow law’!

Remember that movie starring Gurmit Singh of the same title?

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
9 Jun 2013 10.55pm

Both PAP and UMNO Baru-BN are getting nervous.

People Power on the march in the Internet Age.

9 Jun 2013 10.52pm

We should follow the good things of every country and not the bad. Every country has positive aspects we can emulate and negative aspects we can learn from. Even Dr M’s time he advocated the look east policy to encourage Malaysians to learn from the Japanese who were hardworking and discipline. It does not mean we have to absorb the not so desirable parts of their culture. In terms of democratic practices, Singapore is one of the most undemocratic countries if not the most undemocratic in the world and ranks far lower than Malaysia in all indices which measures freedom… Read more »

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
9 Jun 2013 8.24pm

Somebody always says we must follow Singapore thingy. I think the fed gomen should follow Singapore direction. Do you agree ???